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The Chinese team smashed Greece without any risk, which made the fans breathe a sigh of relief.

The host's fighting power is indeed well-deserved.

Playing at home in the Olympics can really stimulate 100% of an athlete's potential.

In this environment, if Curry is Greek, he can give you a whole blue butterfly to walk around.

This game is more like a trial for the Chinese team than the one with Dream Six.

Let everyone in the Chinese team grow up.

The defeat of Meng Liu, especially in the second half, was the ultimate manifestation of Li Ang's personal heroism.

Then the defeat of the Greek team really made the whole team sublime.

When returning to the locker room, Li Ang stood in the middle of the court and pointed out a finger: "We are one game away from the Olympic champion, rush rush!"

While the Chinese team defeated the host Greece, Argentina also ripped Puerto Rico 84 to 69 and advanced to the final.

So far, both sides of the Olympic finals have been decided.

The Chinese team and the Argentina team, these two old enemies are about to start a decisive battle at the top of the world.

The feud of the 2002 World Championships, the Argentines can't wait to return them all.

Of course, at the post-match press conference, Li Ang was more concerned about his old friend Larry Brown's Dream Six than the Argentina team.

Knowing that Dream Six defeated Spain in the seventh-eighth qualifying match, Li Ang said with a smile: "Congratulations to Coach Larry Brown for leading the team to a historic seventh place! I said it long ago. , Coach Larry has this ability!"

As expected of a good ventriloquist, Li Ang's words are over.

Larry Brown wanted to kneel down and beg Li Ang, I'm already dead and smelly, so stop whipping the corpse, okay?

Li Ang didn't want to whip the corpse either.

With the reputation of Larry Brown now, if he wants to be laid off and re-employed, it is estimated that he can only be in a land where people like the Knicks are stupid and rich.

In terms of the development trajectory of the Knicks over the years, they are not Li Ang's opponents at all.

Therefore, Li Ang cherished the last time he spent with Larry Brown.

Li Ang's daily milk Brown has become a joke for Chinese fans after dinner.

At this time, because the Olympic men's basketball final is about to start, the popularity is unprecedented.

Although there is no Dream Six, the old rivalry between Argentina and China is equally exciting.

Can Stern watch all the heat of summer be taken away by the Olympics?

No, eight possible.

Just at the juncture that the Olympic finals are about to start, Stern has a big one.

At the end of August, the NBA League released a piece of news that caused a lot of discussion.

After opening the zone defense and setting up the defense for three seconds a few years ago, so that monsters like O'Neal were restricted, Stern updated the league version and officially introduced the nohandcheck rule!

This rule is easy to understand just by looking at the name, that is to say, in the future, when defending perimeter players, you can't use it directly.

The specific rule is that the defensive player is not allowed to make any hand and forearm contact with the offensive player outside the penalty area.

The defender can only stop the attacker by anticipating and sliding.

The reason why this rule can cause such extensive discussion is mainly because, as long as anyone watching the game knows, after the introduction of this rule, the breakthrough of perimeter players will become easier!

In the past, when you wanted to make a breakthrough, people like Li Ang and Artest immediately hugged you, and you couldn't even rush.

But now that the rules are updated, hands are not allowed when defending outside the free throw line, making it much more difficult to defend.

In the future, the pictures of defenders and strikers breaking into the penalty area and fighting between centers will continue to increase.

No one dares to imagine how much more enjoyable the games will be in the future. No one dares to imagine how miserable the inside players will be in the future.

O'Neal, who had already moved to Miami as in the original history, cried and fainted in the toilet. In Geneva, when there was no such rule, Li Ang would come in and ride me at every turn.

With this rule in place, wouldn't the Nancun group of children bully me and be powerless?

Wouldn't it be a mouthful to meet Kobe Bryant again in the future?

Seriously, O'Neal has been the most targeted person over the years.

In the past, the NBA also changed the rules, but it is indeed unprecedented to limit the inside players as frequently as in recent years.

First, the zone defense was opened, the extraordinary defense was canceled, and the defense was set for three seconds, and now it was a nohand check.

This is to gradually improve the position of the brothers of the inside giants.

No way, who let the existence of the shark disrupt Stern's plan?

When a reasonable collision zone was set up back then, Stern's original intention was to make the perimeter players more reckless when they broke through.

Don't be afraid of offensive fouls, just rush in and dunk.

Why do this? Because Stern discovered that what Jordan could easily do in the past, no one can do it now!

In order to immediately find the next step, the only way to create a **** can be by modifying the rules and reducing the difficulty.

Jordan's appearance has proved that perimeter players who play elegant and good-looking are more eye-catching and more profitable than inside players who fight at the basket.

Don't look at the four major centers in the 1990s, it seems to be the golden age of centers.

But in fact, at that time, the NBA made money not because of the four major centers, but because of Jordan!

If there were only four major centers without Jordan, the commercialization of the NBA would never have been so successful.

To put it bluntly, the center has always been a foil in Stern's eyes.

