Farming Space Makes Me Rich - v3 Chapter 231 Finale (Final Chapter)

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When Hao and Xiao Lingyu returned to Taoyuan Village, their eyes deepened when they saw the seven men in black who were dying in the warehouse by Xiao Letong.

Except for the man in black who was tortured by Xiao Letong, the other men in black also woke up shortly after walking in Xiao Letong.

They did not react at first, but soon learned from the sober black-clothed population that they were arrested as soon as they entered the door, and it was a child who arrested them, which shocked them and did not believe it at all. Companion's words.

However, it is better for them to go out first.

This warehouse looks like there are doors and windows, but they are not closed, but no matter what method they use, they can't break these doors and windows, let alone go out.

For two consecutive days, using various methods, they couldn't escape, plus two days without eating anything or drinking a sip of water, they were already exhausted.

They are very suspicious of themselves, and if this continues, they will have to kill their companions to survive.

When they were considering whether to kill their companions to survive, the door of the warehouse was opened. They blocked the light with their hands and narrowed their eyes. They saw the two big and the small three people coming by in the light. Like a family of three.

When Gong Tianhao's family of three walked into the warehouse, these people in black recognized them. These two adults were their nearest task target. Their pupils shrank involuntarily, and some nervousness and worries appeared in their eyes.

The other person in black saw Xiao Letong at a glance. He stretched out his hand to Xiao Letong and exclaimed in fear, "Devil, devil!"

Xiao Letong saw him pointing at him, and said displeasedly, "I...I am obviously a naive, simple, cute and handsome child. How come I am a devil in your mouth?"

Hearing Xiao Letong's words, the man in black looked at him like a ghost.

Is he innocent and cute? He is a devil.

Xiao Letong didn't want to talk nonsense with him either, he directly said to Gong Tianhao and his wife, "Mummy, Dad, just leave these people to you directly."

Xiao Lingyu touched his little head and said with a smile, "Okay, just leave it to me and your dad to deal with it, you don't have to worry about it!"

Xiao Letong had already asked what he should ask, and Gong Tianhao didn't need to ask anything. Without saying anything, he directly asked the members of the Dragon Organization to tie up these people, and then transferred them to the Dragon Organization headquarters.

This place in Taoyuan Village is really not suitable for dealing with these people.

Of course, Gong Tianhao asked these people to be taken away quietly, and did not alarm anyone in Taoyuan Village.

After these people in black left, Xiao Lingyu said coldly, "Leng Piaoxue, this woman really wants to attack our family."

Gong Tianhao said, "She was originally a ruthless person.

"It seems we have to break into the Shadow Hall headquarters!" Gong Tianhao said coldly, squinting his eyes, looking into the distance. "Rather than let them make trouble frequently, it's better to take the initiative!"

Before, I didn't know what kind of power Leng Piaoxue established, but now that it is clear, it is natural to turn passive into active.

Xiao Letong said immediately, "I'll go with you!"

Xiao Lingyu vetoed immediately, "No, Tongtong, you can't go!"

Xiao Letong asked very puzzledly, "Why can't you go? Go together, how can I help you?"

Xiao Lingyu immediately said, "Tongtong, have you forgotten? Grandpa and grandma need your protection in Taoyuan Village! If you leave, it is very likely that Leng Piaoxue will be caught in the loop immediately. What should I do if something goes wrong? ,dont you agree?"

Xiao Letong thought for a while and said, "Well, then I will stay."

Gong Tianhao turned his head and said to Xiao Lingyu, "Yu'er, you can stay too. There is a shadow hall in a mere shadow hall, and you don't need to be with you!"

Xiao Lingyu shook his head resolutely, "No, I must follow you anyway!"

She thought for a while, and then took Gong Tianhao's hand and said, "Tianhao, I know that you are worried that I will be dangerous if I follow you. But, my husband, don't treat me as an ordinary weak woman. I have been because of this all these years. With the help of Ling'er, this physical quality has greatly improved, not to mention, my ability has increased. My agility is not weaker than yours. My hearing can reach five miles away, and even my eyes have become clairvoyance. I have space to save my life, so what are you worried about?"

Xiao Letong thought for a while and said, "Daddy, let Mommy follow you. It's not certain, you have to rely on Mommy for protection at critical moments!"

Gong Tianhao, "..." After all, he became the weakest one.

He sighed lightly, and said with a little helplessness, "Well, I can't say you mother and son, it's okay!"

Since he wanted to take the initiative, Gong Tianhao also arranged it immediately.

