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   Chapter 235 Answers

   In addition to Huang Zhuo and He Zhifei, several captains were also interested and came to express their optimism about Zhou Jing,

  Because of his outstanding performance this time, his current draft market is very good, and in the eyes of the captains, he has long-term observation value.

   Zhou Jing responded politely to the captains who came to chat.

   It didn't take long for the captains to communicate with the candidates they liked, and the inspection ended.

   However, Shen Xinqin did not lead everyone away, but let everyone sit down, then stopped the captains who were about to leave, negotiated briefly, and persuaded them to stay.

   After doing this, Shen Xinqin turned to look at the doubtful students and smiled:

   "Today is the first time for you to come to the Exploration Bureau. There must be a lot of questions. These captains are seniors. You can ask any questions you want. As long as it is convenient to answer, they will be happy to answer your questions."

   "Sister Shen's face, we still have to give it."

  Huang Zhuo smiled, then looked at the crowd and said:

   "Anyway, most of the things, you will learn in the future, as long as it is not too confidential, we will answer."

   All the students were instantly refreshed.

   They did have a lot of interesting questions when they visited the Exploration Bureau.

When even one student raised his hand and asked, "That...I want to ask, how do you get back after using the shuttle device to another world? According to the plane filtering phenomenon discussed in the class, many astral worlds should not be able to use high-tech The product is delivered..."

   This question is closely related to future self-security, and all the students quieted down and listened.

   "Nice question."

  Huang Zhuo nodded and replied:

"Each shuttle device is unique and has a special code. When the explorer uses a shuttle device to enter a different world, he will obtain the corresponding code mark, which will have a temporary binding relationship with this device, the scientific name is called 'tunneling' Resonate', if you want to come back, you can only go through this device...

Well, I don't know the specific principle. You can simply understand that going to another world is like going down to a mine. Each explorer is tied with a rope, which is connected to the shuttle device they used when they set off. Each shuttle can be tied with many ropes. "

  The crowd was stunned.

   The original student who asked the question scratched his head and asked:

   "How did that come back?"

   "Of course, the people outside the mine pulled them back... The explorers don't need to do anything, and the staff in the bureau can directly call them back by operating the device."

   Zhou Jing's eyes moved, and he interrupted to ask, "Then the explorers can only wait passively, can't they take the initiative to return?"

  Huang Zhuo smiled and nodded:

   "The order and date of the return are pre-arranged. If the explorer wants to return early to end his service, he must apply to the stronghold of the astral world, and only after approval by the high-level can he join the return list.

   In fact, this is a method that has to be used. Everyone has learned about the difference in the time flow rate of the astral world. In addition, the shuttle method is single, so the exploration bureau in the main world cannot communicate with the explorers serving in real time. If you want to get information, you can only wait for the explorers who are serving in the service to return, so the explorers are arranged to return in batches on a regular basis to ensure that the frequency of information updates will not be too delayed. "

   Zhou Jing moved in his heart.

   In this way, explorers who have entered another world cannot freely decide when to travel and return. No matter what happens, they can only honestly stay in another world and wait for others to pull them back.

   Moreover, due to the limitation of intelligence communication efficiency, the Exploration Bureau of the main world cannot know what happened in the other world at any time, so it cannot provide real-time staff opinions, nor can it directly command and issue orders, so most of the time, explorers need to make their own judgments.

   This seems like good news...

   "Is there a situation where I can't come back?" Wu Fan frowned and raised his hand to ask.

  Huang Zhuo's face turned straight and said, "Unless the shuttle device fails, or there is a problem with the coding marks on his body, this situation will not happen."

   "If it happened..."

   "It's nothing, just ask other explorers to bring him back." Huang Zhuo spread his hands.

   Hearing this, Zhou Jing blinked, suddenly realized a problem, and asked curiously:

   "Then... can the aborigines of another world be brought back like this?"

The voice of    fell, and there was silence in the field.

   After a few seconds, Huang Zhuo said:

"Anything that the main world brings back from another world must pass through the hands of the explorer, who is the carrier and medium. Because of the existence of plane filtering, there are certain restrictions on material transmission, but among the things that can be brought, many times All include living things, and the intelligent natives are no exception."

  The expressions of everyone changed.

   The other party is so sure, obviously the exploration bureau has done similar things in the history and confirmed the feasibility.

  So...the otherworldly natives were brought to the main world?

  Everyone thought about it, and a lot of dark experimental images such as slices appeared in their minds.

   Ignoring the shock of everyone, Huang Zhuo continued:

"Of course, the items carried by the explorer are limited in size, at least not larger than the size of the shuttle device. For example, if you directly bring a mountain back, that's impossible... So in order to cope with this situation, the shuttle device also has different specifications. Some other planetary exploration bureaus have giant shuttle devices.

   But the larger the shuttle device, the more expensive it is to manufacture, and the more difficult it is to manufacture, so we usually only use the regular-sized shuttle device... You have already visited it not long ago. "

   Everyone nodded unconsciously.

   Zhou Jing suppressed his mood, made a purely curious expression, and asked, "Then under what circumstances would you bring the aborigines back?"

  Huang Zhuo did not answer immediately, but first glanced at Shen Xinqin, then looked back at the captains, hesitant to answer.

   "This shouldn't be considered a secret, right?" Shen Xinqin raised her eyebrows.


  Huang Zhuo nodded, looked at Zhou Jing again, and said with a smile:

   "One of the reasons is to do experiments, but it's not as dark as you think... In addition, it is possible for the Exploration Bureau to recruit aborigines as official explorers and bring them around for a walk, showing that we are not simple."

   Everyone was stunned for a moment.

   “Recruiting Aboriginal people? Why is that?”

