Football Should Be Played Like Me - Chapter 418 The nightmare ended, the three major positions of the Premier League

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"Newcastle pulls all the hips! The third-line rout is a foregone conclusion! 》

"Stretched! Newcastle ushered in a large-scale player fitness and injury crisis, the first defeat in the UEFA Cup! 》

"Manzhujovic assists the savior of Chiesa! Newcastle lost 1-0 to Eredivisie giants PSV! 》

"Chiesa's eight goals are comparable to Lu Yang, and he is also the second best scorer in the UEFA Cup! 》

"Manzhujovic's seven assists shine, and he is firmly at the top of the assists list in the UEFA Cup! 》

"After 12 rounds of unbeaten matches in the third-tier competition, Newcastle ushered in a two-game losing streak! The collapse is already visible to the naked eye! 》

The first leg of the UEFA Cup quarter-finals has ended.

Newcastle lost 1-2 with half a foot hanging over the cliff.

This has made many experts in England confirm their conjectures.

"The Times": "There are early signs of Newcastle's collapse. The previous 12-round unbeaten run is just a flashback! The successive injuries of Sauber, Manzhujovic, Tavares, etc. are the last warning!"

"Echo": "No team can play an entire Premier League season with 14 or 15 people, especially with so many FA Cup and UEFA Cup games mixed in."

"Three-tier hegemony is definitely a grand goal, but to complete this task, you must first have a strong foundation."

"We never doubted Lu Yang's ambitions, but Lu Yang may not have figured out the real reason why he won the treble in Barcelona and Real Madrid."

"The foundation, the foundation, the foundation!"

"Whether it's Barcelona or Real Madrid, the strength and depth of the lineup are beyond the reach of other teams. Even their temporary substitute players from the youth training team have the ability to rival the starters of other teams."

"And this is something Newcastle and San Remo didn't have."

"That's why the Sanremo miracle team only won the Champions League and Coppa Italia in Serie A, but not the league title."

"Now, this Newcastle can't do the same. And because the Premier League is much more intense than Serie A, Newcastle still retains the hope of winning the league until now, but they have never been the real champions."

"Their collapse now is just another lesson from history to Lu Yang."

"Joining a giant and standing on the shoulders of giants is what Lu Yang should do next."

"Even if Newcastle is not relegated, they can't afford the football dream of a superstar like Lu Yang."

"Sky Sports": "According to our analysis, the physical condition of Newcastle's players is already very bad, and it is a high probability that injuries will continue in the future."

"They should probably stop now and go all out for the FA Cup or the Europa League."

"Most of Newcastle's league matches should be abandoned next."

"They are currently in the top seven in the Premier League and one of the worst teams in the future schedule!"

"Daily Mail": "West Ham United, Swansea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea... Newcastle's next score is likely to be less than three points!"

"The Hammers have always been willing to take revenge. If Newcastle wants to double-kill them this season, they must pay the price! The most troubled Newcastle in this game will not be the score, but the injury!"

"The game between Swansea and Newcastle will decide whether they will be relegated early, and they will explode with great fighting power."

"Four direct competitors of the seven sisters in the Premier League, Newcastle after four consecutive defeats may even be overtaken by Crystal Palace and kicked out of the European war! Take away the title of the seven sisters!"

"442": "Tottenham beat their opponents, but Newcastle suffered a defeat. The difference in the background determines that the results of the two will inevitably be different."

Newcastle became the center of public opinion for the English media.

Everyone is talking about Newcastle.

Every detail of Newcastle is magnified to the extreme.

Even after the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals ended, no one could shake the status of Newcastle's topical queen.

Because the record in the first round was basically not what everyone expected.

Real Madrid 2-1 Liverpool.

The score is a small victory, but the scene is a big victory.

Although the combination of Carlisle + Robery is not inferior to Zizzo + Izelet, but the other players of Real Madrid are too strong and completely beat Liverpool.

Chelsea 1-0 Bayern.

It seems like a small victory, but the consequences of letting Felish's team take a one-goal lead are well known in the world of football. The probability of Chelsea scoring in the next game is even smaller than this game.