At the other end, in the Shadow Hall, the assistant said with a serious face to Leng Piaoxue, "Master, the news that we just received, the seven people we sent out were all caught, and they are now in Dragon Organization prison. It's closed inside."

In addition to his serious expression, he was also vaguely angry.

The people he cultivated have never missed, but when they faced the Dragon Organization, they were all defeated. He was not reconciled in his heart, and a heart of struggle also surged.

He wanted to see if the people he had cultivated were good, or the ones that Gong Tianhao had cultivated.

After Leng Piaoxue heard the assistant's words, her face immediately sank, and she cursed coldly, "Trash, all trash!"

Why hasn't she been reconciled since she met Xiao Lingyu, not doing anything smoothly?

What's wrong with her Leng Piaoxue? Hmph, didn't Xiao Lingyu succeed in everything he did because he had an immortal weapon?

Haha, only when Leng Piaoxue snatched something in her Xiao Lingyu's hands, then she must kneel before her like a slave.

"Xiao Lingyu, don't be proud of you!" Leng Piaoxue gritted her teeth.

"Master, in fact, you don't have to be so angry!" At this time the assistant said, "Since we can't start from her relatives, then we can start from her friends."

After listening, Leng Piaoxue's eyes lit up and his expression was a little excited and said, "Yes. Their family, they are tightly protected, but they still have friends. This friend will always be their negligence."

Speaking of this, Leng Piaoxue couldn't wait to say, "You go down and get this done right now. Remember, this time you can only succeed but not fail! Our Shadow Hall lost seven members at once, which is already a huge loss. "

The assistant replied, "Yes, master, I will do it at once!"


When Xiao Lingyu and Gong Tianhao left for Country Y, they received news that Leng Piaoxue had returned to China.

After hearing the report from his subordinates, Gong Tianhao frowned and asked seriously, "Is the news accurate? Leng Piaoxue has returned to China?"

"Well, news is ready. Leng Piaoxue flew home through HSD forces, dressed up in disguise, and flew home." The subordinate report reported, "He came back with her, and the second in command of Shadow Hall."

After hearing this, Gong Tianhao was lost in thought.

He now suspects that Leng Piaoxue and that person know his actions and randomly send two people as them. They came to Xia Guo just to confuse his sight.

But what if these two people are real again? Then they came to Xia Country, obviously there was a conspiracy in it.

Gong Tianhao pondered for a moment, and then immediately made a decision.

Send some people to the Shadow Hall to investigate the details. He and Xiao Lingyu will not go to Country Y for the time being.

After all, Xia Guo's relatives and friends are more important.


Xiao Lingyu received an invitation.

Seeing this invitation, she was very happy and said to Gong Tianhao, "Haha, the two years of love run between Yan Siming and Zhou Xiaoru is finally over. Look, the two will get married on the 16th of this month. ."

For Yan Siming, his former rival in love, he is of course very happy to see him stepping into the palace of marriage, so that he is not always thinking about his wife.

Uh, even though he had already empathized, let go of Xiao Lingyu. However, it is a fact that he has pursued Xiao Lingyu, and he has always been brooding about this matter.

It's alright now, he is going to get married, and now he also has a wife, but he can no longer worry about other wives.

Thinking of this, Gong Tianhao also said happily, "Well, let's go and congratulate him for finding the other half at that time!"

"Well, of course that would be great!" Xiao Lingyu didn't think much about it.

Yan Siming is both a benefactor and a friend to Xiao Lingyu.

Although Yan Siming had pursued her, after she got married, she kept her friend's distance and never took a step. He looked like a slinger, but he was a gentleman.

"There are still ten days left before Yan Siming's wedding. See what gifts we have to prepare?" Xiao Lingyu asked.

Gong Tianhao hooked his lips and said, "Yan Siming doesn't lack anything right now. What kind of gift should I give is really a nerve-wracking question."

Xiao Lingyu nodded in agreement, "Well, this is true!"

Yan Siming has money and has everything. Buying gifts has become a headache.

Gong Tianhao said at this time, "But, do you want to talk about what Yan Siming lacks? I am afraid it is something from our Taoyuan Village. Oh, it should be the various nourishing fruit bars brewed by our mother, especially the peach blossom stuffing."

After listening to Xiao Lingyu, he looked at him suspiciously, "Tianhao, are you sincere?" Before, Gong Tianhao was not polite to Yan Siming, he had never been so good.

