Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 995 - Giving a Lecture, the Little Sunny Egg Displaying Her Prowess!

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Chapter 995: Giving a Lecture, the Little Sunny Egg Displaying Her Prowess!

Translator: Lordbluefire

The Saint Gate was worried that the intern teachers would be lazy and only simulate the previous examinations for the sake of passing. This wasn’t something the Saint Gate was looking for. Hence, the content and pattern of the exams would have a huge change every three years, while small details would be altered every year.

In any case, they only had one target. They definitely couldn’t allow the examinees to know the pattern of the exams, and they changed things accordingly.

For example, when Sun Mo took his first test, the scores were tabulated via excellent votes for his lectures. And for this year, it became a system of accumulated points.

5,000 people from the Golden Cherry Academy’s high-year, mid-year, and freshmen would be selected, and they majored in different subjects respectively.

The number of freshmen was the highest, reaching a total of 3,000.

Why did they set it this way?

Because from the viewpoints of the members from the judging panel, even if a 1-star great teacher had some achievements in a subject, their level of mastery wouldn’t have reached the grandmaster level.

After all, people like Sun Mo belonged to the minority.

It was impossible for a 1-star great teacher to explain things too in-depth. At their level, they should be nurturing their own lecturing style and researching about how to pique the students’ interest, so more students would like to hear their lectures.

Freshmen mostly had no idea what subjects they liked at this moment, so it would solely depend on the capabilities of the teachers.

An outstanding great teacher could make a new student feel a great interest in any subject.

This was what success should be about.

Hence, the rule this year was that each student would have three votes worth a point each, and these votes could be cast for the examinees they liked.

Naturally, they could cast all three votes for the same examinee too.

So, it would really depend on the individual’s capabilities.

After that, there were 1,000 great teachers acting as the final line. They would also have three votes each, but it was much more difficult for an examinee to gain their approval.

“Whose lecture are you preparing to attend?”

Qian Hao clasped his hands in greeting after he saw Wang Song.

“Li Ziqi, I guess? After all, her teacher is Sun Mo. I also want to know what her standard is in teaching students. What about you?” said Wang Song.

Wang Song majored in the study of spirit runes, so he definitely would choose an examinee that registered for this. After that, he would stroll around casually for the remaining time.

“Zhou Wenbin. I want to see for myself what’s the difference between the scions from great teacher aristocratic clans and ordinary people!” Qian Hao smiled. “Why don’t we go together for Zhou Wenbin’s lecture?”

This was the benefit of having fame.

Examinees whose fame had resounded loudly before they took the exam would have more attention focused on them. And the majority of people, about 80% to 90% of them, would surely come and take a look out of curiosity.

If Zhou Wenbin could ‘retain’ these people, the chance of him getting votes would naturally be higher, and he would be able to get more votes.

“Nope, there’s no value in observing a descendant of clans like him. What sort of teaching resources have they enjoyed since young? Ordinary people would have no way to compare with them. And since they dared to come for the examination, they naturally won’t screw up. So rather than listening to his lecture, I might as well listen to Secondary Saint Zhou’s lecture directly.”

Wang Song’s lips twitched.

“That’s true!”

Qian Hao changed his mind. “Oh right, I heard that Li Ziqi is the favorite princess of the Great Tang Emperor and she is very beautiful”

Qian Hao had no shameless thoughts in his mind; he was purely curious.

“Wouldn’t we know once we head over to take a look?”

Wang Song chortled. He had long since wanted to know if this girl, who had obtained full marks in the written exam, was someone with both talent and beauty or not.

At the announcement board before the teaching building, the examinees’ lecture rooms and schedules were written there.

“Haha, does someone in the upper-echelons really have beef with Sun Mo? Look, the timing of Li Ziqi and Zhou Wenbin’s lectures is exactly the same.”

Wang Song laughed after he saw this.

Qian Hao sighed.

The great teacher world was like a vanity fair. There were also conflicts between factions. Even if they were not driven by profit, there would also be area discrimination.

For example, great teachers of the north and south always despised each other.

As Li Ziqi’s popularity exploded due to her getting top scores for the first two segments, news regarding her was already made known to everyone.

This was a girl who had been rejected by Secondary Saint Zhou.

Right now, she was just 15 years old and was already here to participate in the great teacher examination. If she passed, it would definitely be extremely face-smacking for Secondary Saint Zhou.

Secondary Saint Zhou might not care about it, but his disciples or other great teachers who wanted to ingratiate themselves with him would surely not give Li Ziqi a chance to do so.

Naturally, there were plenty of Sun Mo’s ‘enemies’ too.

Those who disliked him and viewed him in contempt for being An Xinhui’s fiance or were jealous that he rose too quickly, or those who failed to headhunt him, would want him to suffer…

Sun Mo had too many reasons to be targeted and as his student, Li Ziqi would be affected as well.

Making Li Ziqi have the same lecture time slot with Zhou Wenbin was just a minor trick, but this was extremely good to disgust people with.

One must know that an examinee had to have three lectures within five days, and they could only pass this segment if they scored 500 points or more. If they shared the same time slot with a genius, a portion of the audience would definitely be drawn away.

The two of them felt that Li Ziqi’s current situation wouldn’t be too optimistic, but when they finally located her classroom, they discovered that their expectations were completely wrong.

The 300-pax classroom was already full. There were even some students standing outside in the corridor.

“What the hell?”

The two of them didn’t understand.

If Sun Mo saw this scene, he would calmly say a sentence. “Adults, you guys simply don’t understand the hearts of young people.”

If Secondary Saint Zhou was the one giving a lecture, the number of people would definitely be overwhelming, and the classroom would be filled to the brim. But his great grandson? Things were different then. Moreover, Zhou Wenbin had been suppressed by Li Ziqi for the first two segments and was a tier inferior.