AC Milan 1 to 1 Atletico Madrid.

The two teams are close in strength, and it makes sense for whoever wins. From the point of view of the formation of troops and on-the-spot command, Atletico Madrid's Tieshuai is better than AC Milan's Suotu.

But there is one variable, that is, Suotu will definitely ask Manello or even Lu Yang for advice in the second round, which is very hard to say.

Manchester United 3-3 Paris Saint-Germain.

The two sides fought back and forth, and it was the best game in this round of the series.

The public generally thinks that Paris is a final-level team, and Manchester United has just made a big change to be a team between the quarter-finals and the quarter-finals.

So people are more optimistic about Paris.

In fact, if not for Perotta's stoppage-time header, United would have fallen behind.

After all, this is only the Champions League quarter-final, and it is the first leg.

The traffic is naturally not as exaggerated as the "king of the land" was defeated in the third line of the Premier League.

Fortunately, the Savior of the Sun at a critical moment has announced a series of highly controversial lists.

"The Sun": "Whether it is commercial value, social influence, social traffic or competitive strength, the Premier League has become a well-deserved first league in the world."

"Then now, it's time for us to discuss what the best players in the Premier League are."

"It's not fair for us to discuss one of the strongest. So we made a subdivision and selected the positions of three gods!"

"No. 9 of God! The final answer to the No. 9 position in the Premier League! He is a team's regular attacking method, the most threatening player in a team, and the guarantee of a team's lower limit!"

"We think the players who are shortlisted for this title are Manchester City's Lima! Chelsea's Dominguez! Liverpool's Carlisle! Manchester United's Perrotta! Colber and others!"

"No. 10 of God! The best midfielder in the Premier League! This is the soul of a team, the brain of a team, and the foundation of a team's normal operation!"

"The players shortlisted for this title are Lu Yang of Newcastle United! Moreira of Manchester City! Maurizio of Arsenal! Gerondo of Liverpool! Red Clapp of Chelsea! Players like Finger of the Spurs also have some competitiveness."

"No. 7 of God! The player who represents the highest ceiling of a team. He is an angel and a devil. He can dominate the game with one person!"

"The players shortlisted for this title are Robery of Liverpool! He is the only one in this position. Other players who have certain competitiveness include Arsenal's Oli Shavin, Everton's Ruborg, Crystal Palace's Incitens, Newcastle's Chiesa!"

Three gods were born.

Finally set off a storm in the Premier League.

This concept is not new, just a new way of saying it.

But it has brought a lot of controversy in the Premier League to the table.

And...don't forget this is the most intense season ever in the Premier League.

There has never been a match like this with only the last six rounds left, but there are still seven teams that have the potential to win the title.

In this season when a hundred flowers bloom and the seven sisters show their coquettish style, who can become the final winner, who will win everything!

There has never been such a good opportunity to put a player above a group of competitors.

Only the rarest is the most precious.

For a time, the fans of the Seven Sisters of the Premier League were slaughtered.

"Shen Ten and Shen Jiu don't matter, but Shen Qi has no suspense at all! Robery is the only one!"

"As far as the wingers are concerned, Robery really has no opponents. Those players behind him are even more than one stop behind him!"

"It can't be said that, after all, Liverpool is only fifth in the standings. Arsenal's Oli Shavin's team record can beat Roberg by half, right?"

"In terms of experience, I definitely should give this honor to Chiesa of Newcastle. It represents the highest ceiling of a team! Chiesa has a promising future, with 22 goals and 12 goals in the third-tier competition this season. If the assist performance kills a lot of British stars, can't we give young people a little more chance?"

"Hehe, we're talking about the Premier League. Don't take the data of pheasant competitions like the UEFA Cup. Let Roberg go to the UEFA Cup, isn't it sprinkled with more than a dozen goals?"

"There's no suspense in God Ten, right? Brother Lu is a good one! Just watch the league, 32 rounds, 29 goals, 22 assists, dominate the Premier League scorer list and assist list!"

