Cultivation Online - Chapter 1033 - Ancestral Tablet (2)

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Chapter 1033 – Ancestral Tablet (2)

“Good heavens, the winner of the tournament will have a chance to marry Princess Meiya? This means that the winner will not only become the next Colossal, but he will also join the royal family! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!”

The giants there were extremely excited.

“Princess Meiya? Is that her real name?” Huang Xiao Li mumbled in a pondering voice.

“Forget about her name. I am more interested in her figure.” Yuan suddenly said.

“H-Her figure?! So you like women with that kind of body, huh?” Huang Xiao Li said as she stared at Meiya’s hourglass body.

“Huh?” Yuan raised his eyebrows. “No, that’s not what I am talking about. I’m wondering why her physique resembles that of a human when her father is that massive.”

“Ah, I heard that female giants naturally have a smaller frame than male giants. Furthermore, I doubt that’s her real size. The royal family has a body refining technique that can alter their body size.” Huang Chen explained.

“I see… That’s why Giant Emperor Kulas shrunk in size when I saw him again…”

Sometime later, those who wanted to participate in the tournament started testing their strength against the Ancestral Tablet.


A 21 meter-tall giant stood before the Ancestral Tablet and punched it with all of his might, causing the entire thing to tremble.

However, that was all. The strike was strong enough to make the Ancestral Tablet tremble, but it wasn’t strong enough to cause any damage to it.

“I-Impossible…” The giant muttered in a dazed voice as he stared at the spot he’d just punched, seemingly in disbelief.

“Get out of the way, you weakling!” The giant behind him suddenly pushed him aside and punched the Ancestral Tablet as well.


The Ancestral Tablet shook violently.

The giant removed his fist from the rock with a confident smile on his face, but when he couldn’t see any cracks on the Ancestral Tablet, his complexion paled.

“Hahaha! Don’t open your mouth if you have no strength to back it up! Get out of my way!”

One by one, both giants and humans would take their chances at the Ancestral Tablet.

However, even after going through hundreds of participants, not a single person has managed to damage the Ancestral Tablet.

An hour later, someone finally managed to damage the Ancestral Tablet, and it was a female giant.

“S-She really did it! She cracked the Ancestral Tablet!” The judge overseeing it announced after seeing the small crack on the rock.

Shortly after the female giant cracked the Ancestral Tablet, the damage actually restored itself until it looked brand new.

‘What interesting material…’ Yuan thought to himself, and he imagined making an armor out of it.

Sometime later, after thousands of people had gone on the stage, Yuan finally decided it was his turn to approach the stage.

However, the moment he stepped on the stage, Giant Emperor Kulas’ voice resounded, “You don’t need to qualify for the tournament, Tian Yang. You’ll participate in the tournament regardless of your result.”

“…” Yuan turned to look at Giant Emperor Kulas with raised eyebrows.

“Is he the rumored rival of His Majesty? I heard about him.”

“Me too… I wonder how strong he is…”

The people there mumbled to each other.

“Even if you say that, I want to test my strength.” Yuan suddenly said.

Giant Emperor Kulas narrowed his eyes and pondered for a moment before silently nodding his head.

Yuan approached the Ancestral Tablet the next moment and prepared to strike it.

After taking a deep breath, Yuan punched the Ancestral Tablet with all of his strength.


The entire arena shook when Yuan’s fist landed on the Ancestral Tablet.

It was clear to everyone there that Yuan’s strike was the strongest thus far. However, when Yuan removed his fist from the Ancestral Tablet, everyone was shocked to see not even the slightest crack on it.

Giant Emperor Kulas’ narrowed his eyes at the Ancestral Tablet.

‘Not bad…’ A smile appeared on his face for some reason.

Yuan stared at the rock with a pondering face, and without saying anything, he turned around and walked off the stage.

“Looks like we have overestimated that human. He couldn’t even do anything to the Ancestral Tablet. He doesn’t qualify to participate in the tournament, but since His Majesty gave him special treatment, he’ll still be able to enter… How unfair.”

The giants there complained amongst themselves in a low voice, especially those that had failed to pass the qualifications. They despised Yuan for being allowed to participate in the tournament even though he clearly didn’t qualify.

However, nobody there dared to complain out loud.

Sometime later, after several more people struck the Ancestral Tablet, the 13th person to go after Yuan’s turn shocked everybody there with his results.

“H-He shattered the Ancestral Tablet! How is that possible?!”

“Holy heavens! I have never seen anything like this before!”

“Who is that man?! His prowess must be near His Majesty’s level if he could destroy the Ancestral Tablet!” The spectators were in shock.

It was not just the spectators. Even the person who destroyed the Ancestral Tablet appeared to be quite shocked by the results.

Unbeknownst to these people, Yuan’s strike had destroyed the core of the Ancestral Tablet during his turn, severely weakening the Ancestral Tablet, hence why this random person was able to shatter the rock even though his strike wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Of course, Giant Emperor Kulas was aware of this, but he didn’t say anything.

“What should we do now, Your Majesty? The Ancestral Tablet is broken and it’ll take some time to prepare a new one.” The judge asked him.

“There’s no need. 40 people have passed the qualifications— that is more than enough. We will end the qualification here and begin the tournament.”


Once the stage was clean again, Giant Emperor Kulas called all 40 participants onto the stage.

The majority of the participants were unsurprisingly giants. As for humans, there were only four of them that had qualified, including Yuan.

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