Douluo See You For a Long Time - Chapter 1567 Ye Xishui's displeasure

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Is helping Ma Huayun beneficial to the development of the situation? The answer is obviously yes, no matter how dark the big capitalists are, they are stronger than the big feudal lords, and the progress of society is generally beneficial to Chengying and them. Power no longer belongs to individuals. will be continuously diluted.

In this way, Ma Huayun's motives are no longer important, whether it is really to protect his wife and children, or to worry about the loss of his property, it doesn't matter.

After analyzing the pros and cons, Chengying decided immediately to set out to help Ma Huayun deal with the threat of the Holy Spirit Cult, but there was a problem, this time, the opponent they faced was Limit Douluo. If you don't use large weapons, you want to fight an opponent of this level. It was necessary for Jake to do it himself.

Otherwise, in terms of individual combat power, Cheng Ying, who has simply undergone a certain mechanical transformation, is not Ye Xishui's opponent.

"Well... Are you sure that in the fierce battle, you can still control your radiation. Will it not affect the pond fish and cause a large-scale ecological extinction?" Chengying looked at Yake worriedly.

If his radiation and life field are released uncontrollably, within a radius of hundreds of miles, it may become barren, and even in the next few hundred years, this place will become a forbidden area for life.

Yake shook his head: "Don't worry, even if it is a fierce battle, I will release it, and the radiation will affect the people near my body at most. If the distance is less than 1km, it will basically not suffer much harm.

What's more, the enemies we face this time are a group of anti-social houses, even though they have been imbued with the name of evil soul masters. To a certain extent, the reason was that they were ostracized and slandered by the orthodox soul masters, but it is fair to say that under the judgment of most laws, the death penalty is not an exaggeration.

I think it shouldn't be a problem if it affects them during the battle. "

Cheng Ying sighed, there was some truth in what he said, so he agreed with Yake to take the shot himself.

After learning that his two teachers actually planned to help him solve the problem in person, Ma Huayun showed an overjoyed expression. When he wanted to come, his two mysterious and powerful teachers took action. Hard to get them.

Although thinking this way, there is some overconfidence in it, but if you don't consider the realm of the gods, on this continent, there are very few things that can beat them.

"Let's go! It's not too late, let's go now, you were looted, where is the occupied factory? It's too troublesome to go there between us, trying to find the evil soul master's lair directly, let's go and chop its outstretched claws. Well, he will find it naturally."

Chengying didn't take the transportation that Ma Huayun used when he came here. Although the speed of the newest tool such as the soul guide car is not slow, the speed of advancing on the ground is still too worrying.

The two came to the top floor of the underground base with a confused Ma Huayun. Here, there is a streamlined stealth fighter, which is full of science fiction from any angle.

The excellent aerodynamic shape may look eccentric, but it is full of a strange aesthetic. That is the beauty of mathematics.

Yake patted the fighter plane and said: "Get on the plane, you will show us the way, and we will take you there. But the two of us will not shoot with our real identities. We will pretend to be other masters on the mainland, and you will too. Don't reveal our identities, it's not a good thing to be in the limelight on this continent.

You can see what happens to you. Ordinary people like you can pay someone to protect you, but if you are too showy, you will be targeted. "

Ma Huayun can understand the mentality of his two teachers. People are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong. If he is too famous, he is often easily targeted, even if he does not know the existence of the God Realm. Also know the benefits of being low-key.

Just after having money, in the final analysis, I can’t help but feel a little flabbergasted. I didn’t estimate the gap between my own strength and the Sun Moon Empire, I didn’t coordinate my own internal strength, and I didn’t establish a perfect grassroots organization, so I just wanted to rely on it. It is almost impossible to become a big trust that monopolizes the entire continent.

Ma Huayun timidly climbed onto the fighter plane and found that it didn't look big from the outside, but the space inside the plane was actually not small. And it feels quite comfortable to do it in, and the chair fits your back perfectly.

Ergonomics is of great significance to mechanical design. No matter how gorgeous a tool is made, if it is not easy to use, it is not a qualified product.

After the three of them boarded the fighter plane one after another, the transparent hatch above was closed, the engine roared, and the strong push back pushed Ma Huayun tightly against the chair. He only felt the scenery outside the window, retreating quickly, although The flight process was very smooth, with little tremors, but it was the first time that he experienced such a high-speed flight, which still made him tremble.

From the outside, the fighter plane has just taken off, and it has entered stealth. Even the gods cannot find the location of the plane.

Start from Shrek Academy in the center of Douluo Three Kingdoms. It took less than half an hour to fly towards the Sun and Moon Empire. It came to the sky above the Sun and Moon Empire. The speed of the fighter plane slowly decreased, allowing Ma Huayun to see the picture on the ground and quickly find where he was going by comparing the map.

It should be mentioned here that although the Douluo people's mathematics is ridiculously poor, they are still quite detailed in map drawing. This is not because of their strong surveying and mapping skills, but because of the titled Douluo level powerhouse. Can fly to very high altitudes. And stable hover here.

Relying on their strong eyesight, they can draw a very accurate map in the sky, and put together many pieces of the map like a puzzle, and finally get a very accurate map of the continent.

Maybe the first-generation map still has a lot of deviation, but after generations of revisions and supplements of the titled Douluo-level powerhouse, in terms of the map, it still appears to be quite accurate.

This makes it more or less convenient for the two of them to find where they want to go. Although Ma Huayun's factory is nominally a factory, its management system is not as advanced as a modern production line, so it is better than a manual factory. But the scale is already quite small.

Looking down from the sky, it is quite a large group of buildings, and the fighter plane hovers in the air. Ma Huayun and Chengying were left in the fighter plane, while Yake jumped off and came to the factory to make a little noise.