Look at Li Ziqi.

She was Sun Mo’s eldest disciple.

Who was Sun Mo?

He was the most popular rising superstar last year and this year.

God Hands, a three-time champion, One-Vote Sun, #1 ranker of the Great Teachers Hero Rankings, Black Doggy Sun, skilled in both writing and painting, near-ancestor-level spirit runist, grandmaster-level spirit controller, botany grandmaster, fiance of An Xinhui who was #5 on the Devastating Beauty Rankings…

As his eldest disciple, Li Ziqi would naturally be the focus of attention.

Naturally, her identity wasn’t low either. She was a princess of the Great Tang Empire, a genius young girl that possessed Retentive Memory. The most important thing was that she was also beautiful.

Boys naturally would covet the bodies of girls. No, they would admire beautiful girls. This was just natural.

It would then be questionable if they ignored Li Ziqi and chose to attend Zhou Wenbin’s lecture.

“There are indeed many people, but whether she can convince them and make them vote for her would be the crux.”

Liu Fan stood in the corridor with a heavy expression. He admired this young girl very much and also hoped that she could break the record.

There was only a little time left before 10 o’clock.

Li Ziqi’s figure appeared in the corridor. She took out her pocket watch and looked at it before adjusting the pacing of her footsteps according to the time she had left.

She wanted to enter the classroom the moment the bell rang.


The first bell chimes rang out.

Li Ziqi drew a deep breath, and a silver light suddenly appeared beneath her feet. It looked like moonlight had cascaded down.

She cast Composed Calm on herself!

Her original feelings of nervousness immediately calmed down.

“So outstanding?”

There were other examinees in this corridor. When they saw such a scene, they immediately felt so nervous that they drooled. It was basically impossible for one not to be nervous.

But Li Ziqi was not nervous at all.

Well, if one had many great teacher halos, they could really do anything their heart desired.

In the crowd, Liu Fan involuntarily raised his opinion of Li Ziqi when he saw this scene.

A person’s results didn’t only depend on their intelligence, but also on their ability to perform perfectly under pressure. During the first segment, if Li Ziqi had used Composed Calm, she would surely have been more at ease compared to the others. However, she hadn’t done so then.

This was a mark of her confidence.

Li Ziqi bowed to those people waiting in the corridor to thank them for their support. She only entered the classroom after that. When she stood on the rostrum, she bowed once again to express her thanks.

“Many thanks to all the senior great teachers that have come to listen to a lecture conducted by the junior me. I also want to thank all the students here for not looking at me with contempt and scorn because of my age.”

Li Ziqi’s opening line instantly drew many likes.

She had gained most of the good will of the audience.

Naturally, it was fine even if she didn’t say anything because she was simply too attractive.

Beautiful girls would always gain preferential treatment.

In the modern era, if the broadcast hosts and streamers were beautiful, it didn’t matter even if they had no other talents. They just needed to act coy and interact with their audience normally, and their popularity would shoot up the roof. They would be able to get so many donations until their hands grew soft.

How beautiful was Li Ziqi?

Other than her chest being too small, she was essentially perfect in other aspects. This was especially so for her elegant and noble aura. With it, she could easily crush any other females.

Right now, the guys on the scene only had one thought in their minds. And that was even if Li Ziqi didn’t do a good job in her lecture, their trip here wouldn’t be a waste because they had seen her beauty.

“Even if her lecture isn’t good, I should still cast a vote for encouragement purposes, right?”

Some guys were whispering and urging their friends at the side.

Just like the saying, regardless of the era or difference in countries, simps would always exist.

“Being handsome or beautiful truly makes one have an overwhelming advantage.”

Wang Song sighed as his appearance was quite ugly.

“Yeah, she belongs to the type that could be nurtured into a celebrity great teacher. If her standard was a little higher, she could even become the ‘signboard’ of a school.”

Qian Hao agreed.

Even if Li Ziqi’s teaching standard was ordinary, her great teacher path would be much smoother compared to other great teachers of similar talent.

(Don’t pay attention to my looks, please admire my talent instead!)

After Li Ziqi said this in her heart, she smiled and started giving the first lecture of her life.

“Today, I will mainly be talking about the study of spirit runes. In that case, what are spirit runes?”

Li Ziqi didn’t intend for this to be a question, so she answered it herself.

“To the vast majority of people, spirit runes can be used to assist their cultivation. For example, Spirit Gathering Runes. Another example is attacking-type spirit runes, which can be used for combat. However, all of these understandings are one-sided as they make us feel that spirit runes are just tools. It made us ignore the true importance of this subject.”

Li Ziqi spoke frankly with insurance.

“The study of spirit runes is actually knowledge that can change the world.”

The students listened happily. After all, Li Ziqi’s voice was very pleasant to hear. But the great teachers around were frowning.

These words sounded a little empty like a fantasy!

“Everyone uses Spirit Gathering Runes to gather spirit qi to aid them in cultivation. But have you guys ever thought about how they could gather spirit qi?

“People would use Water Gathering Runes to gather water, Ignition Runes to illuminate and ignite things. However, when everyone uses spirit runes to make their lives more convenient, have they ever asked why a simple diagram could produce such effects?”


A freshman curiously shouted out.

“Because it is a language that can influence the law of the world.”

After Li Ziqi spoke, she pasted a spirit rune onto the blackboard. This was the lesson plan she had prepared beforehand.

The freshmen didn’t understand this, but those high-year students and great teachers who had learned spirit runes before all exclaimed in shock.

(This… Is this also a spirit rune? Do you think that I’m a fool who knows nothing?)

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