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The decisive battle between Argentina and the Chinese team was as intense as people expected.

Before the game, there were still fears that the long-awaited match would turn into a one-sided situation.

But as it turns out, this worry is simply overkill.

The mutual entanglement between the two sides has continued from the first second of the game to the present.

At this point, the game has reached the last minute of the third quarter.

Argentina is only 2 points ahead.

In the first half of the game, the Chinese team and the Argentines each played a good goal.

In the first quarter, the energetic Chinese team played an amazing offense with more blossoming performance.

That may be the Chinese team's best offense in the Olympic Games so far.

Because that section, not only Li Ang and Yao Ming can score.

The ball is really shared by the Chinese team, and everyone can seize the opportunity.

Wang Zhizhi, Yi Jianlian and even Liu Wei, Du Poet and Xiao Li Feidao, who came off the bench, all scored goals in sports battles.

This more flowering performance is exactly what Harris hopes to see.

The Chinese team ended the first quarter with a 7-point lead, but in the second quarter, it was Argentina's turn.

Argentina used a smooth attack to penetrate the Chinese team's defense time and time again.

The five members of the blue and white striped army were like one body, with exquisite passing and movement, they cut the Chinese team like a parrot.

This is definitely the brightest picture in the history of multiplayer sports!

Even Popovich, who has been eliminated, will not deny this statement.

The thief is bad, but not stupid.

The results of this year's Olympic Games have fully demonstrated a problem - the ugly people should no longer continue to be arrogant, and the pattern of world basketball has been redefined.

Popovich felt that he should also absorb some of the tactical essence of other teams.

He originally wanted to get a taste of the Chinese team, but he found out... give me Li Ang and Yao Ming, and I will be able to shoot all the stars!

Harris: Yes, this tactic is difficult here! Because some don't have nothing!

So, Popovich turned to the Argentine team, ready to learn something he had.

Manu Ginobili belongs to the Spurs, this old man should be able to learn, right?

Argentina's smooth team attack made Popovich understand, but he was also shocked.

He felt as if he had found the true secret of basketball tactics.

In the future, his Spurs will have to move in the direction of team basketball!

Only in this way can we turn the tide when the lineup on paper is not as good as the other party, and with the base duck egg!

Popovich felt very fucked, why would a max-paid point guard become a burden to me?

In this way, with an amazing offense, the Argentine reversed the score in the second quarter and entered the second half with a one-point advantage.

The competition between the two sides in the first half made the fans fascinated.

This kind of unbeatable game is the best to watch.

After the start of the second half, the offensive efficiency of both sides declined, but they were still above the standard.

As a result, the two sides have been fighting until now, and neither side can prevail.

At this point, it was the Argentine attack.

Pepe. Sanchez and Scola played a pick-and-roll, and then Scola immediately passed.

The United Arab went to help Liu Wei to block Sanchez, so Scola got the opportunity to attack the frame.

Sure enough, Pepe Sanchez would not let go of any gaps.

Seeing that the United Arab came to block himself, he passed the ball with one hit and gave the ball to Scola.

Seeing this, the United Arab quickly turned around and chased after him. His athletic ability is still stronger than that of Scola.

After chasing the basket, seeing Scola holding up the basketball, the United Arab jumped up without reservation, trying to block Scola from behind.

However, Scola seemed to have eyes in the back of his head and took the ball back in the air.

He just did a basket fake!

After flying to the United Arab Emirates, Scola easily scored a layup and expanded the point difference by 4 points!


The United Arab who fell out of bounds was not as frustrated as when he played against Scola for the first time, but punched the cushion on the basketball hoop.

Today, he is about to bring down Scola!

Argentina leads by 4 points. Next, as long as the Blue and White Stripes defend one, and then hit a three-pointer, the difference will be narrowed slightly.

But if it was that easy to pull the score, Argentina would have pulled away long ago.

This time the Chinese team attacked, when Li Ang was entangled by Nocioni, Yao Ming leaned on Obote and raised his hand for the ball!

