Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 1626 Finale 8 (End)

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  Chapter 1626 Finale 8 (End)

   "Yes, Xiao Aixin, come back with your aunt, don't make mom sad anymore." Quan Yu said, together with his sister, grabbing Xiao Aixin, and inadvertently conveying their abilities into Xiao Aixin at the same time.


   Suddenly, the dazzling light was released from the little love.

  The colorful light was fleeting, and at the same time stunned everyone present.

   "Little Aixin? Are you awake?" Chi Jiao asked hurriedly with unconcealed joy in her eyes.

  The surface of the little love was flowing with colorful light. After a long time, two sounds rang at the same time.


"the host."

  Bai Wanxi and Xiao Aixin's voice sounded at the same time, making Chi Jiao feel as if she had passed away.

   "Sister Wan Xi?!" Quan Jue cried in disbelief.

  Even though Bai Wanxi’s voice overlapped with Xiao Aixin’s voice, Quan Jue recognized her voice instantly.

"It's me. That day, I merged with the heart of time and the little love together, and then my consciousness merged with the little love. It takes four people who are predestined with us to appear at the same time, and the supernatural powers in their bodies can transform us. Wake up, and Jiaojiao, you are the former master of Xiao Aixin, so you can bred those four destined people. And now, when the four are finally gathered together, Xiao Aixin and I can wake up." Bai Wanxi's gentle voice , Came from my childhood love.

   "Yes, master, we have waited for a long time, and finally we can see you again! Although we have no entity, our consciousness is still there and we can always accompany the master!" Xiao Ai said excitedly.

   "Wow, it's really aunt and Xiao Aixin, you guys can really talk!" Quan Yu and Quan Xiaojiao exclaimed in unison.

   "Wait a minute, didn't you say that you need four destined people? Isn't that only two?" Xu Ye looked at the two little buns, how could she not figure out where the four destined people came from?

  "Could it be..." A bold guess came out of Quan Jue's heart, and he looked at Chi Jiao's belly.

  Chi Jiao's heart tightened, and she asked in disbelief: "Could it be that I am pregnant again?"

  Bai Wanxi and Xiao Aixin smiled at the same time, and Bai Wanxi continued: “This time, we can see the birth of the twins in your stomach. As long as the four children are there, we can always stay awake.”

"Is there a baby in my mother's belly?" Quan Yu and Quan Xiaojiao smiled at each other, their eyes full of uncovered ecstasy. They jumped from the arms of their parents and exclaimed excitedly, "Mom has a small belly. Baby, we are going to be brothers and sisters!"

  Hearing, Chi Jiao also stretched out her hand and gently covered her belly.

   Immediately afterwards, Quan Jue's hand followed and covered Chi Jiao's hand, with a gentle expression on her fingers, and together he felt the joy that he felt because of the arrival of a new life.

  The spring breeze in March is just right, and everything is the best ending.

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