Astral Apostle - Chapter 236 235 Progress and Visit

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   Chapter 236 Progress and Visit

   After visiting the Exploration Bureau, for the next few days, Zhou Jing has been taking classes during the day and shuttle at night, living a fulfilling life.

The two apostles, Chen Feng and Bill, are currently in a stable situation, and no one will provoke them for a while. He routinely puts on his body every night, flips the two's signs, just handles some daily affairs, and checks the results of their own practice by the way, so that the two brothers can be stable. development.

   Soon, the enrollment will be three months, and the date of the mid-term competition is getting closer and closer.

   All departments started preparations early. As the time approached, the atmosphere in the academy gradually became restless, and the Internet on campus was also warming up. The masters of the three departments were all analyzed.

  Zhou Jing has joined the Wangguan Club of the Wangguan Academy before and was trained as a future leader, but he does not need to play in the mid-term competition.

   President Deng Yunjie said that the mid-term and the end of the term are the stage for the old students. The first-year students only need to be a spectator and watch the old students play in the audience, so Zhou Jing has no pressure.

   However, compared to the mid-term competition, he is looking forward to the official intersection of the D19 plane and the main world, which is exactly the same time as the mid-term competition.

  According to the newly obtained information, there are different possibilities for the relationship between the explorers and the aborigines. He can't wait to contact the explorers as an apostle and try the situation.

   As for how to distinguish explorers, in addition to getting information from the Exploration Bureau, you can also use the Tianyuan calculation of Qingliang Mountain, which may be effective.

   Zhou Jing thought to himself.


  Xinghe thirteen years, winter.

  The Great Xia Dynasty, the capital.

   Goose feathers fell heavily, and the whole city was covered in silver. Pedestrians on the street all wore felt hats and thick cotton-padded clothes.

  The imperial palace faces south and is surrounded by an inch of land and an inch of gold. Most of them are the residences of dignitaries.

   And among the many mansions and courtyards, there is a Taoist temple.

   This Taoist temple has a gold plaque with the inscription "Shenxiao Chongling Temple".

  The whole capital is unaware that this is a Taoist temple specially built by the emperor for "Shenxiao Fengling Zhenren", "Leibu Dharma Guardian Immortal", and "Tianji School Headmaster" Lingfengzi.

   Daxia has been around for nearly 200 years, and there are only a handful of Taoist priests who can be so favored by the sage. In recent decades, Lingfengzi was the only one who was almost regarded by the emperor as a confidant.

   Therefore, on weekdays, there are always many people who frequently walk around the door to fawn over, and those who enter and leave the gods and rush to the spirit view are either high officials or tyrants.

   As the reputation of the real Yufeng became more and more widely spread, there were more and more nobles from other towns coming to Beijing just to visit and visit.

   He entered Beijing in just two years, and he has completely become a living person who is praised by the world. There are even folk rumors that he is the national teacher of the dynasty.

   At this moment, Lingfengzi was standing in the courtyard, looking up at the heavy snow, reaching out to catch snowflakes from time to time.

   He is dressed in a simple and elegant Taoist robe, with a dust whisk on his hands, exuding a refined temperament.

Next to    are the accompanying disciples, all wearing black and white robes, holding paper umbrellas to cover him from the snow.

   "Master, the snow is heavy, why don't you enter the house?" A disciple said carefully.

   "If you are not in the snow, how can you appreciate the snow? Only when you are in the world can you return to nature."

   Lingfengzi's tone was indifferent.

   "That's what the Master taught." All the disciples hurriedly responded regardless of whether they understood it or not.

   At this moment, Lingfengzi's eyes changed slightly and became lively.

   At this moment, he quietly changed from the placement mode to Zhou Jing himself.

   Zhou Jing calmed down, glanced at the sky, turned his head and left.

   "What are you doing here, still not entering the house?"

   "Ah? Don't you mean to enjoy the snow between heaven and earth?"

   All the disciples were taken aback.

   Zhou Jing turned his head, pretended to be a master of the Tao, and said slowly: "The inside and outside of the house are all heaven and earth, and there are no rules.

  Grandma's, you're done talking...

   All the disciples complained in their hearts, but they did not dare to refute them, so they quickly followed, not daring to speak or ask.

   Zhou Jing sat down in the house, and a disciple brought a bowl of hot tea and served it with both hands.

   He took the tea bowl, took a sip, and glanced at the disciples present.

   These disciples were swept by his gaze, and they all straightened up subconsciously.

   Zhou Jing couldn't help but recall it, and made sure that Bill didn't set any rules for his disciples to stay in bed, so he felt at ease.

  Bill was in Ningtian and went back with the emperor. It has been two years since he entered Beijing.

   In the past two years, the number of times I went to Bill was far less than the number of times I went to Chen Feng. Most of the time, Bill was placed and acted automatically according to the plan he set.

There were some deviations during the    period, but he mostly achieved his goal.

   The most important thing is to enhance the emperor's favor. Bill has done this very well. He used the medicinal herbs to condition the emperor's body. The effect is remarkable, so he is trusted.

   In his opinion, the core reason is to successfully reinvigorate the emperor... Although this is not in his plan.

   In order to maintain the character of an expert, Zhou Jing did not intend to pick up his old business, and only refined some medicinal pills to condition his body and delay aging.

