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After this conversation, Yi Xiao joined Rowe's new navy and served as a general in the new navy.

Yes, the new navy established by Rowe has the same structure as the navy under the World Government.

Originally, there were only two generals, one was Kuzan and the other was Yamato.

Although Yamato is a member of the Injustice League, in the eyes of others, Yamato and Kuzan are both generals of the new navy,

So Luo Wei simply let Yamato join the new navy as a general, codenamed Ice Dog.

People in the new navy thought that the reason why Rowe gave Yamato such a nickname was disgusting Akainu.

But it really isn't.

Although Yamato is the Flash, he is also the form of the phantom beast of the animal-type Devil Fruit Dog and Dog Fruit.

Yamato in human-beast form can even spit out freezing attacks.

So Luo Wei gave him the nickname of an ice dog, which can be said to be worthy of the name.

After joining with a smile, Luo Wei's new navy generals became three people.

Luo Wei gave the code name Fujitora a smile by the way. Anyway, in the original plot, Fujitora was originally the code name of a smile.

He also contacted Morgans and asked Morgans to publish this matter and spread it all over the world.

Most organizations, including the World Government, knew that there was another general under Rowe's hands.

Code name Fujitora.

So a smile homeopathic became the object of everyone's discussion.

After the war on the top, the navy suffered heavy losses. So far, the three missing generals have not been filled, but no one thought that the first person to raise the quota of the three generals turned out to be the new navy.

The first two generals of the new navy, Kuzan, were already famous all over the world, and Yamato was even more famous during the war when he knocked the Warring States away with one blow.

Everyone knows that these two people really have the strength of generals.

And now this suddenly appeared Fujitora can be as famous as two people, and he is definitely a monster.

So all the forces began to frantically inquire about Fujitora's news.

Luo Wei didn't care about this. His strength had reached the point of Yi Xiao, and there was no obvious shortcoming. Even if they inquired about any news, it was impossible to cause danger to Yi Xiao.

Therefore, not long after Yi Xiao joined Luo Wei's camp, Luo Wei dispatched him and took some of them to the first half of the Great Route to expand their territory.

He and Kuzan, one left and one right, set out to conquer the kingdoms and islands of the Great Route.

And all of this was seen in the eyes of the people of the World Government.

Of course they couldn't just watch Luo Wei unify the great route, which was not in the interests of the world government.

The five old stars gathered together to discuss this matter.

"The new navy is getting more and more excessive and must be eliminated as soon as possible."

"Last time we met with Lord Yimu, Lord Yimu has promised to activate the King of Heaven and completely wipe out the Chambord Islands, but we need time."

"We must curb the development of the new navy during the time when Uranus was launched."

"I think the most frightening thing about the new navy is not its strength, but their thinking. Once this kind of thinking is flooded, the whole world will be destroyed. The new navy is more dangerous than the revolutionary army."

"So, we have to completely cut off their minions before the new navy's thinking is completely flooded. Stop their thinking from spreading and spreading."

"Morgans has been jumping more and more recently, and has been involved with the new navy. I think it is necessary to completely eradicate Morgans and take the World Economic News Agency in my own hands."

"I agree with the proposal."

"I agree."

"As long as we master the World Economic News Agency, the spread of the new navy's ideas can be curbed, and at the same time, it is necessary for us to eradicate the minions of the new navy."

"Who do you want to eradicate?"

"Kuzan, he is a traitor who defected from the navy. As long as we get rid of Kuzan, we can give a warning to all the navies and tell them that the world government will never allow traitors to appear."

"So this time, we're going to wipe out Morgans and Kuzan."

"These two are not easy to deal with, especially Kuzan."

"It's time to dispatch cp0, let them make preparations, and kill Morgans and Kuzan as soon as possible."

"I agree."

"Just do it."

In the end, the Five Old Stars unanimously approved the proposal and dispatched cp0 to eradicate Kuzan and Morgans.

And all this, Luo Wei was at a loss.

He is now in his office, meeting a high-level executive who has just come from the Navy.

Black Wrist Zefa.

Not long ago, the former admiral and the instructor of the naval boot camp suddenly came to the Chambord Archipelago. The soldiers of the Chambord Archipelago naturally did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly notified Luo Wei.

So Luo Wei received the famous former general in his office.

And this former admiral came to the Chambord Islands this time, not to fight with Rowe, but to bring his students to join Rowe's new navy.

This is also the reason why Luo Wei met Zefa in the office.

Luo Wei poured a cup of tea for the Zefa and asked, "Did you come here this time, did the navy make a decision that is difficult for you to accept?"

Zefa nodded, "Yes, in order to curb the development of the new navy, the Navy decided to absorb Edward Weibull as one of the Seven Wuhais. This decision is absolutely unacceptable to the old man."

"Edward Weibull, the navy who called himself Whitebeard II and cut off your arm, right?"

Zefa was a little surprised, "I didn't expect Luo Wei, you even know this."

Luo Wei said: "You are also one of the most powerful figures in the sea. I know the information related to you, it is not surprising."

Zefa thought about it too. He didn't bother about this, and asked, "I don't know if the leader of Luo Wei is willing to accept the old man. UU read"

"Accept, why not." Luo Wei said calmly: "Anyone who is willing to build a new world with me is my comrade, and I have no reason not to accept it."

Zefa said in surprise: "But I heard that you rejected a lot of people."

Luo Wei responded: "That's because these people have wives, children, young and old. Once they die in battle, it is a family that will be destroyed. They die happily, but it is their family who suffers."

"So, I shut them out."

"Of course, the most important thing is that there are too many uncaring people these days. They have lost family members and friends for various reasons, so they are more eager to build a brand new world, so that their own tragedies will never happen again."

"So, I will now give priority to recruiting this group of people."

After listening to Zefa, he fell into silence, because he didn't know how to evaluate Rowe's actions.

But that didn't stop him from joining Rowe's new navy.

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