Now, as soon as she makes a move, let her deliver these things, she thinks there is a problem.

Gong Tianhao's forehead was black, and he said speechlessly, "Why am I not sincere, Yuer! I really bless Yan Siming to get married. So, for this former love rival, I want to give a copy of it." Li, there is nothing wrong with it!"

The peach blossom stuffed by Xiao's mother is priceless in the market. In the black market, there are 20 million jars, but most of them are imitations, and no one is willing to sell the genuine ones.

Besides, if you can get the peach blossom stuffed by Xiao's mother herself, there must be someone who has a special relationship with the Xiao family.

After listening, Xiao Lingyu smiled and said, "Okay, just as you said, give him a gift like this. Also, we have contracted the food for his wedding banquet!"

When he heard that all the food at the banquet was contracted, Gong Tianhao was slightly jealous again, "Yu'er, you are too generous to this friend, right?"

Xiao Lingyu covered her mouth and smiled, "Yan Siming is a friend of mine, and Zhou Xiaoru is an employee of our company. As a friend and a boss, I would give such a gift, it's almost the same."

Gong Tianhao didn't get jealous anymore, nodded and said, "Okay!"

Because of the news that Leng Piaoxue and the second in command of Shadow Hall have returned to Xia Country together. Xiao Lingyu and Gong Tianhao weren't running out, they were commanding remotely from the company's house.

On the other side, Gong Tianhao also sent a large number of personnel to secretly investigate the whereabouts of Leng Piaoxue, especially to monitor Leng's house and several previous accommodations of Leng Piaoxue.

However, what is strange is that Leng Piaoxue and her men have evaporated like the world.

As a result, Xiao Lingyu and Gong Tianhao became more vigilant and guarded.

They have a kind of quiet before the storm.

It was not until the day before Yan Siming got married that Xiao Lingyu received his call.

Seeing Yan Siming's phone call, Xiao Lingyu took the lead and said, "Congratulations, bridegroom-to-be! Why will there be time to call me? Shouldn't you be busy with me?"

Yan Siming smiled and said, "Busy is busy, but there are many other things that I can do. I just need to be a groom-to-be with peace of mind!"

Xiao Lingyu smiled and said, "Oh, it seems that you, the bride-to-be, are quite relaxed!"

"Thanks to you!" Yan Siming smiled.

After that, Yan Siming said hesitantly, "Xiao Lingyu, before I step into a married person, can I see you alone?"

When Yan Siming said this, one tap tapped the table several times, and this sound also passed into Xiao Lingyu's ears.

Xiao Lingyu frowned, seemingly embarrassed, "Would you like to see me alone?"

Yan Siming said eagerly, "Yes, I want to see you alone! I really like you. Before I marry another woman, I want to sue you."

Xiao Lingyu hesitated, "Big Brother Yan, this... isn't it good? Wouldn't you be angry if the bride knew about it?"

"It's okay for us to hide from her!" Yan Siming said lightly, "Even if we know it, whoever makes her like me, she wants to marry me. I'm not going to tell the person I like now, right? ?"

When Xiao Lingyu heard this, she was slightly dissatisfied, and then she agreed, "Okay. But, Brother Yan, after we meet alone, we must treat Xiaoru better in the future!"

"Okay, I promise you." Yan Siming sighed lightly.

After the two hung up, Gong Tianhao immediately became jealous, "What's the matter with Yan Siming? I'm going to be the groom tomorrow, and Xiao still thinks about other people's wives."

Xiao Lingyu and Gong Tianhao looked at each other, blinked their eyes twice, and said with a smile, "Husband, don't worry, I only have you in my heart! I just met him alone!"

"No, I want to go, I'll go with you!" Gong Tianhao insisted.

"It's you who were invited alone, you don't have to go!" Xiao Lingyu said firmly for the first time.

After that, he left in a hurry.

And I went to the garage and drove away.

As soon as Xiao Lingyu left the farm in Taoyuan Village, the person hiding in the dark corner immediately reported, "The target person left alone! Well, I know!"

I don't know what order I received, so I will continue to guard here!

After more than an hour, Xiao Lingyu came to the high-end restaurant with Yan Siming.

As soon as Xiao Lingyu entered the restaurant, the door of the restaurant was closed and hung up, and the sign of the suspension of business was there, but Xiao Lingyu who entered the restaurant did not seem to notice.

Xiao Lingyu walked to the box agreed with Yan Siming.