"Lu Yang is indeed strong, but you can't refer to the team's honor? If Newcastle is at the bottom of the Seven Sisters after this season, I'm afraid it won't be convincing."

"A rhetoric! What configuration of Newcastle, what configuration of the first six teams? Ahhhhh!"

"Shen Jiu's words, I think there is nothing wrong with Lima, scoring second in the Premier League, only two less than Lu Yang!"

"The team's tactics are different. Is it good for Dominguez to go to Manchester City to score less than Lima. The key is to see if the role of No. 9 is obvious. Lima is just a shooting machine!

"Hehe, this is the first time I've heard someone say that Lima is a Bing Feng! Besides, when it comes to Bing Feng, isn't Carlisle stronger?"

"Perotta's fulcrum role is unique. Shen Jiu is definitely for players like Perrotta. This is the most traditional number nine."


Among the fans, no one can convince anyone.

Even the players have begun to express interest in these three so-called divine positions.

Real Madrid superstar Zizzo: "I am very interested in the terms of Shen 10, Shen Jiu and Shen Qi, but only with such a fierce competition in the Premier League, the title selected is meaningful."

Real Madrid midfielder Collett: "It's unreasonable to put Lu Yang in the selection of Shen 10. You can't compare with others what Lu Yang is least good at."

Well, Collette has always been so outspoken.

He was clearly saying that although Lu Yang's midfield role is enough to overwhelm a number of midfield superstars, Lu Yang's striker is actually more aggressive.

Real Madrid superstar Junior: "Lima is the strongest No. 9 in the world, no one!"

Barcelona superstar Mateo: "Carlisle is definitely the best choice for Shen Jiu in my heart!"

Ceballos, the main player in Paris: "Robery is indeed the top seven in the Premier League, but our team's Miguel and Madeira are not weaker than him in my heart!"

Paris midfielder Kent: "Nerka is excellent, he should not be forgotten, he has the opportunity to hit the strongest center!"

Paris central defender Pirola: "Colber is very good. He and Perrotta are two centers with completely different roles. They are the **** nine in my heart!"

Maybe someone noticed something was wrong.

Because most of these speakers are people outside this vortex.

And either Lu Yang's former teammates in the club, or Lu Yang's teammates in the national team.

Inside and out, there's something weird going on here and there.

But these doubts were obscured by the frenzied follow-up of the media all over Europe.

"French Football": "The competition for the three positions in the Premier League has entered a white-hot stage, and the winner may be everyone on the list."

"Turin Sports Daily": "This is a more reasonable selection than the pure Ballon d'Or!"

Corriere dello Sport: "The Sun has finally done what a man does!"

"Kicker": "Bundesliga players should be the real owners of the three gods! The Premier League is no better than the Bundesliga!"

"Marca": "It is gratifying that the ten gods, **** nine and **** seven of La Liga are all in Real Madrid, that's enough!"

Public opinion is messed up!

Newcastle's two-game losing streak?

Newcastle's nightmare schedule?

Newcastle UEFA Cup first leg behind?

These are all scum.

Public opinion has entered a new stage.

No one is holding on to Newcastle anymore.

Those who tried to target Newcastle, the Chinese capital behind Newcastle, were so angry.

April 18.

The battle for the three major positions of the Premier League is still in full swing.

Newcastle took the lead in opening the 33rd round of the Premier League, facing West Ham United at home.

There are actually many people who are optimistic about Newcastle in this game.

But again, there are plenty of people who think Newcastle has a player with an injury.

Because West Ham's style is so rude.

Hammer's accomplices are well-known and well-known all over the world.

Throughout the first half, Newcastle did not make a few attacks.

Because Boyle and Reese's team of flying wings were both broken by the Hammer Gang and rolled on the ground several times.

As long as they dared to take off, the Hammer Gang dared to commit violent fouls.

It doesn't matter if they already have two yellow cards.

In the 40th minute, Newcastle, who was eager to attack, launched a counterattack after being tackled by the Hammers.

The Hammers helped the No. 7 player take a long shot from outside the penalty area.