Because of concerns about the UAE's shooting, Scola did not go to double-team before Yao Ming received the basketball.

After Yao Ming had received the basketball, Scola was double-teamed.

However, it was too late.

There is a saying in the NBA: Let Yao Ming catch the basketball in the three-second zone, and your defense has actually failed most of the time.

If Yao Ming is the kind of bulldozer-type insider, then Scola's double-team is indeed not too late.

After all, even someone as strong as O'Neal needs time to push into the paint.

But Yao Ming, looking at Scola who was double-teamed, did not panic.

I saw Yao Ming sitting back a step, then shaking his shoulders, and then turning over and leaning back!

The most desperate picture still appeared.

When Yao Ming turned over and leaned back, the only thing the defender could do was pray that Yao Ming didn't feel good.

The moment Yao Ming shot, Li Ang raised his arms and started to celebrate the goal.

Sure enough, the basketball hollowed into the net, and the Chinese team narrowed the difference to 2 points!

In basketball games, at non-critical moments, the difference between 2 points is the same as only 1 point, which can be ignored.

The two sides are equivalent to being entangled again, and no one can do anything about it.

The current thinking of the Chinese team is similar to the thinking of the Argentine team just now.

Defend one ball and score another, is this point almost wiped out?

However, it is easier said than done to prevent each other.

After Argentina attacked again, center Obote directly received the ball at a step inside the three-point line.

This can't go up or down, and it makes Yao Ming very uncomfortable.

You either go to the stomach in one step, or don't come in.

This is stuck in the middle, who is disgusting.

If you were a writer of online novels, you would be like Laohe by now!

Yao Ming was drawn out of the restricted area, which gave Ginobili an opportunity.

He made a counter-run attempt to get rid of Li Ang, Li Ang was about to chase, but Scola's off-ball screen was already in place, blocking Li Ang tightly.

Ah Lian immediately switched to the defense, but how could Ah Lian catch up with the ghostly sword.

After Ginobili cut in, Obote shoved the ball in with one hand and directed the ball to Ginobili precisely.

This center forward's way of organizing and passing the ball made Li Ang feel that he had some shadows of asking a teacher in the future.

Manu Ginobili took two big steps after catching the ball, and faced Wang Zhizhi's help to defend the high throw and hit the board to advance the ball.

Once again, the Argentines kept the difference alive with their smoother-than-soap offense.

The big center can also organize on the perimeter, and the small guard can also take on the task of assaulting the basket.

The Argentines at the Athens Olympics made the world know what the art of basketball is.

Each of them became masters of the pass, running all over the court and touching the ball with one hand. There is no hesitant waiting, and there is no singles like Dream Six.

Not keen on physicality and brute force, but with a penchant for skill and imagination, the Argentines seem to bring their football flair to the game of basketball.

Li Ang feels that this Argentine team is like playing the peak king of Princeton.

It's just that the style of the ball is more gorgeous and more coquettish!

In the few remaining minutes of the third quarter, the situation did not change.

The two teams still fought back and forth, and neither of them could completely kill the other.

In this way, the Argentina team entered the third quarter with a 3-point lead.

During the break, the coaches of both sides were very clear that the key to this game was who could take the lead in a wave of consecutive scoring attacks.

The two teams have been punching and kicking like this, and they will never be able to widen the difference.

But wanting to play a continuous scoring offense is not only a matter of offense, but also a matter of defense.

This problem cannot be solved in an instant.

After the fourth quarter started, the two teams were still on a par with each other.

Finally, when the game was over with 3 minutes left, the Chinese team equalized the score.

But it was just an equalizer.

Many people have predicted that the two teams are likely to win through overtime!

Clearly, however, the coaches on both sides did not like the idea of ​​overtime.

When the Chinese team plays overtime, Yao Ming's physical fitness will completely collapse.

On the Argentina team's side, Ginobili is actually an individual with financial difficulties.

Don't look at that guy with fluttering long hair who does a lot of work and poses a lot, but he doesn't last long, and he won't work if he clamps a little.