Sitting in the box, Yan Siming saw that Xiao Lingyu was really coming by himself, his pupils shrank violently, and his face showed guilt. Then he shouted anxiously, "Don't come over, run away." !"

Who thought, as soon as he finished saying this, a group of people in black rushed into the crowd, and there were two black clothes holding the bride-to-be Zhou Xiaoru who was going to get married tomorrow.

Xiao Lingyu's expression seemed to be dumbfounded.


A burst of applause came in from the door, and then a woman walked in. This woman was Leng Piaoxue.

She turned over with a sneer, "Tsk tsk, really affectionate!"

Afterwards, she said to Zhou Xiaoru, "Look, this is the good husband you picked, who is so affectionate for another woman. Now, it is for another woman to put you at risk."

Zhou Xiaoru was not instigated by her at all, and spurned at her, "I pooh! I don't accept your instigation."

If Yan Siming really ignores her safety, it is impossible for him to call Xiao Lingyu over.

This has proved that he is more important than Xiao Lingyu in Yan Siming's heart.

Only when Yan Siming saw Xiao Lingyu alone, he immediately felt guilty, so he let Xiao Lingyu run away.

Leng Piaoxue's eyebrows sank, she raised her slap, and greeted Zhou Xiaoru on her face.

Yan Siming immediately shouted, "Don't hit her!"

Leng Piaoxue looked at him and snorted coldly, "Hmph, don't hit her, then I will hit you directly! Come, give him a slap in the face!"

When one of the men heard it, he walked up to Yan Siming, and when he raised his slap to hit, Xiao Lingyu's voice rang, "Leng Piaoxue, don't go too far. Isn't the person you looking for is me? Let it go!"

"Mr. Xiao!"

"Xiao Lingyu!"

Zhou Xiaoru and Yan Siming shouted at the same time.

Then Yan Siming said in pain and guilt, "I'm sorry, Ling Yu, I knew there was danger, but I called you over. If you really have anything to do with you, I can hardly shirk the blame!"

Zhou Xiaoru cried and shouted at Yan Siming, "Yan Siming, why did you call Mr. Xiao over? You know that this bad woman's target is Mr. Xiao, why do you call Mr. Xiao? ?"

Then she said to Xiao Lingyu again, "Mr. Xiao, I'm sorry, it was we who killed you! We were sorry for you!"

Xiao Lingyu sighed lightly and said, "No, Xiaoru, don't say it. It's me who should apologize, it's me who hurt you. The person she's looking for is me."

Then she looked at Leng Piaoxue and said coldly, "Leng Piaoxue, you have already come, you let them go!"

Leng Piaoxue said sarcastically, "Let it go? I finally got under your control and attracted you alone. How could I let them go so easily?"

Xiao Lingyu frowned and asked, "Then what do you want?"

Leng Piaoxue looked at Xiao Lingyu's figure, and her eyes burst into jealousy and anger.

She said coldly, "Huh, how is it?"

She looked at Xiao Lingyu again, and when she noticed the red string and jade pendant on Xiao Lingyu's neck, her pupils shrank involuntarily. Then, she pointed directly at Xiao Lingyu's neck and said, "I want the jade pendant on your neck!"

Xiao Lingyu touched the jade pendant on her neck and said calmly, "Yes. But, you must let them go first!"

"You give the jade pendant first!" Leng Piaoxue also insisted.

Seeing that this thing is about to be obtained, and using the hostages to obtain it, how could she easily let go of these hostages.

Xiao Lingyu asked suspiciously, "If I really gave the jade pendant, would you really let go? What if you don't let go?"

Leng Piaoxue had no credibility in the first place.

Leng Piaoxue sneered and said, "Xiao Lingyu, you are not qualified to bargain with me now. Otherwise, I will kill both of them. You must know that both of them died for you, and you will live in repentance and guilt all your life. Live it."

Xiao Lingyu thought for a while, and asked again, "Leng Piaoxue, I will ask you again, I will give you a jade pendant, will you really let people go?"

"Of course!" Leng Piaoxue answered quite simply this time.

Xiao Lingyu didn't think about anything, and directly gave the jade pendant to Leng Piaoxue.

As soon as Leng Piaoxue received the jade pendant, she couldn't wait to cut her finger and drip blood onto the jade pendant.

Others looked at her weirdly, wondering why she was so good, why cut her hand and dripped it on the jade pendant. Is there anything special about this jade pendant?

"No, why doesn't this jade pendant respond?" Leng Piaoxue asked eagerly.

