Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - v9 Chapter 617 meet

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"This time against the Lie Sun Alliance, I'm afraid it can only end here, everyone should go back, remember, after you go back, you will start preparing immediately. We can't let the Hell Gate be like this for the attack on the Hell Gate. If we let the gate of **** go down like this, then the gate of **** will threaten us." Wu Wei sat in his cave, called all the other people in the Taiyi Sect Alliance, and said to them.

When everyone heard Wu Wei say this, they all nodded. None of them objected to Wu Wei's words, because Li Xia's performance just now had indeed threatened them. Wu Wei said that he had to deal with the gate of hell. .

Wu Wei glanced at everyone, then said: "The gate of **** is now the sect that threatens us the most, not just because we have hatred with them, nor just because they are very powerful, the most important one The reason is because they are too close to us. No one knows where the main hall of the gate of **** is, but now the gate of **** has been known to us. There, it is connected to us, and this is the biggest threat to us. If there are no small sects between the two large sects, there will be conflicts sooner or later, and now between us and the gate of hell, There are no small sects separated, so it is inevitable for us to conflict."

"Other sects are far away from our sects, so it is difficult for us to have conflicts because they are too far away, but the gate of **** is too close to us, one can't get it right, Between the gate of **** and us, that is a life-and-death struggle, so we have to be careful. If we can't press down the gate of hell, then it will be the gate of **** to press us. This is absolutely impossible, so We have to clean up the gates of hell, understand?"

Everyone responded at once, Wu Wei nodded and said: "Okay, let's go, let's go." Everyone responded, then they all stood up, bowed to Wu Wei, then turned and left .

After these people left, Wu Wei finally let out a sigh of relief, and then he sent a letter to Sun Qingzhu directly, telling Sun Qingsheng everything about this place, just to make Sun Qingzhu be more careful. At the same time, make them ready to deal with the gate of hell. After all, the conflict between them and the gate of **** will start soon.

After sending the letter to Sun Qingzhu, Wu Wei took out another teleportation array, then entered some content into the jade slip, put it on the teleportation array, and directly sent the jade slip out. This time Wu Wei The people who gave it were not Sun Qingzhu and the others, but Ying Clan people. He had to tell Ying Clan people that the Zhengshen League had withdrawn, so that Ying Clan people would prepare to deal with Lie Sun League.

Wu Wei is very clear that they must not let the Lie Sun League develop. If they let the Lie Sun League develop, then they will be unlucky, so they must not be able to develop in the Lie Sun League. They must destroy Zhao Hai. After destroying Zhao Hai and cleaning up the Lie Sun Alliance, they are the unlucky ones, so they must do their best to destroy Zhao Hai and the others before they develop, lest they develop, Deal with them ShadowClan. Although Zhao Hai has not done anything to the Shadow Clan people in the sect, Wu Wei believes that this is not because Zhao Hai does not want to do something to the Shadow Clan people in the sect, but because he does not want to be the enemy of the entire God Realm. , once his strength is enough, he can become an enemy of the entire God Realm, then he will definitely do something to the shadow clan people in the sect, this is a kind of intuition of Wu Wei, and he believes that his intuition is absolutely Can't go wrong.

It is precisely because of this feeling that Wu Wei made up his mind to deal with the Lie Sun League, but now he can't face the Lie Sun League, so he can only rely on the Shadow League, but fortunately, the strength of the Shadow League is stronger than Zhao's. He didn't know much about the strength of their Scorching Sun Alliance. As long as the Shadow Alliance did its best to deal with the Rising Sun Alliance, he believed that the Rising Sun Alliance would definitely not be able to withstand the attack of the Shadow Alliance.

But now there is a problem. Although the Shadow Alliance has existed in the God Realm for many years, and all the sects in the God Realm have all acquiesced in the existence of the Shadow Alliance, the Shadow Alliance still cannot be put on the bright side. If the Shadow Alliance appears On the bright side, no matter what the reason is for the sects, even if they are pretending, they have to deal with the Shadow League. The Zhengshen League has to react if it fails. There has never been such a sect, dare to be a shadow The alliance speaks, because the Shadow Alliance is indeed the enemy of the True God Alliance.

The people here in the God Realm can speak for Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai did not make any mistakes after arriving in the God Realm, so those people dared to speak for Zhao Hai, but no one dared to speak for the Shadow League. Because when the Shadow League was first established, people who attacked various sects had hatred with each sect. Later, the Zhengshen League organized all the sects to deal with the Shadow League, which suppressed the arrogance of the Shadow League at that time. , and almost destroyed the Shadow Alliance at that time, but the Shadow Alliance escaped and became stronger and stronger. In the end, even the True God Alliance had to acquiesce to the existence of the Shadow Alliance.