   However, because the emperor had too much enjoyment when he was young, he himself had the foci of aphrodisiac. After conditioning with medicinal herbs, his body and bones became more and more healthy. He strengthened his roots and cultivated his vitality, indirectly cured the "disease of widowhood" and revived the second spring.

   Zhou Jing was very helpless about this, and only felt that Feng Ju was killed, and the image of an expert was plainly stained with a wretched atmosphere.

   He doubted that Apostle Bill No. 3 had a hidden talent, that is, no matter what medicine he made, there was a certain chance of adding an aphrodisiac effect, and he could never escape this fate.

  What is an aphrodisiac master, it is a cure for the symptoms and the root cause!

   However, although the method is crooked, it has deepened the emperor's favor and gained a lot of royal names and treasures. This is how this Taoist temple came to be.

  I became a big celebrity in front of the emperor. Many officials couldn't sit still and came to curry favor. Their personal connections were greatly expanded. The Manchu civil and military people knew seven, seven, eighty-eight, and they could be considered celebrities.

   With the improvement of his fame and connections, his status in the Sitian prison has become more and more detached.

   Today's Si Tianjian is mainly controlled by the Jade Dingjiao family, and has been neglecting and excluding him as an uninvited guest. But as he received more and more saints, the Yuding Sect did not dare to act rashly.

   Moreover, Zhou Jing did not fight for power and profit, and the Jade Dingjiao family gradually stopped caring about him, and everyone was at peace with each other.

   In addition, Zhou Jing has already entered the gate wall of Qingliang Mountain, and he is the same generation as the contemporary leader, and has to pass on many techniques including Tianyuan.

  Because of his amazing supernatural powers and the imperial life, although he joined the Taoist sect, Qingliangshan had no requirements for him, and he was allowed to act freely.

   In order to have people available, Zhou Jing has been accepting disciples, both from wealthy families and from ordinary people.

  As the number of disciples increased, he simply founded the Tianji School, which was nominally affiliated with Qingliang Mountain. It was logical to move a bunch of Taoist classics from the mountain to teach them, saving him the effort of making up and making up.

   None of these disciples have obtained the true teaching of magic, and most of them learn some tricks.

  The real skills Zhou Jing taught them were basically only medicine and pharmacy, let them open a shantang outside to treat people, gain reputation for the sect, and at most teach some martial arts.

   Right now, the Tianji faction is well-known in the capital, with hundreds of disciples, which is a private force that he can use.

   If he can afford to support these disciples, he is naturally wealthy. He has been making money through alchemy, fasting and other activities, and all he earns is the money of the rich. Those dignitaries are very generous and willing to spend money to support him, so his family is very rich now.

   Most of these wealth have been saved as reserve funds to support Chen Feng's uprising, and more and more are accumulated.

   There is no psychological pressure on Zhou Jing to hoard the money of these big dog owners. Anyway, the money will be used on them in the end.

   "The development is very smooth. Now I can fool the emperor when I enter, disrupt the dynasty, and retreat to make friends with the powerful, and inquire about secrets... In this capital, I can be considered to have a wide network of contacts and a detached status."

   Zhou Jing sorted out Bill's experience and nodded secretly.

   Immediately, he opened the panel and checked Bill's practice results.

   After two years of cultivation in Beijing, the [Elemental Wizard] system has reached the limit of Bill's current aptitude and cannot be improved any further. The Spirit of Wind has reached the seventh level, and his power has improved by leaps and bounds.

   The wind is extremely amazing right now, and it's almost a breeze to set off a tornado, but it's easy.

After the   【Elemental Wizard】system reached the upper limit of his qualifications, he concentrated on practicing the techniques of Qingliang Mountain, especially Tianyuan Daju, which made some progress.

   With the blessing of accelerated long-term practice, his level of magic is roughly equivalent to more than ten years of hard work by a normal person, and he has been able to use it proficiently. However, due to the lack of relevant qualifications, the growth in magic has gradually stagnated, and it has also encountered a bottleneck.

   Formally practiced the spells of this world, and he found that although the strength is far lower than that of the elemental wizards, the richness of abilities is a big win.

   With the trend of "recovering vitality" in this world, these techniques have a chance to evolve into stronger methods and become real "magic powers", and the extraordinary level of this world may be upgraded by then.

   "Bill's current combat power is similar to that of immortals in this world. If he continues to develop, there is not much room for improvement. It seems that it is time to do something..."

   Zhou Jing pondered to himself.

   Just as he was thinking about it, a disciple who knew the guest walked into the room and saluted and reported:

   "Master, there are several people outside the door asking to see you."

   Zhou Jing regained his senses and said casually, "Who is coming?"

   "The leader called himself Lu Longchuan, saying that they were from Tianwangzhai and wanted to visit Master."

   Zhou Jing paused, raised his brows slightly, and recalled.

  Tianwangzhai... Since the recruitment, he has been managing bandit troubles in Taidong, Yanbei, and it has been a year and a half so far.

   Not long ago, Tianwangzhai finally pacified Yanbei and Taidong, and the emperor specially summoned them to Beijing to accept the reward.

   And the news that Bill inquired from the courtiers showed that the court intended to send Tianwangzhai to Huyang to suppress the bandits.

  Lingfengzi's identity is not like Chen Feng's mingling with Lulin, everyone is not the same person at all.

  I don’t know if the people from Tianwangzhai came to the door at this time, just to get acquainted with the meeting, or have other plans…

   Zhou Jing narrowed his eyes.

   (end of this chapter)

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