Xiao Lingyu asked in confusion, "Leng Piaoxue, that's weird. This is just a piece of jade pendant. What reaction is needed?"

When Leng Piaoxue heard it, she held a gun at Xiao Lingyu's forehead, and said furiously, "Xiao Lingyu, don't pretend to be stupid with me. Do you know what I mean? Don't think I don't know the secret of your growing vegetables and fruits. I am. Tell you, don't play tricks on me, otherwise, I will shoot you!"

Except for Xiao Lingyu, it was strange that everyone else looked at Leng Piaoxue and was furious for a piece of jade pendant.

Xiao Lingyu said calmly, "Leng Piaoxue, I will give you the jade pendant if you say you want it. What do I want from me now?"

"Xiao Lingyu!" Leng Piaoxue said angrily, "I want an immortal jade pendant, not this ordinary jade pendant. You can't take me as a fool and give me a fake!"

Xiao Lingyu sneered, "Leng Piaoxue, I think you have watched too much TV. I don't even know what kind of fairy artifact or artifact!"

"Pretend to me!" Leng Piaoxue furiously said, "Since you pretended to be stupid for me like this, don't blame me for being impolite!"

Leng Piaoxue pointed at Zhou Xiaoru and furiously said, "Kill her for me."

When Yan Siming heard this, his eyes were cracked and shouted, "No!"

"If you want to blame you, blame her!" Leng Piaoxue pointed directly at Xiao Lingyu, "Xiao Lingyu, I count one, two and three. If she doesn't hand over anything, she will die here."

"One, two, three!" Leng Piaoxue just finished counting the numbers, but the gunfire did not sound. Leng Piaoxue looked back and looked at the motionless person, and roared, "What's wrong with me, why not? advise?"

The face of the scolded man in black was full of horror. He said, "Lord...Master, I am not still, I ^...I can't move!"

"Can't move?" Leng Piaoxue was puzzled at first, and then her eyes lit up and she shouted excitedly, "Illustration, fairy, is it you? Is it you? I know it must be you, only you can stealth ."

Everyone looked at Leng Piaoxue and said inexplicable things.

Just when Leng Piaoxue finished shouting this sentence, suddenly another group of people in black broke in. Among the people in black, it was Gong Tianhao.

When Gong Tianhao saw Xiao Lingyu, he immediately asked with concern, "Yu'er, are you okay?"

After that, he looked up and down Xiao Lingyu, and he was relieved to see that she was really okay, and then he hugged Xiao Lingyu and said, "It really scares me to death!"

When Leng Piaoxue saw Gong Tianhao coming in suddenly, her expression was startled, and then she asked loudly, "Why are you here? I obviously only call Xiao Lingyu?"

Gong Tianhao took Xiao Lingyu's shoulders and said coldly, "Leng Piaoxue, see who that person is?"

Leng Piaoxue looked towards the door, and saw that her right-hand man had been arrested. She asked incredulously, "How is this possible?"

Gong Tianhao said coldly, "It's nothing impossible. Your second-in-command Hall Master has been arrested, and all of you have been surrounded. In other words, your plan has completely failed!"

Leng Piaoxue grabbed her head and said in disbelief, "No, it's impossible. It's impossible for me to fail in such a sophisticated plan? What went wrong?"

Afterwards, without waiting for everyone's reaction, he picked up the gun and fired at Xiao Lingyu, shouting fiercely and angrily, "Xiao Lingyu, go to death!"

Who thought, at this moment, a white figure rushed directly in front of Xiao Lingyu.

Everyone was shocked by this scene.

"Brother Tao!" Xiao Lingyu yelled incredulously.

"Jiang Tao!" Gong Tianhao looked at the wound on his chest and called out worriedly.

When Leng Piaoxue saw that the person who was shot turned out to be Jiang Tao, all the guns in his hand fell in shock.

"Brother Tao, Brother Tao, how could it be you?" Leng Piaoxue asked incredulously, and she knelt down, "No, you will be fine, Brother Tao, I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it!"

Then, she stumbled over to her knees, trying to cover Jiang Tao's injury.

Xiao Lingyu shouted angrily, "Don't come here! You are not qualified to touch him! Leng Piaoxue, are you satisfied now?"

"No, no, I didn't mean it!" Leng Piaoxue cried and shook his head, "I just wanted to kill Xiao Lingyu, I didn't want to kill you."

At this time Jiang Tao's breath was very weak, he said, "Leng Piaoxue, Xiao Lingyu has always been a woman I like, you kill her, you kill me!"