Manu Ginobili was nicknamed 20 Minutes Jordan at Mi's house. Do you think the point is Jordan? No, the point is he only has 20 minutes!

Because the FIBA ​​game is shorter than the NBA, it more or less conceals the fact that Ginobili is not physically fit.

But if overtime is played, then Ginobili's lasting problems will be completely exposed.

Both coaches didn't want to play overtime in order to protect the shortcoming.

In the last three minutes, you must play a wave of consecutive scoring attacks to directly take away the game!

Argentina's solution is to kill Li Ang and Yao Ming. Although the rest of the Chinese team performed well today, only Li Ang and Yao Ming are capable of scoring consecutively.

On the Chinese team's side, Harris let Li Ang return to the No. 4 position, so that he can take advantage of Li Ang's ability to assist in defense.

Playing the second position, Li Ang defended from the three-point line and could only focus on Ginobili, and his defensive vision was not so good.

But against Argentina, it is useless to defend Ginobili.

Only by returning to the low position can Li Ang contain Argentina's attack.

Although the conversation was about finding ways to score consecutively, the coaches of both teams were all defensive.

The game of basketball is so amazing.

After the game restarted, the Argentines were a little puzzled when they saw Li Ang returning to the No. 4 position.

But now I can't control that much. This time, Obote continued to pull Yao Ming away, and then gave the ball to Nocioni.

After Nocioni took the ball, he directly broke through to the rough, and Li Ang returned to the No. 4 position, so Nocioni can only defend from the rough. This is an excellent opportunity for Nocioni to score points.

Roughly actively pursued and defended, and even held Nocioni for a while.

But Nocioni's confrontation ability is too strong, and he will roughly push away those who don't like confrontation at once, and then force the frame!

Just when Nocioni threw the ball to the basket, Li Ang jumped out from behind and gave Nocioni a big blow!

"Beautiful defense, Li destroyed the Argentine team's smooth offense!"

Harris punched hard off the court, this is Li Ang's ability to help defense!

After Liu Wei grabbed the basketball, he didn't have luck on his own. To be honest, if Pepe Sanchez pressed Liu Wei at this time, he might have made mistakes.

As the Argentine thought, the ball was handed to Li Ang.

But as soon as Li Ang caught the ball, he was directly stuck by Nocioni, and there was no chance at all.

They still believe that as long as they stop Li Ang, they can stop the Chinese team from scoring consecutively!

Li Ang carried Nocioni forcibly into the penalty area, and Scola rushed over when he saw it.

So, Li Ang gave the ball to the UAE, which was completely empty.

The United Arab made a steady mid-range shot at the free throw line, responding to Scola's layup before, and the Chinese team overtook!

Scola gritted his teeth, the No. 11 of the Chinese team was much stronger than when they first met.

He still remembered that when he first met the UAE, the UAE was basically in a state of being overwhelmed.

In just two games, he has improved so much.


Don't think that just two games can be reborn.

For today, we have waited for two whole years!

Argentina reorganized the attack, this time for Ginobili to break through.

When Ginobili was halfway through this time, he deliberately looked at Li Ang's position.

He knew very well that the more this critical moment was, the more cold it would be.

One wrong step, one wrong step.

Seeing Li Ang coming to double-team himself, Ginobili dashed to the basket and used a fake pass to give Scola the ball.

Scola wanted to vote directly, but saw Li Ang react quickly and approached him.

As expected of the person who pushed Duncan to the second defense last season! won't stop me!

Scola then did not really shoot, but after a false shot, the ball was recovered and dribbled through.

Li Ang immediately changed his focus and followed in. Seeing Scola suddenly hit the basket and then lifted the basketball again, Li Ang also jumped hard.

Don't think that you can do whatever you want by being just half a position ahead of me!

But after Li Ang jumped up this time, it wasn't the refreshing cap that greeted him.

In the air, Li Ang's heart was half cold.

Scola, he is still a fake!

Li Ang is convinced, everyone is a man, can we be honest with each other?

How dare you play it for real!