The game was in the afternoon and the sun was very bright.

Amelucci was affected by the sun and made a mistake in saving, and he failed to save this shot that was not of the highest quality.

Newcastle 0-1, behind at home.

In the second half, Newcastle's wing still failed to break the deadlock.

Lu Yang began to greet Bridge and Chiesado and ran towards the middle.

He himself and Tavares also took turns to intervene, mainly attacking the middle.

In the fifty-second minute, Lu Yang's straight plug after plugging in has paid off.

Mandzujovic was brought down by an opposing player while receiving the ball in the penalty area.

The referee awarded a penalty.

Lu Yang took it lightly, pushed the shot in the middle, and scored with a single shot.

Newcastle equalised 1-1.

Just two minutes later, Lu Yang made another steal in the midfield.

Before he could turn around, Lu Yang quickly passed the shot.

Among the players in the field, only Sauber reacted, a beautiful anti-offside, caught up with the football, and scored a goal.

Scored his twentieth goal in the Premier League this season.

This is also the first time in his history that he has scored 20 goals in the Premier League!

That's right!

Although he has won the Golden Globe Award, England Footballer and many other honors. But Sauber has scored the most goals in the Premier League with 19 goals in two seasons and 18 goals in two seasons.

It had something to do with the style of football at the time and the team Sauber was in.

But on the whole, the strength of the ninety-three strikers is so strong.

And this single-handed shot after overtaking was originally Sauber's best way to score.

Since Sauber returned from injury, he has contributed goals for Newcastle one after another, which is a well-deserved thigh for Newcastle during this period.

Without him, Newcastle might have been left behind by now.

The player who joined the team with a back pay of 2 million euros has won the respect of all Newcastle fans with his strength.

In the fifty-ninth minute, Lu Yang, Manzhujovic, and Bridge cooperated continuously in the middle of the frontcourt, playing Newcastle's signature three-person pass.

Manzhujovic scored the ball in the penalty area. Facing the goalkeeper and the defender on the left, he was not greedy.

It was a horizontal knock that tricked the West Ham goalkeeper into making a save while passing the football to Sauber, who was completely empty on the right.

Sauber scored an empty goal and scored twice.

One more goal in the personal league scoring record.

After this goal, West Ham became vicious immediately.

Their confrontation moves have grown significantly.

The scene was quite out of control.

In the 81st minute, West Ham United's center disputed stealing the ball at the feet of De Yas and completed the goal.

Newcastle's players raised their hands one after another, believing that the goal was fouled first.

However, the referee decided that the opponent's scramble was a reasonable behavior. De Yas did not fully control the football at that time, thus indicating that the goal was valid.

Three to two!

West Ham is even more excited.

They have a strong tendency to equalize Newcastle.

So in just three minutes, many players on Newcastle fell to the ground.

In the 85th minute, Chiesa held the ball from his ribs, and just after he successfully stopped the ball, he was violently brought down by West Ham United's midfielder, who rushed from the blind spot of the oblique rear vision.

Chiesa rolled five or six laps, ripping through his ankle socks.

Lu Yang rushed over immediately.

A big fight finally came.

West Ham United are the best team in the Premier League.

The last time they met Newcastle there was a massive conflict.

This time, they even dared to provoke Lu Yang.

The performance is far more **** than Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao in La Liga.

But when it came down to it, the West Ham United players immediately regretted it again.

The result is the same as last time.

They had four or five players thrown to the ground by Lu Yang.

Especially the back waist of Chiesa who blasted the shovel, was pressed to the ground by Lu Yang and hammered.

They were not separated until security entered the stadium.

This time, Lu Yang failed to escape the sanctions, and received the red card he should have received a long time ago.

But the opponent's midfielder was also sent off with a red card.

And three West Ham players received yellow cards.

One of them had previously had a yellow card.

As a result, West Ham United were sent off a total of two.

Lu Yang's limit is one for two.

The brawl lasted five minutes and was very impactful.

It spread all over England in an instant.

When the game resumed, Chiesa dribbled in a row for the first time, killing the right flank.

