Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei - Chapter 4201 Mohuang advances

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His father, who had always loved him, showed such a grim face that he only found it difficult to breathe.

"You can do it!" said Bi Fang, the patriarch.

Little Princess Bi Fang has no room for rejection at all. One has no strength and two, she has no soul power.

The contract was simply and rudely erased by Mu Qianxi, and the whole bird seemed to have lost its soul.

"Hi—" Ji Tianbai, who was far away in the realm of the gods, suddenly felt a tingling in his soul.

An irrelevant slave contract with Bi Fang disappeared, not because Bi Fang died, but was violently torn off by the beastmaster.

"There is a beastmaster who dares to harm me!" All the beastmasters with stronger soul power than him are on the special attention list.

Little Princess Bi Fang seems to have no nostalgia for this world anymore, her whole body is burning with flames, and she really died!

Patriarch Bi Fang only felt a smell of sweetness in his throat. Their Bi Fang family is really a sinner, why did such a bad thing come out?

"It's good to be dead! It's good to be dead!" He said so, but after all, it was his own daughter!

Patriarch Bi Fang has become even more vicissitudes!

Bi Fangniao spontaneously ignited, turned into ashes, and returned to heaven and earth.

At this time, Bi Fangniao said: "Patriarch, there is a guest coming from the Peacock family."

They came across the passage of Dark Sky Island, so the three peacocks were going to visit here to see what was going on here.

The five-star super beast is also very domineering in strength, and his attitude is naturally polite.

It's just that after they arrived at the Bi Fang family, they saw a familiar voice.

"Qianxi, you... you are actually here!"

Mu Qianxi smiled and said, "I heard that there are peacocks of the five-star super-divine beast level, so you know it's you?" "Of course! We are the last three peacocks of the super-divine beast level. You don't even come back to the dark realm. We have come to the Dark Sky Island? Whether it is a bird or other bird, it is not as good-looking as us." White Peacock

He is very proud of his appearance.

They don't rely on their faces to eat, they don't get angry.

Patriarch Bi Fang said, "Do you know Mr. Mu?"

"Of course we know each other! It's almost impossible to know each other any more, okay?"

They were very angry when they asked Qianxi what happened on the island.

"Qianxi, you are so low-key! As long as you show your identity, how dare they cheat you like this? There are also guys like Birds, who can be locked in the tower directly!"

The hearts of Bi Fangniao jumped, and they had an ominous premonition. They asked, "Isn't Mr. Mu a magician, a pharmacist and a beast-controller? What else is there?"

Old Bai said: "Qianxi is the contractor of the eternal darkness to dominate the adults. What do you say?"

They felt weak in their legs and could not stand still.

No wonder the power of the dark element of Master Mu is so powerful, it turns out that she is another master of the dark domain.

The news that shook the entire Dark Sky Island spread throughout the island.

Some birds were horrified, while others were very happy.

"The Lord of Eternal Darkness has not forgotten the Dark Sky Island, and let the Muda come to the Dark Sky Island to save us from this crisis!"

"Master Mu turned out to be the contractor of the Lord of Eternal Darkness. No wonder he is so powerful, and the people around him are also super powerful."

"Dare to covet our Dark Sky Island, the Protoss is really looking for a dead end, and our Lord of Eternal Darkness is back."

"Oh my God! We are so rude to such an adult, even if all the feathers are plucked out, we deserve it."


Patriarch Bi Fang asked Lord Feilian to talk alone, "We offended Mr. Mu, she is kind to us, and it's not enough to just give some elixir, so I think..."

"I know, give the dark element Neidan left by the eternal darkness master to Master Mu! Her contracted beast, the Dark Mohuang, is the most suitable thing for it. It can help it improve its strength and transform it smoothly." Lian nodded.

They coincided, so they opened the seal together, took out the inner alchemy, and went to see Qianxi.

"Mr. Mu, this is a gift for Little Mohuang. It is very helpful. Please accept it."

Mu Qianxi took the box and opened it, which contained beads filled with the power of dark elements.

There is the power of the familiar dark element, the power of darkness.

Xiao Momo also flew out, and this bead was very attractive to it.

Mu Qianxi smiled and said, "Xiao Momo likes it, then I'll accept it!"

She handed the beads to Xiao Momo, who swallowed them in one bite.

Fei Lian and Bi Fang Patriarch said: "It's about to advance, let's protect the law! All other birds stay out of the way, don't interfere!"

The power of the powerful dark element is indeed rapidly improving the strength of Xiao Momo.

Wudi and Xiaohong said: "This is indeed a good thing, and they are quite willing! With this little Momo, he can be promoted to the three-star super beast very smoothly, but..."

Smooth is smooth, Tianlei probably will not be idle!

The Dark Sky Island instantly turned dark, and lightning flashed in the sky, making Patriarch Bi Fang and Fei Lian feel inexplicable.

"Just being promoted to three-star is not a transformation, can this also attract thunder calamity?"

"There are so many birds on our island, and this kind of thing has never happened to be promoted to three stars!"

"The only dark ink phoenix in the world, maybe not the same as us!"

Fei Lian said impatiently: "What are you still doing? Hurry up and find a lightning protection Noble Phantasm!"

"I'm looking for someone with the thunder attribute to form an array to block the thunder. Little Mohuang is so small, how can it stop such a terrifying thunder penalty?"


As if facing the enemy, everyone started to prepare tools in a hurry.

Mu Qianxi said: "Don't worry, everyone, I have experience in dealing with this matter, you all spread out and stay away."

"This..." Fei Lian and Bi Fang were hesitant.

No matter how much experience you have, it is also a thunder penalty! How to stop.

Green Peacock said: "Qianxi said that she has a lot of shocking experience, you are right to believe her, it's just the thunder tribulation of the three-star super beast, small problems, small problems!"

They are all people who have seen the big scene, and they feel that Patriarch Bi Fang and the others have too little experience, so they are surprised.

I forgot that I used to make such a fuss!

Mu Da and Peacock said so, Fei Lian and the others backed away, "Be careful!"

"Boom--" The thunder that had been brewing in the air for a long time slammed down violently at the moment when Xiao Momo was about to cross the Samsung Super Divine Beast.

The silver light was dazzling, and they couldn't see clearly the next moment.

It's so terrifying, Tianlei is completely unstoppable if he doesn't kill the little phoenix!

Dark Mohuang, is it so unacceptable to heaven and earth?

It should be fine, what powerful defensive artifact will the Muda use to block it, it must be fine!

When they can see clearly, it is even more unbelievable.

The Muda didn't use any defense at all, her only defense was her body.

In the end, the eyes of all the birds were even more shocked. Master Mu was fine, and little Mohuang was fine!

It's probably Tianlei who is in trouble, it's already mad, so continue to hack!

The four-star has been endured, and the three-star is nothing to Mu Qianxi?

Even if Xiao Momo's Samsung is stronger than Xiaohong Wudi's Samsung, that's nothing?

Therefore, Xiao Momo has successfully advanced to the Samsung Super Beast. After that, it said: "Master, I want to transform into a human now! Is it okay?"

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