Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - v9 Chapter 1083 Attack (3)

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Che Buren found that they seemed to be in crisis, because he found that with their current strength, it seemed that there was no way to get rid of Ding Chunming and the others. They will be entangled by Ding Chunming and the others all the time. If that is the case, they will be the ones who will be unlucky in the end.

If all of them really die here, then the Shadow Clan people will be finished, really finished, because the remaining Shadow Clan people are absolutely impossible to stop the army of the Blood Killing Sect. Thinking of this, the car is not benevolent. His face sank, he looked at Ding Chunming, and then he suddenly said loudly: "Gong Yeying, answer!" He has no other way now, he can only call Gong Yeying, and he can't talk too much, he Don't be too distracted. In that case, it will only give Ding Keming a chance. If Ding Chunming is really given a chance, then they will be finished. Now he only hopes that Gong Yeying can understand what he means, and can use the power of the magic circle to respond. Come on, or they'll be in danger.

Gong Yeying heard Che Buren's voice. As soon as he heard Che Buren's voice, he was stunned for a moment. Then, when he saw what happened to Che Buren and the others, his expression changed, and he immediately said loudly. : "Zhou Fuding, you blocked the attack of the Blood Killing Sect, I will come to meet Che Buren and them." Zhou Fuding and the others all responded, and then they controlled the power of the magic circle to block the Blood Killing Sect's energy beasts and steam cannons attack, and at the same time block the attack of the giant snake.

But fortunately they blocked it, because now all the shadow clansmen are inputting energy into the magic circle, and the great elder sits in the shadow **** palace, and also mobilized the power of the entire magic circle to help them, so they blocked the blood Kill Zong's attack.

At this time, Gong Yeying was mobilizing the power of the magic circle, and attacked Ding Chunming and the others. Following Gong Yeying's movements, countless black sword qi stabbed at Ding Chunming and the others. As soon as Ding Chunming saw this situation, he immediately said, "All the disciples, go back to the activated puppet." Everyone responded, and the next moment his figure disappeared and appeared in the activated puppet. In the body, but those activated puppets do not need to move, because those black sword qi, even if they attack them, are nothing special, they can recover immediately, and this is where the activated puppets are powerful.

As soon as Ding Chunming returned to the command hall, he immediately looked at the projection in the command hall. He wanted to see what happened to Che Buren and the others. At this moment, Che Buren had already loudly said: "Withdraw!" Voice, those Shadow Clan's title masters and law masters retreated directly to the fourth line of defense, and those activated puppets, because of those black sword qi attacks, could not catch up, so they could only watch them retreat. Ding Chunming and Bai Yan were not surprised, they had already thought of this result.

Looking at the activated puppets, he sighed lightly and said, "The combat power of these activated puppets is good, but they are too rigid. If our elders have the ability to activate puppets, then their combat power must be stronger. ."

Ding Chunming smiled and said: "We actually have this ability, but we are useless, our battle armor has this ability, and our puppet clone also has this ability, but we don't need it, forget it. , don't worry about them, even if those Shadow Clan people retreat, it is useless. When we compress their living space step by step, they can only fight with us in the end. Now that all the Shadow Clan people have retreated, let them activate. Let the puppet attack their magic circle, I don't think they can hold on for long." Ding Chunming was not in a hurry, he was very clear that the Shadow Clan people could not be eliminated in a day, so in his opinion, now he is in a hurry. It's no use. Sooner or later, they will have a decisive battle with these people. At that time, these people will have nowhere to run if they want to.

Bai Yan nodded, and then he said solemnly: "All activated puppets, back ten miles." Following his order, although those activated puppets didn't know why, they still backed up according to their words, and soon retreated ten miles. just stopped.

At this time, Gong Yeying and the others also saw Bai Yan's actions. When they saw Bai Yan and they retreated, Gong Yeying and the others were all stunned. Then they all looked at Ding Chunming and the others in confusion, and Gong Yeying spoke. Said: "What do these people from the Blood Killing Sect want to do? Why did they suddenly retreat? They have the upper hand. They should not retreat, but should continue to attack?"

Che Buren looked at the army of Suicide Sect who stopped again, and his face also had a trace of confusion, but then he seemed to have thought of something, and his face couldn't help but change, and he immediately said loudly: "Quick, order. All the clansmen, enter the underground space, hurry up." His voice changed a little, although a law master on the side didn't know why, but he still responded, and immediately went to send the order, and Che Bunren's eyes, However, he still stared at the army of the Blood Killing Sect, and then said: "The puppets of the Blood Killing Sect can be deformed. If they turn into a castle at one time and then collide with us, then we can stop them. Can you stay? If we can’t stop it, what will happen to our clansmen? Let’s retreat to the ground too.” After he finished speaking, he took a deep look at the army of the Blood Killer Sect, moved and flew into the underground space. Go, and Gong Yeying and their faces changed, and then they immediately flew into the underground space, and just before Gong Yeying and the others entered the underground space, the army of the Blood Killing Sect already had Variety.