The final sharp sweep sent the pass.

Sauber moved in a ghostly position in the penalty area and scored another goal, completing another personal hat-trick.

Newcastle players shouted wildly at the camera, venting their dissatisfaction and anger at this time and the game.

In the end, Newcastle scored three points four to two.

But in the next game, they will lose Lu Yang.

"Newcastle beat the Hammers, Lu Yang was suspended with a red card! 》

"Newcastle League Boxing Double Beats West Ham United! 》

"Swansea ushered in the best news of relegation, it is not difficult to defeat Newcastle without Lu Yang! 》

"Newcastle will usher in the strongest counterattack from Swansea! 》

"Key matches are suspended, Lu Yang lives up to the name of Newcastle's core! 》

"Too much pressure! Lu Yang repeats the red card incident of Qi Zuo, which may cause the team's record to plummet! 》

"Fights and red cards are but inevitable events for Newcastle on the road to collapse! But I didn't expect that it was not the other players who collapsed first, but Lu Yang! 》

"Lu Yang's core role is far overestimated, he did not bring a positive influence to Newcastle! 》

The outside world has accused Lu Yang of the red card incident.

Most experts believe that Lu Yang should stay out of the way and should not get the red card.

Even Newcastle fans thought so.

But the Newcastle players were moved by Lu Yang's actions.

At that time someone has to stand up.

The rest of Newcastle's players either didn't dare, or couldn't.

Only Lu Yang met the requirements, so he stood up.

He used his own suspension to protect all the other players in the team, otherwise the ghost knows how many people behind Newcastle will be brought down.

In terms of teammates' health, team record, personal reputation and honor, Lu Yang chose the former.

This is something that many people cannot do.

But while bad news is flying all over the sky, there is also good news.

In this round of the league, both Manchester City and Arsenal were unexpectedly equalized by their opponents.

The Premier League standings are changing.

Manchester City fell to the altar. Although they still occupy the top spot with 71 points, the gap with the subsequent teams has come to within one game, and there is no absolute advantage.

Manchester United finished second with 69 points.

Chelsea are third with 69 points.

Liverpool ranked fourth with 68 points.

Arsenal's 67 points, fifth in the Premier League, seems to be fighting for the fourth.

Tottenham 67 points, sixth.

Newcastle 66 points, seventh.

On April 21, the UEFA Cup quarter-final second leg.

Newcastle went all out in this game.

Lu Yang made two passes and two shots, Manzhujovic assisted Sauber to score, Gombani and Lukatu scored, and Chiesa and Beckenham provided assists.

A five-to-one victory over Eindhoven.

Reached the UEFA Cup semi-finals.

Shattered the dream of the Dutch to get their hands on the trophy.

People said that this was Lu Yang's anger because he couldn't play in the Premier League.

Although powerful, it does not help the league.

However, on May 2, the thirty-fourth round of the Premier League.

Newcastle away to Swansea.

Sauber scored two shots and one pass, the best of the game.

Manzhujovic scored twice.

Tavares and Lukatu provided assists.

Four to zero bloodbath Swansea.

Send Swansea directly to relegation.

Swansea also became the first team to be relegated from the Premier League this season.

The remaining two places are still in fierce competition.

Although Lu Yang was absent, Newcastle's teammates did not lose the chain.

Do not retreat but advance.

Because in this round, the other six sisters of the Premier League met each other!

Manchester City encountered a strong opponent Chelsea in this round, and finally lost unfortunately and fell from the throne of the first place in the standings.

Arsenal were fighting against Liverpool. UU Reading relied on Morich's outside instep to shoot the lore to Liverpool.

Tottenham and Manchester United played against each other, Manchester United made a proper rotation out of consideration for the Champions League, and White let Tottenham take advantage.

It's time for a new day for the Premier League standings.

Chelsea, 72

Manchester City, 71

Arsenal, 70

Tottenham, 70

Manchester United, 69

Newcastle, 69

Liverpool, 68

------off topic-----

This season is a transitional season, and the rhythm has been accelerated, and the next race is finally about to start!


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