But acquiescing to their existence does not mean that they cannot appear in front of each sect openly. If the Shadow Alliance really appears in front of each sect, each sect must deal with the Shadow Alliance. The Shadow League wants to deal with the Lie Sun League. Even if the sects cannot send troops to help the Lie Sun League, they will try their best to give some support to the Lie Sun League in secret. Therefore, if the Shadow League wants to deal with the Lie Sun League, they must Just be careful, don't let people from other sects know that there is a degree in the middle. How to grasp this degree is very important, but these are not within Wu Wei's control.

Wu Wei is a figure in the Zhengshen League, in the Taiyizong, and even in the entire Taiyizong alliance, but he is not a high-level person in the Shadow Clan, nor can he enter the highest decision-making level. It is precisely because of this that Wu Wei Because there is no way to influence the decision of the Shadow Alliance, he can only put forward his own opinions and send some information that he knows, and nothing else can be done.

Li Xia had already returned to the resident of Hell Gate at this time, and reported the situation to Ding Chunming. Ding Chunming nodded and said, "Okay, then let's go now, inform the following disciples, we will go back immediately." Li Xia After answering, he immediately went to notify the disciples to go, and soon the disciples below were ready, and they sat directly in the teleportation array and left Dong'an Mountain.

Afterwards, Li Xia and the others left, and more and more people left Dong'an Mountain. Finally, in the entire Dong'an Mountain, only the people from the Gaowu Sect were there. They couldn't leave, and they didn't dare to leave. They were worried about the people from the Lie Sun Alliance. will take revenge on them.

Just the day after Li Xia and the others returned to Hell Gate, the people from the small sect who had been in contact with Li Xia in Dong'an Mountain came to the Wuji Evil Sect once, on the Wuji Evil Sect's territory, But there is a teleportation formation, and those few people came to the Promise Evil Sect in the teleportation formation.

As soon as Li Xia heard that the other party was coming, he immediately reported the matter to Zhao Hai. After listening to Li Xia's words, Zhao Hai thought about it, and then ordered Li Xia to take them to the small living room. There, Zhao Hai met them there.

This small living room is a small living room of the Promise Evil Sect. Zhao Hai also has a room of his own and a study room here in the Promise Evil Sect, but he is not here very much. What is the matter? Ye and the others called to the Xuanwu space and ordered them, so the Promise Evil Sect did not prepare too many things here, but the Promise Evil Sect was originally a large sect with many rooms, so there was no problem in preparing a living room.

The representatives of the small sects are now sitting in a cave house of the Promise Evil Sect. This cave house is specially prepared by the Promise Evil Sect for outsiders. If anyone wants to come to the Promise Evil Sect to do something, or come to the Promise Evil Sect to visit friends , they will be arranged here first, because the interior of the Promise Evil Sect generally does not allow outsiders to enter casually.

The representatives of the small sects are also a little uneasy now. Their sects are too small. The big one has only five law masters in the sect, and the small one has only one law master in the sect. , is their sect master, and the Promise Evil Sect is a very powerful sect, and there are three title masters in charge. Compared with their sect, such a sect is too powerful, precisely because In this way, when they arrived at the Promise Evil Sect, they were always very nervous, just worried that they would not know how the Promise Evil Sect would treat them.

They didn't even think about seeing the sect master of the Wuji evil sect, because the Wuji evil sect was too powerful. Compared with the sect masters of their sects, the sect masters of such sects were so different that the other party didn't need to see them at all. them.

While they were waiting for the news, Li Xia came, and when they saw Li Xia coming, the representatives of the sects immediately saluted Li Xia, and Li Xia returned a salute and said, "Everyone, please come along. I'm here, our Sect Master wants to meet a few."

When a few people heard Li Xia say this, they were stunned for a moment, but then they became nervous, and one of them immediately said, "Elder Li? Your sect's sect master is meeting us? Wouldn't we be too rude? "He really didn't expect that Zhao Hai would meet him, so he was a little flustered, that's why he said this, and the other people also behaved like this.

Looking at them, Li Xia couldn't help laughing and said: "It's okay, everyone don't need to be nervous, our sect master just wants to meet a few people and talk to you, come, come with me, don't make the sect master wait for a long time. It's over." When the few heard what Li Xia said, they hurriedly responded, and then they followed Li Xia, walked out of the cave, and flew to the Promise Evil Sect.

After a while, Li Xia took them to the outside of the living room. The door of the living room was open, and Zhao Hai was not there. After Li Xia brought a few people in, he asked them to sit down, and then a female disciple brought tea. At this time, Zhao Hai also walked in from outside the door. Zhao Hai is now dressed in black with a mask on his face. As soon as Li Xia saw Zhao Hai, he immediately saluted Zhao Hai and said, "See the sect master." Hearing what Li Xia said, he quickly stood up and saluted Zhao Hai, "See you, Sect Master Hell!"

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