Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 681 - Tied for First Place

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Chapter 681: Tied for First Place

The little boy was holding the notebook which was bigger than his face while saying, “Jiang Tingxu, look!

Whilst his father at the side seemed to ignore it.

Jiang Tingxu obviously saw the thing in her son’s hand and deliberately asked,

“Hey, isn’t this the reward that Xiao Pang just received? Why is it with you?”

The little guy kept nodding his little head like a chick pecking at rice,

“Yes, Xiao Pang gave it to me.”

It seemed that the relationship between the two children was really good. She rubbed his son’s little face and said,

“Xiao Pang gave the reward to you. What about him?”


Sure enough, the expression on the little guy’s face froze:

“Then… then…”

This question seemed to have never crossed his mind, so he couldn’t respond for a moment.

Jiang Tingxu couldn’t help but laugh seeing this. Xiao Pang’s mother, on the other hand, smiled and said,

“It’s fine, no worry. Xiao Pang likes Ningning very much. At home, he often whispers in my ear that he wants to give his favorite toy to Ningning.”

Xiao Pang’s mother finished speaking, and Xiao Pang chimed in,

“That’s right, that’s right! My mother is right. I have a lot of toys at home. My father buys them for me every time he comes home. Next time, I’ll give my favorite Transformer to Mo Zhining!”

Before Jiang Tingxu could say anything, the little guy answered first,

“I have a lot of toys at home too. There are a few Transformers. Xiao Pang gave this to me. Next time, it’ll be my turn to give Xiao Pang a gift!”

Well, then there would be a receive and a return.

Since the two children had already agreed, the parents would definitely not object to anything.

Jiang Tingxu pulled her son up again and said,

“Ningning, say goodbye to Auntie Lu. We have to leave now.”

Hearing that they had to leave, the little boy was very happy. He waved his hand and said,

“Goodbye, Auntie Lu.”

Xiao Pang’s mother was quite reluctant to see them leaving,

“Do you have to leave now? How about staying a little longer?”

Jiang Tingxu coughed and smiled,

“His father has some urgent work to deal with. Xiao Pang’s mother, see you next time.”

“Alright then, see you next time.”

The family of three’s early leaving attracted the attention of the parents surrounding. But no one dared to go near them and ask.

Mo Boyuan opened the car door and directly picked the little guy into the car, as if he was not throwing his own son, but a piece of dog poop!

And when it was his wife’s turn, he was so much a gentleman, putting his hand to cover on her head,

“Honey, be careful.”

The double standard treatment was so different.

Jiang Tingxu’s ears turned red in shyness. She didn’t respond but just got into the car.

The man chuckled and closed the car door.

At the moment, Miss Xiang ran over,

“Mr Mo!”

“Teacher Xiang?”

Teacher Xiang ran all the way over, panting,

“Father Mo, this is the reward for Mo Zhining getting the first place yesterday. I almost forgot to give it to you. I’m really sorry.”

With a glance at the reward, Mo Boyuan could already guess that this box was not ordinary.

Otherwise, why would the reward from yesterday only be given now?

Moreover, it was wrapped so tightly!

Facing the scrutinizing gaze of the tycoon’s son, teacher Xiang could not resist it any longer.

Hiss ~

As expected of the legendary tycoon’s son!

Just his gaze alone made her not dare to breathe loudly, and her back broke out in cold sweat.

However, the mission that the principal had personally given her had to be completed.

“Father Mo, Yesterday, Mo Zhining and Xiao Pang were tied for first place in the mountain climbing. The rewards are the same!”

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