Looking at the fourth line of defense of the Shadow Clan with white eyes, he then said loudly: "All activated puppets obey orders, all become sword-shaped, as large as possible, and then charge towards the fourth line of defense!" Ding Chunming was still a little uncomfortable. I understand why Bai Yan asked everyone to back up, but now he heard Bai Yan's order, he immediately understood, his face couldn't help changing, and then he looked at Bai Yan and said, "Old Bai, can this work?" Ding Chunming Still more worried, he was worried that if he did this, those activated puppets would be injured.

White eyes said solemnly: "It doesn't matter, activating the puppet's body, even if it is impacted, there will be no problem, at most it is pierced into the mountain, there will be no problem, as long as we can give their magic circle to Break through, and their fourth line of defense is over."

With the words of the two, those activated puppets have all been transformed, and they have all become giant swords. Each of these giant swords is very large. With a length of nearly a thousand meters, such a giant sword is absolutely invisible to ordinary people, and the giant swords they transform into other activated puppets are not small, and the smallest are about ten feet.

After everyone was ready, he said solemnly, "Charge!" With his voice, those activated puppets, no matter how big or small, all rushed towards the fourth line of defense of the Shadow Clan. Their speed was very fast. All with a sharp sound of breaking the wind, the sword body slid through the space, and they found the sound of the cloth being torn. The distance of ten miles was really too close for them, and it was nothing at all.

The next moment, these giant swords all stabbed into the fourth line of defense of the Shadow Clan, and the defensive array on the fourth line of defense, like the one from Paper Lake, was directly pierced by these giant swords. , even the idols of the gods of the Shadow Clan were all the same, they were all punctured, and then disappeared directly.

Afterwards, all the giant swords, like missiles, fell directly to the fourth line of defense, and heard a loud bang. On the mountains of the fourth line of defense, there were big pits one by one. , This is considered that after those giant swords fell, the powerful qi smashed the pits out of the mountain, especially those kilometer-long giant swords, the holes were even bigger.

However, they were not affected by Baiyan. Although they were in the **** battle fort, the **** battle fort became a giant sword, but they are now in the inner space of the **** battle fort, so they did not feel it. How much shaking.

After all the giant swords fell on the mountain, Bai Yan immediately said loudly: "All activated puppets, all activated Buddha power, the stronger the better." With his voice, all activated puppets, all activated their Buddha power, For a while, the Buddha's light in the fourth line of defense was soaring into the sky, and bursts of Brahma voices sounded. The black fog in the fourth line of defense was all dispelled by this Buddha's light, and the world was clear.

As for Gong Yeying and the others in the underground space, they wanted to have a close fight with the people of the Blood Killing Sect, but as soon as the Buddha's light came out, they couldn't stand it anymore. Fortunately, they had already entered the underground, otherwise it would be really troublesome. As soon as he thought of this, Gong Yeying immediately said loudly: "Retreat, everyone will immediately retreat to the fifth line of defense." All the shadow clan members immediately passed through the underground passage and retreated straight to the fifth line of defense. People will block all these passages, and they will not be left to the people of the blood killing sect.

But Baiyan and the others didn't feel Gong Yeying and the others, until Foli dispelled all the black fog here, Baiyan and the others breathed a sigh of relief, and then Baiyan said: "All the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect have entered the fourth place. One line of defense, check the situation of the fourth line of defense, Lao Zhang, build the magic circle." Everyone should say a word, and then the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect, who had been waiting at the third line of defense, flew directly to the fourth line of defense. , Zhang Hongliang immediately led his disciples to the fourth line of defense, preparing to build a magic circle here.

After doing all this, Bai Yan was relieved, but he didn't let the puppets become activated. When they turned into puppets, they still had to maintain the appearance of big swords for a while. Now they are exuding Buddha power, and the first The four lines of defense cannot stop the Buddha’s light here. Bai Yan is worried that there are still clansmen lurking here. If that is the case, then they will remove the Buddha’s light, and the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect will be in danger, so they cannot remove the Buddha’s light. , you must let those activated puppets persist for a period of time.

However, this has no effect on those activated puppets. No matter what form they exist in, it doesn't matter much. Like being in the same state, they can always remain the same, and for them, it has no effect at all.

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