Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei - Chapter 4202 little fox

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Mu Qianxi nodded and said: "Okay! Let's continue, anyway, the thunder is too weak today, and it doesn't help my physical improvement very much, so let's be more violent!"

Xiao Momo, who was promoted to the three-star super beast, continued to gather strength and his own blood and bones for the next transformation.

The flying super beasts of the entire Dark Sky Island are paying attention to this magical scene. For the first time, they know that Tianlei is not that powerful!

The power of dark elements erupted around Xiao Momo, forming a black ball of light that enveloped him.

The sky was also completely darkened, as if the entire Dark Sky Island was pulled into another world.

The promotion can't get the slightest effect, and he dares to continue to change shape, which is undoubtedly a provocation.

So, another one is even more violent.

Mu Qianxi was still very experienced, and said: "Everyone should retreat a little bit, the farther the better! Hurry up and use the defensive artifact."

This kind of scene, even Ying Tianxia, ​​is the first time I have seen it.

He said: "Sister, this contracted beast! No, it should be said that she is too much hated by Tiandao! Tiandao wants to kill her contracted beast like this."

Gu Baiyi said solemnly: "Qianxi has been walking a very difficult road! But as long as she thinks it's right, it's right, and the sky can't stop it."

Ying Tianxia was stunned for a moment, "Then she is really powerful and has done things that I can't do!"

"Boom--" Hei Lei madly attacked Xiao Momo who was transforming, but Mu Qianxi blocked them all.

The Dark Sky Island was shaking violently, and it felt like it was about to collapse.

Fortunately, this is an island created by darkness, and the way of heaven is crazy, and it cannot destroy the dark island.

"Boom!" This way, they kept banging and banging for a whole day and night before they stopped before they could see the light again.

The black ball of light disappeared, and Xiao Momo's closed wings slowly spread out, turning into a twelve- or thirteen-year-old girl.

The ink hair up to the ankles fluttered in the air, and Xiao Momo hugged her hair and said with some distress: "Master, I won't tie my hair!"

The face is like a peeled egg, the facial features are exquisite, and the small face is super cute with baby fat.

Mu Qianxi hugged it and said, "Then master will bind you!"

"Auntie can also help!" Green Peacock couldn't help itching her hands when she saw such a cute cub.

They tied two scorpion braids to Xiao Momo, and the whole person was more agile and cute.

"Little guy, let's go shopping when we leave Dark Sky Island! Buy a lot of beautiful clothes!" The green peacock's maternity aura was instantly released.

Mu Qianxi nodded and said, "Master, if you have money, spend whatever you want!"

After the invincible little red transformation, it was not so popular, and it did not change much.

But girls are different! The beautiful things that little human sisters have, Xiao Momo also has.

The little fox flicked his tail and said, "Master, I'm the only one left without changing shape, and I want to change shape too!"

"Okay! When you leave the Dark Sky Island, go to the realm of Beiqiu and talk to your uncle about the transformation!" The little fox is now also suitable for transformation, and Mu Qianxi is naturally very supportive.

"Okay!" The little fox also looked forward to his transformation.

"If you are all right, let's go together! Where is the passage you came from?" Mu Qianxi asked Old Bai and the others.

"Actually, it's nothing to do, just come and see! Now that you have finished reading Qianxi, you have to leave, naturally let's go together!" They laughed.

On the contrary, everyone on Dark Sky Island was a little reluctant, "Is Mr. Mu going to leave so soon! It's only been a few days."

"Uuuuu! Master Mu was our unreasonable cause, don't be too disgusted! Stay for a few more days."


Mu Qianxi said: "You can also go downstairs to play! The Dark Sky Island is your home, and so is the Dark Domain!" They were really moved by Mu Qianxi's words, Fei Lian was the first to speak, "I am also a few thousand I haven't seen it for years! Now that the Lord of Darkness has returned, the dark realm should have changed a lot, and it should be seen and experienced!


"That's great, Master Fei Lian will go too!"


"Although I want to go, I'd better stay and guard the Dark Sky Island!" said the Patriarch Bi Fang.

His rebellious girl stabbed such a big basket, and he had to clean up the mess, so he was ashamed to fly below.

It's not just anyone who signed up to go. Fei Lian still selected them and finally determined the candidates.

Then, they walked through the passage where Lao Bai and the others came up and went down.

Mu Qianxi separated from Lao Bai and Fei Lian and went to the realm of Beiqiu.

The fox clan were very excited, "The young patriarch is back!"

"The young patriarch has become stronger again!"


Li Bei was also very excited to see his little nephew again.

"You are only two stars, are you going to change shape?" Li Bei frowned slightly.

"Little uncle, you used to change shape with one star. I heard the elders say that I can change shape when I have two stars!"

The nine-tailed fairy fox clan has a strong bloodline, and can transform into a super beast.

It's just that the little fox was born with insufficiency before, so he naturally needs to grow up before he can cross this step.

The elder also persuaded: "With Master Mu, there will be no problem with the transformation of the young patriarch! Don't worry!"

"That's right!"

The whole family agreed, and the little fox was ready to change shape.

The whole clan has taken out a lot of treasures to ensure that the little fox's transformation is foolproof.

The little fox has many clansmen to pass on the experience. Unlike the invincible little red and little ink, it depends on its own feelings. It is quite confident.

In fact, this is true in the early stage, and the little fox is very smooth.

It's just that the thunderclouds are getting thicker and thicker above the sky in the realm of Beiqiu, which is going to scare the fox to death!

"Oh my God! It's too sinful, we nine-tailed fairy fox clan will provoke whom! It's not easy for the young patriarch to survive because of his lack of congenital nature.

The entire fox clan yelled at the thief God.

"Young patriarch, hurry up and stop, let's forget it! It's good not to transform into a human being."

Just such a precious single seedling, they don't want to make any mistakes.

Mu Qianxi said, "Don't worry, everyone, I'm here!"

The little fox said: "Don't make a fuss! Xiao Momo was promoted yesterday, and the thunder tribulation is even more terrifying than this, and it is not a success! With the master there, you are not afraid of thunder at all!"

Invincible Xiaohong said: "That's it!"

The Lord of Beiqiu was worried, but he still trusted Mu Qianxi and said, "Calm down, Master Mu will never make fun of the little fox's safety!"

"Boom--" The terrifying silver thunder fell from the sky, and it was another burst of bombardment.

It is indeed not as strong as Xiao Momo's transformation, Mu Qianxi easily blocked it, and the little fox transformed smoothly. It turned into a silver-haired boy with a pair of seductive fox eyes, blinked and said, "Master, I was struck by lightning just now, and it seems that I can advance!"

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