  Lin Kun was surprised.

  Huang Zhuo smiled mysteriously:

"You have all learned in class that for some high-value star realms, at the end of the confluence period, the bureau will send explorers to station for a long time... But think about it, how many people are willing to stay in another world for decades? The least excluded, of course, only the aborigines!

   Therefore, the development of indigenous offline has always been a common plan for exploration bureaus in various countries. Sometimes we disguise our identities and pretend to be natives to develop off the assembly line, but sometimes we also formally recruit natives as visitors from outside the sky... Of course, we only do this when the goal is very valuable. "

   Zhou Jing's heart skipped a beat.

   It turned out that the personnel of the Exploration Bureau were not all people from the main world, but also indigenous people...

   Having said that, when encountering aboriginal people in the future, you must be more careful, because you may not be sure that they are "spies" of a certain country in the main world.

   Zhou Jing suddenly had an idea.

  If in the future, one of your own apostles is mistaken by the Exploration Bureau as an aboriginal with recruiting value, and also joins the Exploration Bureau... That would be interesting, is this called a "double spy" or a "triple spy"?

   Maybe you can try something...

   Hearing a very useful piece of information, Zhou Jing was secretly excited, only to feel that this trip was worthwhile and that it was very rewarding.

   At this moment, a student suddenly raised his hand and hesitated to ask a question:

   "Then... are there any explorers in the main world who deliberately destroyed the markings of the shuttle device and took the initiative to stay in another world?"

   As soon as these words came out, the smiles of the captains faded.

   After a while, He Zhifei was expressionless, and said coldly: "This kind of behavior violates the otherworld exploration method. Once it is verified, it will be hunted down immediately, and the serious ones will be cleared on the spot. This is also one of the tasks of the explorer."

   These words were firm and unequivocal, and they made no secret of their murderous intent.

   All the students couldn't help feeling a chill in their hearts.

   Zhou Jing narrowed his eyes and secretly speculated.

  What is the reason for the explorer to be reluctant to return to the main world and decide to stay in another world...wealth, power, strength, love?

   Probably can't escape these categories, 80% of them want to make a fortune in another world and become a local emperor.

   These are different from the recruited aborigines. If they stay, they may seriously interfere with the civilization process of the other world and do not conform to the basic principles of exploration formulated by the Star Alliance.

   Moreover, once the confluence period is over, the main world cannot control these people who are deliberately left behind, there is a risk of leaking the details of the main world, and being captured and studied by the natives, so it seems not surprising that this kind of "traitor" is taken seriously.

  The field was quiet for a while, and then the student coughed and asked:

   "In addition to the shuttle device, is there any other way to travel to other worlds?"

   "No." Huang Zhuo shook his head: "At least there is no record."

   The student rolled his eyes and asked, "Is that shuttle device only owned by the Exploration Bureau?"

   "This is confidential, so I can't answer it."

  Huang Zhuo immediately shook his head without hesitation.

   Immediately afterwards, he paused, clapped his hands, and said, "Okay, I've said enough for today, so that's it for answering questions. You have other questions, and you'll naturally know after the class is over."

   Seeing this, everyone had to swallow other doubts back into their stomachs.

   Shen Xinqin got up and greeted Zhou Jing and others:

   "The captains have been delayed a lot of time today, let's go."

   Upon seeing this, the students stood up one after another, thanked the captains, and then followed Shen Xinqin out of the conference room.

   The group visited several departments in the Exploration Bureau, and today's course content is over.

  The crowd then came to the ship port and boarded the hover car for the return journey.

  The car slowly lifted into the air, Zhou Jing felt the bump in the seat, and his mind drifted away.

   He learned a lot of useful information in today's class, which made him very happy.

   Just in time, the intersection of the main world and the D19 plane is getting closer and closer, and sooner or later, his own apostles will have to deal with explorers.

   He intends to go back to digest this information and make some psychological preparations in advance - no matter what, he thinks it will not be worse than the encounter in the world of alien beasts, at least now he is no longer confused about this group of people.


   On the other side, explore the bureau.

   sent off the newcomers, and the captains looked at each other and chatted casually.

  Huang Zhuo said with a smile: "This Zhou Jing is okay, but he still needs to be cultivated slowly. Say it in advance, I like this person."

   "You think it's yours?" The other captain snorted: "He's just a freshman. Normally, it will take more than a year to graduate and join the job. Why do you say you want it?"

He Zhifei said slowly: "This kid has the potential to be an explorer, but there are too many martial artists in our bureau, and he is not competitive compared to other veterans. If he wants to join a good team in the future, he should listen to me and make complicated modifications. The super power system of the point, fills the vacancies of many teams. Otherwise, after he graduates, maybe he will disappear."

   "Maybe he will be able to lead the team like us in the future. After all, many of the captains are also martial artists, and this super power system is the most adaptable." Huang Zhuo shrugged.

"How can it be that easy." He Zhifei snorted coldly: "Even if Shui Lanxing is a new planet, there are many vacancies, but if he wants to lead the team, he will have to serve at least ten times before he can earn enough merits. I don't know how many years. already."

   "It's too early to say, we'll know then."

  Huang Zhuo waved his hand, not wanting to continue talking about this, and moved the topic away and said:

   "Speaking of which, you and I are going to serve on the D19 plane next time, I hope there is no danger."

   Hearing the words, He Zhifei shook his head and said, "That world is very dangerous. Let's go there just like a vacation. What danger can there be?"

  Huang Zhuo frowned and said solemnly:

   "Who knows if there will be conflicts with explorers from other countries, especially Hein's dogs, who broke their plans before, and it's not the first day they've targeted us..."

   "...that's right."

   (end of this chapter)

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