Dr. Jiang’s Daily Adversities - Chapter 682 - Mature Love

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Chapter 682: Mature Love

Of course, Mr. Xiang understood what this person meant, so he began to explain.

Mo Boyuan took it while his expression was cold:

“Sorry for bothering you.”

Teacher Xiang left quickly as if his feet were smeared with oil. After he was left for quite some distance away, he stopped and took a few deep breaths.

Mo Boyuan had already gotten into the car. He handed the thing to the little kid in the back seat:

“Your reward of climbed the mountain yesterday.”

The little kid got no reaction when he received it. He stared at the man in front of him, and then he looked at his mother beside him. His eyes blinked repeatedly.

“Do you want to open it and take a look?”

The little kid had finally recovered from his daze, and he nodded heavily:


The box was wrapped delicately. At the lower end of the box was the brand logo of WBL.

However, when he opened the box, there was another layer of packaging inside it.

The little guy continued to open the box happily. After all, no one could stop the excitement of opening up a gift!

When the last layer of packaging was opened up, the happy little kid was instantly dumbfounded. In the end, his face was filled with disappointment.

“How can it be a pen?”

Shouldn’t it be a toy or something else?

A pen was such a high-class thing. A child from kindergarten wouldn’t be able to use it. Moreover, it was a WBL pen. It could cost a few thousand or even tens of thousands.

Xiao Ningning was able to recognize that it was a pen at a glance. Of course, this was because everyone at home, including the Old Master Mo, his biological grandparents, and his father, usually used it.

After seeing it many times, it was easy to tell at a glance.

Children might not be able to understand. But as an adult, they could not understand?

Obviously, the school had specially prepared this present.

Moreover, there was a 100% guarantee that the initial reward was definitely not a fountain pen!

“No worry, Xiao Pang also had one.”

Since the two children were the same, there was no need to struggle anymore.

As long as Xiao Pang’s mother was not stupid, she would not spread this matter around.

In short, the school only wanted to do a favor and sent it to Mo Boyuan.

This kind of issue was not the first or second time.

Basically, it could be a habit.

The car started and left.

Along the way, the little kid was very energetic. It was probably a talent of the children. He always had endless energy.

Jiang Tingxu felt a little bit sleepy, but she held it in.

In the following month, she would not be able to meet her son. As she thought of it, how could she fall asleep?

She was too worried:

“Mo Boyuan, take good care of Ningning.”

The man was driving while he heard the solemn instructions of his wife. However, the content of the instructions was…

The steering wheel almost tilted. Fortunately, it was pulled back in time.

“I got it.”

Was there a need to be so worried about that skunk kid?

There were so many people around, yet they couldn’t take care of a child?

Also, why was she only worried about that skunk kid?

“Honey, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Why weren’t you worried about your husband?

Jiang Tingxu wasn’t stupid. How could she not understand the meaning behind his words?

She rolled her eyes several times:


Why was this man getting more and more childish?

So far, Jiang Tingxu still couldn’t understand it. A man who had been mature and calm to the outsiders, shown his childish side in front of her. This could only mean that he loved her deeply.

People in love were often unreasonable. No matter how mature they were, once they fell in love, they would become fools!

On the other hand, if your lover was perfect and mature forever, then you have to worry whether he really loves you or not!

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