You are equivalent to posting a seed called "study materials" in the group. As a result, the brothers downloaded it and found that it was really a review question for the college entrance examination.

This is called inhumanity!

Li Ang, who has played with more than N people in the NBA with fantasy dance steps, actually talked about the truth of being honest.

Flying Li Ang, Scola smiled slightly, having won the coach's trust.

He easily pushes the ball to the basket, let you see, we have accumulated the strength of Argentina for two years!


Suddenly, there was a loud bang above Scola's head. Scola only felt the basketball against his scalp and flew out quickly.

Scola was stunned, didn't Li Ang fly away by me?

Li Ang was fluttered, and he didn't jump back in time.

Scola only saw a man wearing a No. 11 jersey standing in front of him with a confident smile.

Huang Fei flew Li Ang, and me!

I'm No. 11 of the Chinese Men's Basketball Team, Yi Jianlian!

The United Arab smiled, indicating that the coach's trust must be mine.

Long-haired monster, ignore me again, I'll treat you to Lafite!

"The UAE made up for the defense in time and flew to Gaiscola. After the fierce battle with the Dream Six and the Greek team, the UAE is no longer the fearful UAE! What? The Chinese team has the ball right!? Just now , the playback shows that the basketball just flew out against Scola's head, so the ball belongs to the Chinese team!"

Director Zhang was shocked, this Nima is really out of bounds.

Hahahaha, let you all like to have long hair, you deserve it!

Scola looked at Yi Jianlian in astonishment. He no longer dared to underestimate this lottery rookie.

Li Ang was still in shock. If Scola hit the ball just now, his consecutive scoring would be in vain.

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay to have Alian.

Chew the UAE, take it easy!

"Nice job, the Argentines are dying, kill them in one go!" Li Ang shouted at the opportunity.

The defense of the Chinese team just now took a toll on the morale of the Argentine team.

This Chinese team, it's not who they rely on now, they are really united.

In this attack, Li Ang carried two men to break through, and after he got into the inside line, he was defended by Obote, which was equivalent to three men.

From a fan's perspective, it doesn't seem like much.

Only from the first perspective can you experience the oppressive feeling of being surrounded by three people in a small space.

But Li Ang was in the crowd and passed the ball to Yao Ming accurately.

Yao Ming didn't panic, he made a steady mid-range shot, widening the difference to 4 points!

The Chinese team's continuous scoring strategy worked!

The Argentines thought that as long as Li Ang was locked, the Chinese team could be locked, and that the rest of the Chinese team was just a display.

They are dead wrong!

There is not much time left in the game. At this time, even a 4-point lead is very fatal.

The Argentines knew very well that they had to hold on to their next attack, and if they couldn't do it, it was over!

So in the subsequent attack, the Argentine team cautiously passed the ball for a long time, but the Chinese team's defense did not appear any loopholes.

In the end, when the attack time was only 7 seconds, Ginobili had to stand up and solve the problem in a heroic way.

That's how the game of basketball is. It's not just teamwork or heroism alone.

Both must be combined to win the game.

Cooperation when it’s time to cooperate, and heroism when it’s time for heroism. This is the best solution.

You can't dare to fight and fight hard at regular time, and play basketball again at the critical moment.

A person like Kobe is too heroic, so he has not won the championship in the past two years.

Kobe: Fart, I am also a good combination of heroism and team basketball. 48 minutes, 1 minute of team basketball, 47 minutes of heroism, this is allotted to the Ganges!

Ginobi used a beautiful serpentine breakthrough to shake off the United Arab and go straight into the penalty area.

At this time, Li Ang rushed towards Ginobili, and the United Arab ran to Scola when seeing this situation, blocking the route of Ginobili's scoring.

Ginobili can't pass the ball, his only option now is to compete head-on with Li Ang!

Ginobili jumped up with all his strength, intending to confront Li Ang head-on.

A lot of people think Manu Ginobili is a floor streamer, but they are so wrong.

When he was young, Ginobili was also a flying existence, and ferocious buckles were very common. Ginobili wouldn't have turned into a floor drain if some nerd hadn't plucked out the source of power above his head.

