Explosive Pet Cute Fox - Chapter 290 Chapters of Rong Xiaoqi, Past and Present

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My name is Rong Xiaoqi. My parents are working in the research institute, because I have been alone since I was a child, no one cares about it, making me a crazy girl.

The temper is... more free and easy.

So that when I just started school, uh...

Was inflicted by a steamed bun.

Then, when I woke up, I became the princess Rong Xiaoqi of the demon clan.

I was ranked seventh among them, so I didn’t know if my father was uneducated, so he gave me this name.

I have six brothers.

They are all very good to me, some of my brothers have not seen it yet.

But the deepest image is only the eldest brother and the third elder brother.

The eldest brother looks a little cold and doesn't talk much, but everything he gave me is done well.

Although I dislike it, I know that all the things my eldest brother gave me are carefully selected.

There is also Rong Xiaosan, he is my third brother.

With a pair of peachy eyes, since I woke up, I have taken me to tease my sister in the palace almost every day, the kind of irresponsible kind after finishing teasing.

Later, I ran to a tree to sleep and fell off accidentally.

When I was about to die, a pair of powerful hands caught me.

The pain I expected did not come, and I felt something beating in my ears.

I slowly opened my eyes.

What I saw was a chapter of beautiful lips, because I was wearing a mask, so I couldn't see the man's face clearly.

Later I learned that this man was called Liu Bai.

It's my fiance.

Later, I followed him to Yuncheng.

I met that young man, he has a man who loves him very much, Jiang Wuwang.

They look very good, and they just satisfy my rotten girl's heart.

I played against Bai Ju, and then I won and I got a lot of money. This was the first pot of gold in my life.

But knowing the end of the story, I still don't know where the money is left.

I accidentally except for a fruit, and turned into a human form, but a little doll.

Seriously, I stopped being decadent.

I seem to be quite a bit older than that man.

Fortunately, I recognized a master later.

I made a deal with him to give him a few songs every month, he taught me pharmacology, and he agreed.

The master was very kind and said that he would take me to see the brothers and sisters, but knowing that I disappeared, I didn't see them either.

As for the end, I still remember that the master, his old man, died humming my ordinary road.

I want to cry, but I am a piece of ice, no tears anymore.

I remember that when a man wanted to marry a woman named Mu Xueyan, I tried my best to stop it. At the end of the wedding we encountered an attack.

Liu Bai wanted to save her, I stopped, but I didn't expect to play myself to death.

I don’t know how long it has been. I met the little brother who invited me to dinner that day. He and I were in an empty valley. Every day, he picked a load of water from the stream and put it next to me, just like that. Ten thousand years.

He told me that Liu Bai was looking for me.

I was dumb.

Seriously, I don't want to see Liu Bai anymore.

However, for ten thousand years, I heard my little brother tell me many things about the people around me, telling me that Jiang Wuwang took Gu Xingzhi to his mother’s house, and that Gu Xing must have a big fat boy. In other words, Mu Qingyang died in battle.

Then they told me that they were old, had grandchildren, became ancestors, and finally, under the loess soil.

I listened, and I didn't feel anything.

Day after day, year after year, I saw the peach blossoms outside Shandong blooming and losing, losing and blooming.

Can't remember how many times.

Knowing that one day, a man in a white robe walked into the cave. At that time, I was able to transform myself, but I was still very weak.

Somehow, tears burst into his face, and he blurted out: "Liu Bai, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

I saw Liu Bai stunned for a moment, and asked in confusion, "Who is the girl, please?"

I feel distressed. I didn't expect Wannian, Liu Bai would have forgotten my name.

But I still opened my face and said, "My name is Rong Xiaoqi."

Liu Bai seemed a bit familiar, and finally the corners of her eyes were filled with tears: "Are you my Xiao Qi?"

At that moment, all my grievances disappeared.

The corners of his eyes were sour, but he still lit his head vigorously: "I am, Liu Bai, my name is Rong Xiaoqi."

Later, the heavy task of watering the flowers fell on Liu Bai.

But I think Liu Bai seems to be happy.

After that, the little brother said that he was leaving, and he was not sure when he would be back.

But then he secretly said to me in my ear: "It's so deep, and after all, it's no match for a word of love."

This sentence makes me inexplicable, but when I look at my little brother's eyes, my heart hurts so much.

But since then, I really haven't seen my little brother again.

Another ten thousand years have passed, and I have turned into a human form, and this time I am not a baby anymore.

Looks like eighteen or nine years old.

One night, Liu Bai and I sat on the edge of the cliff and asked Liu Bai what he had done to me 20,000 years ago: "What do you think my previous life had to do with you?"

Liu Bai looked at the starry sky, then rubbed my head again: "Regardless of past and present, it is best for us to live in the present."

I was taken aback, and then it became clear.

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