Explosive Pet Cute Fox - Chapter 289 Fanwai, Liubai

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I have been searching for tens of thousands of years in these three thousand small worlds.

The people around me grew old and died.

Their descendants passed on from generation to generation.

Only myself, I am alone.

I still cannot forget the death of Xiao Qi.

Indirectly, I killed her.

The folks say that Mu Xueyan was just imprisoned by herself, but no one knew that when she was dying, I killed her, and then threw her into the mountains to feed the wolves.

I still remember the incredible look in my eyes at that time, but to me I didn't feel anything.

My heart is very small, and I can only pretend to be alone with Xiaoqi.

I don't know who sent the news that I saw it, and there was Rong Xiaoqi's figure, so I packed my bags and looked for it if I didn't even think about it.

I have walked through many small worlds.

Their lives are different from mine.

This may be the hometown Xiao Qi said, so I have been to all the places Xiao Qi told me.

I have been to the Mirror of the Sky, climbed the snow-capped mountains, and went to the grassland.


At the same time, I heard the magical tune.

It was called "Little Apple"

But even if it is the original singer, it is not as good as his Xiaoqi sang.

Finally, I still did not find Xiao Qi in this small world called Earth.

I left.

I suddenly remembered the words Xiao Qi said: "I am a tacky person. I see mountains as mountains, sea as sea, flowers as flowers. Only seeing you, the sea of ​​clouds begins to surge, and the tide begins to surge. , The tiny tentacles of insects are tickling the world. You don’t need to speak, I and the world and everything will run towards you.?"

In fact, I learned later that at first I saw mountains as mountains? Seeing water as water.

I thought I would follow the mountain to take the pen?

Then it was discovered that mountains are human mountains, and water is human water. Go to meet the people you want to meet, do what you want to do, take advantage of the sunshine, and take advantage of the breeze

, While you are not old.

But now, even if there are a thousand words, it's just him and me.

Ten thousand years have passed, and I have searched these three thousand small worlds, but the person in my heart has not yet appeared.

Back in Penglai, the vicissitudes of life are already in the vicissitudes of life.

The only thing that hasn't changed is his resplendent White Palace.

Although magnificent, it was only ten thousand years ago when the girl who loved to laugh was still there.

Today's White Palace, although there is a housekeeper to clean, everything is still the original appearance, but in the days without her, I don't think the White Palace has a trace of popularity.

One day, I returned to the White Palace and came to the dusty room.

Because there is her taste here, so after the end of the year, I have never let anyone step into it.

Just to preserve the taste of that person.

But my mind reminds me all the time that all this is fake.

However, for me, it is not a bad thing to leave an extra daydream.

Since then, I have never returned to the White Palace.

I started to pick up the brush and wanted to draw a chapter of the self-portrait of that person, but it didn't make any difference.

I just remember the outline, I don't know the rest.

The playfulness of that man still hovered in my head, but I actually saw it very vaguely.

I suddenly regretted, why didn't I paint that person's face early in the morning.

Even so, I am still looking for it.

Until one day, I walked into a canyon.

The canyon is beautiful, even though it is a short distance, I seem to have gone through the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

I was greeted by a teenager who looked very cold.

He told me, let me go in to find someone who is destined.

The canyon is like a maze, so I couldn't find a way out at all. After going around for more than ten days, I came to a cave.

There is nothing in it, but there are many crystals.

In the middle, a blue crystal flower is in full bloom on the side.

I looked around, ready to continue looking for a way out, and at the moment I turned around, another voice stopped me: "Liu Bai, I have been waiting for you for ten thousand years."

I turned my head abruptly and looked at the vague fantasy.

I opened my mouth, I could see the girl's face clearly, but couldn't tell the girl's name.

Ten thousand years ago.

I have forgotten that name.

In the end just said: "What's the girl's name, please?"

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