Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 670 - Sun Ningxiang’s Crazy Brain Supplement

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Chapter 670: Sun Ningxiang’s Crazy Brain Supplement

It had originally been planned that Wen Yu would manage Sky City’s private faction territory.

However, Wen Yu was now responsible for Sky City’s intelligence work and was already busy with many matters every day. Hence, Lin Yuan felt that he should still recruit another talented person to look after Sky City’s internal affairs. It was just that this person would play a vital role and had to be someone he could trust completely.

Lin Yuan still did not have a prospective candidate in mind.

Only after watching Lin Yuan deal with Sky City’s matters did Sun Ningxiang speak. “I would like to properly discuss the collaboration between Sky City and Condense Fairy Orchard with you.”

Lin Yuan did not show off when it came to this collaboration. Sun Ningxiang had already expressed goodwill toward Sky City several times in a row, displaying her attitude clearly.

Lin Yuan said straightforwardly, “Condense Fairy Orchard is in such urgent need of Creation Master resources. Presumably, it has encountered a lot of trouble.”

Once Lin Yuan had finished, Sun Ningxiang admitted calmly, “Indeed, Condense Fairy Orchard is now facing great trouble and thus has great need of Creation Master resources. It especially requires a large quantity of high-class Creation Master resources.”

Sun Ningxiang’s words slightly startled Lin Yuan. He was extremely surprised by her frankness.

The larger the power that found itself in trouble, the more it would hide its situation.

Who would have thought that Sun Ningxiang would so readily speak of Condense Fairy Orchard’s plight?

“It’s true that Sky City has a significant amount of high-class Creation Master resources. It’s just that I don’t know if Condense Fairy Orchard will be able to give me something I want in exchange for them.”

Sun Ningxiang relaxed upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

As a top power, Condense Fairy Orchard had accumulated countless resources over the years.

“As long as Sky City can provide high-class Creation Master resources for Condense Fairy Orchard in a long-term collaboration, we can offer a price that exceeds the market rate by 10%.”

Now, Condense Fairy Orchard only had one year left. Sun Ningxiang did not care about how much money was spent as long as it could prolong its lifespan.

Her words were full of sincerity.

However, it had not been ordinary market resources that had allowed Lin Yuan and Condense Fairy Orchard to react without hesitation to the Miao family’s pressure ahead of time.

Lin Yuan replied, “I’m not interested in money.”

His words startled Sun Ningxiang. She immediately gazed at him in a peculiar manner.

Immediately afterward, Lin Yuan continued. “Although I’m not interested in money, I am very interested in Law Source Crystals.”

Sun Ningxiang’s scrutiny of Lin Yuan grew increasingly intense.

After Lin Yuan had uttered these words, she felt that his entire being smelled of entitlement.

While Law Source Crystals could parade the death of a Class 7 dimensional lifeform, a trace of the power of law was also contained within.

However, Class 5 Creation Masters were all helpless when it came to Law Source Crystals. Despite the additional value attached to them, Sun Ningxiang only viewed them as useless stones.

When the Sun family had been in Flower City in the early years, it had not failed to clean up the major dimensional rifts that had opened near the city.

Now, numerous Law Source Crystals were stored in the warehouse in Condense Fairy Orchard’s old mansion, collecting dust.

Who would have expected that these dust-covered Law Source Crystal would come in handy one day?

“No problem, Condense Fairy Orchard has indeed accumulated several Law Source Crystals.

“But by only trading Law Source Crystals, the Sun family’s inventory of crystals would soon be depleted. What other resources will Sky City need for future collaboration?”

Lin Yuan was delighted upon hearing Sun Ningxiang’s words.

Even though Duan He was an emperor-class expert, he was still only a man.

While Lin Yuan had asked Duan He to help collect Law Source Crystals, the number of crystals the latter could collect was ultimately limited.

Far fewer than the number that an elite faction like Condense Fairy Orchard could collect.

Lin Yuan thought that with Condense Fairy Orchard’s aid, the speed at which the Queen could increase its stars and the speed at which its Skirt Hem could completely break through to Myth III would increase significantly.

“In the process of cultivating flower and plant feys in Condense Fairy Orchard, pure spirit qi should be used to induce the evolution or mutation of rare feys.

“This is within the scope of pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters.

“If Condense Fairy Orchard is willing to take out Law Crystal fragments or even complete Law Crystals for trade, Sky City will be willing to give more high-class Creation Master resources to you.”

Upon hearing this, Sun Ningxiang hesitated a little before replying with a firm glint in her eyes. “No problem, but complete Law Crystals are too precious. Even if I had them, I couldn’t take them out casually. I seek your understanding on this.

“I can trade Law Crystal fragments with Sky City, but which attributes would you like in them?”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuan replied, “All of them! Sky City will accept law crystals of any attribute!”

Lin Yuan’s words made Sun Ningxiang’s heart clench.

Objects like Law Crystals were often circulated among the elite factions.

However, any elite faction that would spend a large price in exchange for Law Crystals had a motive for doing so.

Without the help of Class 5 Creation Masters to formulate potions containing pure power of law, only laws that were compatible with fey attributes could swallow each other.

To factions, buying unnecessary Law Crystal fragments was equivalent to locking up a portion of their liquidity.

Yet, Sky City did not have any requirements when it came to trading Law Crystal fragments and even wanted fragments of any attribute.

Sun Ningxiang couldn’t help but think in bewilderment, Could it be that Sky City has relations with the three major Class 5 Creation Masters—the Moon Empress, Bamboo Monarch, and Chef Supreme!?

Only Class 5 Creation Masters would be indifferent to the attributes of Law Crystals, after all.

Suddenly, Sun Ningxiang’s pupils contracted as an unbelievable thought sprang to mind.

Could it be that Sky City has so many Creation Master resources and doesn’t require Law Crystal fragments of specific attributes because it has a Class 5 Creation Master presiding over it?

Although the Radiance Federation only had three Class 5 Creation Masters at the moment, a new Class 4 Creation Master was added every year throughout its many years of development.

No one could say whether a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master would suddenly be enlightened and break through to reach the standard of a Class 5 Creation Master.

Moreover, Sky City needed a large quantity of Law Source Crystals. Could it be that the Class 5 Creation Master in Sky City had found a way to extract the heterogeneous powers of law from within the crystals?

Upon reaching this conclusion, Sun Ningxiang quickly shook her head.

She felt that her speculation was too unrealistic.

The three major Class 5 Creation Masters had been renowned for a long time. If there were things that even they couldn’t accomplish, even if Sky City had a Creation Master who had recently broken through to reach Class 5, they would definitely be unable to accomplish those same things.

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