Before joining the NBA, many reporters called Ginobili "the most athletic player outside the NBA."

Therefore, Ginobili felt that he had the capital to challenge Li Ang!

The Argentine and Li Ang were hard in the air, but Li Ang told Ginobili with the abnormal speed and height of the bullet: "Challenge me? No, you can't. I am a demigod!"

Manu Ginobili may just have good athletic ability, while Li Ang, with the blessing of attributes and many badges, has a perverted level of athletic ability.

How can a half-human half-god be knocked down by demons and ghosts! ?

In the air, Li Angza solidly blocked Ginobili's dunk, and the Chinese team successfully defended for the third consecutive round!

Next, as long as the Chinese team hits one more goal, the Chinese team can hold the Olympic gold medal in their hands!

The Argentines were cornered, so their defense was extra tight.

Li Ang tried to continue to use breakthroughs to force the Argentine team to change the defensive formation, but this round, the Argentine team's supplementary defense did an excellent job. After Li Ang passed the ball to the empty teammates, they all rushed back to block it as soon as possible.

And because this was a key shot, the rest of the Chinese team didn't dare to mess around with the defense.

Like the previous round, the Chinese team had no chance to pass for a long time, and there was not much time left to attack.

At 8 seconds, Li Ang received a basketball outside the three-point line, ready to single against Nocilio.

Li Ang tried to accelerate, but in fact he suddenly stopped outside the three-point line to prepare for a jumper!

Li Ang thought that he was also double-teamed when he rushed in. It is better to solve the problem from beyond the three-point line.

Who knew that Nocilio was not shaken, and when Li Ang made a sudden stop jumper, he immediately jumped up and smeared Li Ang's face.

He judged Li Ang's intention correctly!

Li Ang hurriedly turned his shot into a pass in the air. Nocioni's reaction this time was too fast, so if the ball was forcibly thrown, it would not be a problem of scoring, but it might be blocked.

Li Ang gave the ball to the United Arab who came out of his pocket.

The good thing is that Li Ang has a purple "fancy passer" badge, and his passing attributes are not low. Otherwise, the temporary decision to switch from a shot to a pass is likely to be a mistake.

After taking the ball to the United Arab Emirates, Li Ang made a cut to Nocilio's right side empty-handed.

As soon as Nosilio landed, he turned around to chase Li Ang who had cut in, and reached out to block the ball and prepare to steal it.

His defensive response this round was simply divine.

But after Nocioni turned around, he didn't see Li Ang.

"This... how could it be!?"

Nosinho turned his head again and found that Li Ang had received the basketball one step away from the three-point line!

It turned out that when Li Ang made a cut from the right side of Nosinho just now, he took a step in and immediately ran back to get the ball. At that time, Nosinho just turned around, so he didn't see Li Ang.

Li Ang gave Nosinho a wave of movement!

The United Arab League is also very tacit, and did not panic when he received the basketball at the critical moment. After Li Ang ran out, he gave the ball to Li Ang steadily.

At this time, although Li Ang was a step away from the three-point line, because this is an FIBA ​​game the three-point line was already close. One step beyond the three-point line, to Li Ang, is just a regular three-pointer in the NBA.

After receiving the basketball and receiving the blessing of the purple catch-and-shoot badge, Li Ang shot directly.

Now, it's time for some heroism.

Nocioni struggled to jump over, but this time the distance was too far to interfere.

All the Argentine players looked at the basketball in despair, watching it make a perfect arc, watching it hollow into the net.

The most cold-blooded killer did not give the Argentines any chance.

"Goal scored, scored! Li Ang made a key three-pointer and helped the Chinese team take a 7-point lead! With only a few dozen seconds left in the game, Li Ang's three-pointer almost killed the game!"

Director Zhang cheered wildly in the studio, and the fans at the scene jumped up with excitement.

After Li Ang scored the goal, he just looked at the right players in Argentina and repeated the words before the game in a calm tone:

"If you want to win, unless you step over my body!"

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