Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs - Chapter 577 The country's mountains and rivers are red

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Zhou Gui Lai was very helpless. His mom was a very modern and progressive person. But for some unknown reason, she took this matter very seriously.

So Zhou Gui Lai kept it in mind. Alright, won't marry a girl surnamed Zhong. No matter if she looks like a goddess or is as capable as a police flower, he won't get involved.

Lin Qing He was extremely grateful for his promise.

Listen to what this brat was saying. Police flower!

Wasn't that person a police flower?

Sure enough, she must take precaution. If not, one day they get entangled, it will be too late for her to be Queen Mother of Western Heaven and draw a Milky Way to separate them.

"Eat some black rice cake. Your dad recently learned to make it." Lin Qing He shared a piece of cake with him.

Zhou Gui Lai ate a piece and said, "My dad is more and more like a home daddy now. He's capable of all kind of skills."

"So marrying your dad is the most correct choice I made in my life. Your dad is a good man." Lin Qing He responded and looked at Zhou Qing Bai.

The corners of Zhou Qing Bai's mouth raised slightly. Zhou Gui Lai was fed a bite of dog food.

All right. He lost. He lost.

Zhou Gui Lai, the third child, came to play for half a month. He was basically out and about every day. At first, he had to bring Jiang Geng with him for two or three days. After that, he would basically not be at home.

He had changed a lot of film and washed out a lot of photos.

He stored them into his newly bought photo album. Jiang Geng received a share of few photos. The ones which were taken by Zhou Gui Lai when they went out together. They had asked passers-by to take pictures with them.

He had got his hands on his third brother's photos and seen what he had taken. It was everything. He even took pictures of people pulling a cart.

The guy pulling the cart was wiping sweat and showed his big white teeth with a giant smile. Zhou Gui Lai had asked for permission when taking these photos. They were delighted to be taken.

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Jiang Geng's mouth twitched as he looked at it, and said, "Third Brother, how come you take so many of these photos?"

"You don't understand. We are developing so fast now and will definitely be changing with each passing day. By then, these old scenery will not be seen. If you take photos of it now, our children and grandchildren will be able to see the 80s capital and the 80s Hai City." Zhou Gui Lai explained.

"Because of this?" Jiang Geng uttered.

"This is very valuable." Zhou Gui Lai nodded.

Jiang Geng commented, "I saw the film you bought for washing out the photos cost a lot." In one go, many films were used.

"This is nothing. I can earn it back in the future." Zhou Gui Lai disagreed. Then he patted Jiang Geng on the shoulder and said: "Brother ah, we can't care about these little money. We have to look into the long term. Look into the future, these old things are valuable. Just look at the old things from the past. Aren't they all antiques now?"

Jiang Geng couldn't find a reason to refute.

"Do you have a stamp collection?" Zhou Gui Lai asked him.

"No." Jiang Geng shook his head.

"I have, but I don't own many. I can't give it to you. If you want to see it, I can show it to you. It's all good things." Zhou Gui Lai said.

Lin Qing He, who closed her eyes to nap, opened her eyes when she heard the words and looked at him, "Third, you collected stamps? When did this start?"

"I started when I was in college. It was hard to get my hands on the old version." Zhou Gui Lai said.

"How old?" Lin Qing He raised her eyebrows.

"It's the Chairman's commemorative stamps. The quadruple set." Zhou Gui Lai triumphantly answered.

"That got large circulation. It won't be worth much money in the future." Lin Qing He told.

"There are valuable stamps?" Jiang Geng asked in puzzlement.

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"Of course there is. There is a stamp that is extremely rare now. I can't find it no matter what." Zhou Gui Lai replied.

"Which stamp?" Jiang Geng said.

"The country's mountains and rivers are red." Zhou Gui Lai told.

Lin Qing He raised her eyebrows: "You know this one?"

"I know. I have collected a lot of other stamps, but I haven't collected this stamp. I can't find it anywhere." Zhou Gui Lai helplessly expressed.

"I collected it." Lin Qing He said calmly.

That stamp was issued in 1968. Lin Qing He collected a lot of stamps shortly after coming here. At that time, she didn't hope to be able to collect that kind of stamps in a small county. Still, she was lucky enough. She didn't encounter it on the first trip. While she did, when she asked the second time.

She got four in her hand.

The prices of other stamps weren't so high. But the country's mountain and river are red was said to be worth several million in the future.

It was more valuable than the gold she had collected.

Zhou Gui Lai was stunned. His mom had actually collected a rare stamp like the country's mountain and river are red?

"Mom, why haven't I heard about this before?" Zhou Gui Lai blurted.

"What haven't heard? When you were small and ignorant, you went to the cupboard to find sweets and almost broke my stamps. I put it away at that time." Lin Qing He muttered.

Zhou Gui Lai laughed: "Wasn't I still young then? I don't even remember it."

"I kept it in my wallet. Stored it really well. If you want, I can show it to you." Lin Qing He said.

Though she was reluctant to give it, it was find to make him drool.

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"I'll go get your wallet for you, Mom!" Zhou Gui Lai yelled.

He went in and took out his mom's wallet. Lin Qing He opened it and took out one from the space. It was intact and brand new. It had been kept in her space after all.

Zhou Gui Lai's eyes were shocking: "I didn't expect that you collected it, Mom. This can't do, I got to take a picture and keep it!"

He went in to get the camera. Jiang Geng held it and said, "Godmother, is this stamp so rare?"

"It is quite rare. From the '68. Now it's 1985. Count how many years ago is it." Lin Qing He replied.

"It's been many years. Why is it still so new." Jiang Geng pointed out.

"I kept it well." Lin Qing He told.

Zhou Gui Lai had already taken out the stamps and took two photos. Only then was he content to return the stamps to his mom, "Mom, did you collect the other stamps?"

"Basically have each edition." Lin Qing He raised her eyebrows.

Admiration instantly dispalyed on Zhou Gui Lai's face: "Mom, your interest is really tasteful!"

Jiang Geng laughed at the side. His third brother was such a flatterer. Zhou Gui Lai turned to him: "God-brother, go back and prepare. I'm leaving tomorrow."

"Not staying for a few more days?" Jiang Geng had high interest in going to the capital.

"No. Second Brother would be angry. He won't trust me in the future." Zhou Gui Lai responded.

"Alright then. I'll go back and pack my things." Jiang Geng nodded.

"Just bring your English textbook. Leave the rest, since you basically won't use it." Lin Qing He told him.

"Okay." Jiang Geng responded and went back.

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