Although he fell from an altitude of several thousand meters, relying on the manipulation of gravity, when he landed, he was silent, as light as a feather.

Even the people around them didn't notice that there was already one more person here. The workers in the factory had long since fled to where they had fled. The existence of evil soul masters on the mainland is the type that can stop children from crying at night. The deterrent power for ordinary people is unparalleled. As long as they hear the name of the evil soul master, most ordinary people will be scared and flee.

And here, it has been occupied by members of the Holy Spirit Cult, and now there are many evil soul masters going in and out here, carrying the materials in the warehouse. Although it has only been produced here for a month, the efficiency of the assembly line operation is incomparable with the efficiency of the previous soul master workshop. Even if only for a short period of a month. There is still a lot of wealth accumulated here.

Soul masters also need money. Even Evil Soul Masters couldn't hand over the wealth they had obtained. After driving away the master here, they took the wealth here as their own. Even the workers here are regarded as slaves they have captured.

Those workers who did not have time to escape were all chained, driven by whipping like livestock, and marched forward like dead bodies behind the carriage.

They are very clear that they have no future, and being captured by the evil soul master, death is already the best ending.

But even if they were extremely frightened, they did not dare to resist. Countless experiences in history told them that resisting spirit masters, yes, would definitely not end well.

An eleven- or twelve-year-old evil spirit master child who had just obtained the second spirit ring slammed his whip fiercely at the workers who were chained, with a happy smile on his face.

The power of the evil soul master is not evil, just like guns are not evil, but the person who shoots the gun is evil, but they live in this environment all the year round. Even the baptism of this distorted worldview at birth, no matter how pure a child is, in this environment, it is impossible to get out of the mud without being stained.

Looking at this scene with a frown, Yake raised his gravitational pull and pulled the whip-wielding child up and threw it violently towards the square in the distance. The screams of the young spirit master caught the attention of all the evil spirit masters present, and only then did they notice that there was already an uninvited guest in the square.

So they all turned their heads and looked at Yake with hostile eyes.

The image that Yake used at this time was not Huo Yuhao's appearance, but a muscular man with green skin.

In the face of the sturdy Yake, he found another man who looked like a foreman and stood up from the pile of supplies with a sneer: "Another guy who wants to be famous, wants to be crazy, and doesn't ask who we are? We are not the evil soul masters you call it. Look carefully! We are the Holy Spirit Cult, the legal religion registered by the Sun Moon Empire, the Protector of the Nation Cult! Haha! Brothers, chop him up for me! I will make it a living person Puppet! Those sturdy muscles! It's really addicting."

Yake instinctively felt that the last two sentences of this guy were quite bad. Although there was no possibility of losing, being YY by a skinny ugly man still gave people goosebumps.

So at the moment when everyone started, Yake chose his homework and the first attack target.

The simple and unpretentious punch turned the air into liquid, and punched it from the air, the skinny Evil Soul Master seemed to be hit by a locomotive suddenly from the front, and those who had no resistance were knocked into the air. go out.

This scene immediately stunned the other spirit masters who rushed up. They would be there for a while, neither entering nor retreating. However, Jacques will not stop. When he punched him, he kept his hand. The one who was in charge of the affairs just now had a soul Douluo cultivation base. When he punched him, he was only seriously injured, and he was fleeing at this time.

It is enough to leave him alive to escape and report the letter, as for the others, there is no need to keep alive.

Yake has lived for nearly 400 years. On weekdays, his personality is relatively mild. When he can reason, he will basically be reasonable, but if he is facing a guy who completely ignores human nature, then there is no need to be reasonable. .


Thunder exploded from him. Facing these enemies who were not even Titled Douluo, Yake chose the most efficient way to kill the enemy, that is to directly stimulate their nerves with electric current, causing cardiopulmonary arrest.

It consumes less energy and causes less damage. It will not affect the ordinary people they arrest, and it will not leave a single survivor.

The explosion of the thunder did not bring about such a gorgeous light and shadow effect, and even the person who was hit did not feel much pain, but the body was slightly numb, and they could not move at all.

The heart stopped beating, causing them to scratch their chests in pain, but to no avail. Just a few breaths, they were powerless to continue struggling, fell to the ground in pain and twitched, losing their breath of life.

Although their death looks unsettled, there is absolutely no trauma other than their own scratching.

Contra, who thought he had escaped by chance, looked back and saw that his younger brothers died on the spot without resisting at all. He was so frightened that he ran faster under his feet, and disappeared on the horizon in no time. end.

More than 500 members of the Holy Spirit Sect were wiped out. Although 300 of them were ordinary people, the death of nearly 200 Spirit Masters was still a considerable loss.

Especially the enemy that appeared this time, the last attack method of UU Reading is extremely strange, you instantly kill hundreds of people, and it is silent, you must know that among these hundreds of people, the highest cultivation base is enough With enough Soul Douluo, he couldn't do a little bit of resistance, even an ordinary Title Douluo thought he could do it.

After a simple analysis, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the people who came to attack this time will not be lower than level 97, and may even be higher.

To solve this problem smoothly, it is almost impossible not to use the elders of the Holy Spirit Cult, Ye Xishui slapped the table. His face was sullen, that factory was originally in charge of himself. At that time, he also shot a titled Douluo in an instant, and there was still someone who didn't have a long eye to pick things up. It was obvious that he didn't take her seriously.

"I'll solve this matter. I'll see what kind of guy who doesn't have long eyes. He dares to run wild on my mother's territory." After saying that, Ye Xishui left the venue and headed to the factory. , to resolve this matter.

Seeing this scene, Long Xiaoyao sighed helplessly, and followed silently behind him to ensure that Ye Xishui would not have an accident this time.

【To be continued】

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