So, Stern has always wanted to change the NBA into a league dominated by perimeter players.

As a result, Nima's and Stern's wishful thinking were all messed up by the dead fat man.

The reasonable collision zone did not allow the perimeter players to rise, but instead allowed O'Neal to play unscrupulously under the basket.

Shaquille O'Neal bumped his elbow at the basket. He didn't need to show his superb skills at the basket.

Stern looked at it, this is not good, isn't this equivalent to returning to the era when the inside line was king before Jordan?

So, these years are crazy to change the rules.

Now, after the introduction of the nohandcheck rule, all the insiders can't help but want to complain about Stern: "I don't want my face!"

Good conscience, Stern was really wronged this time.

The introduction of the nohandcheck rule actually does not further restrict the center.

A really capable center sees someone rushing in, and they all take off directly.

Howard: Yeah yeah.

Stern's wave, at most, strengthened the outside line, but did not directly weaken the inside line.

Those who are really weakened by this rule are the mad dog perimeter defenders like Li Ang and Artest!

Stern has not forgotten how many brilliant scoring performances Artest and Li Ang stifled last season through rough defense.

Li Ang, in particular, has repeatedly disrupted the offense of star players in the playoffs, all in ugly and rude ways.

Stern's wave is to cut Li Ang!

Because Li Ang plays like a perimeter player, the offense cannot be cut. To cut Li Ang's offense is to weaken all of Shu's perimeter offenses.

Therefore, Stern can only start from the defense.

If Li Ang's defense is not so strong, if he can't defend others in such a rude way.

Then Stern believes that other players still have the ability to score points with Li Ang.

For example, Kobe Bryant in the playoffs last season, Li Ang and Kobe Bryant beat each other by 50 points.

If Kobe was not killed by Li Ang at the last moment, maybe the Lakers would be able to pull back a city.

That series was also at least 4-1.

There is also the first round. If Li Ang does not defend Angua personally, Angua will not be divided by the entire 54.

Don't weaken Li Ang, his four-round series can give you two sweeps, who can stand it.

Is this business still done?

And the persecuted Li Ang, watching the news, swallowed his saliva, and then shouted in his heart...

Sir, please intensify your efforts!

Li Ang never expected that Stern would dare to strengthen the Suns' offense!

That's right, Li Ang is not the roundworm in Stern's stomach after all.

So, he thought that Stern changed the rules... to assist him!

After the introduction of the nohandcheck rule, the most benefited are those perimeter players who focus on breakthroughs.

Such as the key killer of ai, Arenas and Kecun.

Also like...Lee Ang!

Li Ang now has a breakthrough ability similar to Grant Hill. You also introduced a nohandcheck rule, which is comparable to targeted poverty alleviation. If you say that this is not tailor-made for me, I don't believe it.

What's more, this rule strengthens not only himself, but also Nash.

Stern is equivalent to putting a bamboo dragonfly on Li Ang's head and taking off directly.

Li Ang was flattered, he didn't expect Boss Si to be so supportive of himself.

If people are too strong, they will weaken the rules, but it is better for me, and the rules will be strengthened.

Li Ang felt a little embarrassed. really don't have to hold me so much, really.

This Nima, not the entire three consecutive championships next season, I am sorry for the painstaking efforts of the boss.

That's right, before you know it, Li Ang is very close to the third consecutive championship!

At first, no one might have thought that Li Ang would become the man close to God.

Although they are in two different teams, Li Ang is the absolute core of both teams. Therefore, if this individual's three consecutive championships are really achieved, it is still very valuable.

Stern was delighted. Next season, Li Ang, after his defense was sealed, should be struggling, right?

Li Ang also secretly rejoiced, thanks to the love of the boss, I, Li Ang, don't win next season, I can't help you.

The relationship between the two is very strange.

One feels that he is arranging the other party, the other feels that the other party is helping him...

On the day that the HC rules were changed, there was also news of the second transfer of this summer from the Suns.

Before, when Li Ang first arrived in Greece, the Suns had already made their first personnel change this summer. Wu Sheng Jackson joined the Pacers at a price of 38 million over 7 years.

In this contract, Wu Sheng's starting salary in the first year is 5.1 million, and the salary in the last year is expected to reach more than 7 million.

For Wu Sheng, a person who was once displaced, this long-term contract is very secure.

And the owner of the Suns, who should be in this province, would naturally not give such a big contract to a role player.

Last season, Wu Sheng's annual salary in the Suns was only more than 1 million. This time it has risen five or six times. Who can stand it?

Therefore, Wu Sheng left Phoenix City. In this year in Phoenix, he has done his best and has a clear conscience.

In order to fill the void, the Suns signed Quentin Richardson, an athletic player who averaged 17.2 points per game last season with the Clippers.

This Richardson, although not as deep as the Warriors' dunk king Richardson, has a low singles efficiency, far less than singles Joe.

But the key is that Quentin has an extremely accurate three-pointer and Shang Ke's defense.

This is a player the Suns desperately need.