Leng Piaoxue broke down immediately when she heard this, she cried, "No, why are you so stupid? Obviously she doesn't like you, and she is married. Why do you like her? Why can't you like me? Ah? Why?" If Jiang Tao liked her, she wouldn't do so many things against Xiao Lingyu.

However, it was Jiang Tao's hand that answered her.

"No, Brother Jiang, you can't die, you can't die!" Leng Piaoxue shouted in a collapsed voice. Then, she picked up the gun from the ground, and Gong Tianhao's people instantly stood on guard. Who would think, she directly confronted herself He closed his eyes and said calmly, "Brother Jiang, let me die with you!"


"No, master," the assistant who was caught suddenly became emotional, and then rushed to Leng Piaoxue. He picked up Leng Piaoxue's body and said sadly, "Master, I will die with you too. Bar!"

After that, he picked up Leng Piaoxue's suicide gun and fired a shot at his forehead.

Both masters died, and the rest of the Shadow Hall were surrounded again, and these people quickly surrendered.

This kind of ending surprised everyone.


Three days later, an upscale cafe

Xiao Lingyu sighed lightly, "Leng Piaoxue died like this. I didn't expect that Leng Piaoxue was really affectionate for Brother Tao."

Gong Tianhao took her shoulders, and said with some emotion, "It's just a pity that Leng Piaoxue chose the wrong way. If it were me, I would only choose generous pursuits instead of chasing rivals. Hunt down."

Yan Siming and Zhou Xiaoru sat across from them, and the couple looked at each other.

Yan Siming asked curiously, "I said Xiao Lingyu, Gong Tianhao, how did you decipher the signal I gave?"

Gong Tianhao rolled his eyes at him and said, "Can you not decipher the signal you gave yourself? Still asking here."

"..." Yan Siming defended, "Of course I can decipher the signal I gave. The question is, how did you decipher it?"

Gong Tianhao said, "The sound of you knocking on the table first, and three times, is a kind of hint. Then, when we talked about the bride, you were uncharacteristically. Obviously, in the past two years, you have been chasing Zhou Xiaoru, why? Maybe before getting married, you said you don’t love or you don’t love. Based on the sound of the knocking, and then combined with this, we quickly judged that the bride is likely to be kidnapped. Kidnapped the bride, but asked you to contact us, We must immediately find out that it was cold and snowy."

"Then what?" Yan Siming asked curiously.

"What else?" Gong Tianhao said grimly, "Then I will let Yu'er leave alone. When our people find the one who is watching, they will quickly follow."

Yan Siming wiped off his sweat and asked, "I said Gong Tianhao, aren't you afraid that Xiao Yuer is in danger? It really makes people come and date me alone."

Gong Tianhao glanced at him coldly, and said angrily, "You know what a shit!"

Xiao Lingyu was at ease with the invisible Tongtong next to him.

Of course, he couldn't tell Yan Siming this secret.

Yan Siming, "..."

Seeing his husband's face flushed by Gong Tianhao, Zhou Xiaoru on the side didn't help, just covered his mouth and laughed.

Yan Siming was aggrieved instantly, holding Zhou Xiaoru's grievances and saying, "Wife, you don't love me anymore, you are bullying your husband with outsiders!"

Xiao Lingyu and Gong Tianhao said, "..." They were really uncomfortable with this style of painting, and they got goose bumps all over.

Zhou Xiaoru comforted and said with a shy face, "Well, I will help you from now on!"


Three months later

At the Xia Guoguo celebration ceremony, Xiao Lingyu and Gong Tianhao were sitting on the viewing platform, and there was an empty seat next to Gong Tianhao.

Other audiences were talking about it.

"I heard that this year's national celebration ceremony is very different."

"Well, I heard it too! I heard that this year..."

Xiao Lingyu and Gong Tianhao listened to everyone's discussion and looked at each other while holding hands.

They believe that even without those spiritual springs, the country will become stronger and stronger!

"Sorry, I am late!"

Suddenly a low man's voice came into their ears.

Xiao Lingyu looked at it, and shouted with a smile, "Brother Tao, you are here!"

one year later

Lvxian Group has branches abroad, occupying the global high-end and mid-end markets.

Huanglin Group was completely squeezed down and became a third-rate brand.

Lvxian Group has become the number one brand in the international industry, with total assets reaching 200 billion yuan, and it has entered the top 100 global companies.

Xiao Lingyu completely realized his wish and sold the things he had grown to the world.

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