Especially now that the league has introduced the nohandheck rule, Master Tang believes that the Suns' seven-second offense will be even more brilliant next season.

Therefore, players with strong three-point ability are more needed.

At that time, whether it is to fight the whirlwind quickly or pull it all out to give Li Ang a star, the attack of the sun will be unstoppable.

Li Ang watched the news about the NBA elatedly, this time, it was really the right time, the right place and the people who were all taken over by him.

However, before the individual three consecutive championships, Li Ang had to end the Olympic Games!

Olympic gold medal, Li Ang must get it!

Is it love? Is it the responsibility?

Both, but not the most important.

the most important is......

The Olympic gold medal can give Li Ang a random attribute +7 reward!

This kind of opportunity to scour the wool does not come every year.

Everyone was very excited about the two days of training.

Every day after the training, a large number of reporters poured into the training hall, both at home and abroad.

Chinese basketball has never been so high-profile.

Although the Chinese team has won the World Championships two years ago, the attention of the World Championships and the attention of the Olympic Games are completely two levels.

Four years ago in Sydney, the Chinese team also played in the Olympic final. But at that time, everyone knew that the probability of the Chinese team winning the gold medal was very slim.

Now, the men's three major ball events are really likely to win gold in the Olympics, and the popularity in China can be known.

Li Ang faced Argentina, but he did not joke like he did before Meng Liu.

In front of the reporters' camera, Li Ang can be said to be a no-brainer: "The Argentina team is very strong, and they deserve to be able to reach the lore. We won Argentina two years ago, but two years later everything started anew. We will do our best.”

The Chinese team was lively and lively on the other side, and the Argentine team was also extremely excited.

Two years, in order to wait for this moment of revenge, they have been waiting for two whole years.

There is a big difference between the players of the Argentine men's basketball team and the players of the Chinese men's basketball team.

The players of the Chinese men's basketball team are either hoarding in the cba or in the nba.

All in all, most people still play together.

But Argentina's players are different. Because of the harsh domestic environment, their only way out is to play overseas.

And because there are so many European basketball leagues, they almost all work in different leagues.

In the past two years, in the days when they did not wear blue and white striped jerseys, the Argentine men's basketball team returned to their respective leagues to continue to hone themselves and accumulate strength.

Ginobili became the MVP of the Italian league, and then successfully landed in the NBA.

Scola and Nocioni successfully reached the top in La Liga.

In the past two years, they have been absorbing the essence of world basketball, working hard, working hard, and waiting silently.

Waiting to go out for the country, waiting to meet the Chinese team again.

They study and work all over the world, just waiting to gather together to be able to burst into a stronger energy.

Argentina's golden generation is ready!

Before, the Argentine team had already defeated the Chinese team once.

Now, it's just doing the exact same thing again.

On the day of the final, the Argentine was determined to conquer the world basketball world.

A day earlier, the Argentine football team had taken the lead in winning the gold medal at the Olympics.

Right now, basketball is the only item the Argentine has a chance to win gold.

In this Olympics, Argentines only want two gold medals, one for football and one for basketball!

In the stands, the passionate Argentine female fans almost occupied the close-up.

Li Ang also looked at the big screen at the scene. Really, even a serious person like Li Ang was convinced.

He suddenly felt that today is the day the king is here, and Argentina is number one!

Argentine female fans are the but the Argentine basketball team must be ranked second.

If nothing else, this female fan alone can add 50 points to Argentina's combat effectiveness.

How poisonous! Actually using the beauty plan!

Fortunately, our Chinese men's basketball team only has ball control and honor in our hearts!

Before the start of the game, after the national anthem was played, the Argentines walked to the midfield line with each other's shoulders on each other's shoulders, as if they wanted to confront the Chinese team before the game.

However, the players of the Chinese team were still warming up. Only Li Ang, wearing the Japanese jersey left by Clairvoyant, approached the Argentine team.

Facing the fierce gaze of the Argentine, Li Ang was not afraid at all.

He just stretched out his hand and pointed to himself: "step over me, you can try it!"

"Fuck, come on, brothers!" Yao Ming suddenly yelled when he saw that Li Ang was facing off against the entire Argentine team by himself.

For a time, all the players of the Chinese team also ran to the midfield line and stood behind Li Ang, forming his solid backing.

"Appeared, the biggest violent gang in the 21st century!" The Korean commentator introduced it.

The players of the two teams stared at each other's eyes, and neither of them wanted to look away first.

Or did the referee pick up the basketball and came up and shouted, "Oh, it's alright, we can't play this game yet? Do you want people to get off work?"

Under the urging of the referee, the two sides separated, and the starters also took their places.

On the Argentina side, the starting lineup is still "big commander" Pepe Sanchez, Ginobili, Nocioni, Scola and Obote.

It was exactly the same lineup as when they beat the Chinese team in the group stage.

The referee threw the ball into the air, and Yao Ming threw the ball into Li Ang's hands under the cheers of the fans.

The battle of the world championship has officially started!


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