Football Should Be Played Like Me - Chapter 419 The seal is lifted, go all out!

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England's FA Cup semi-final this year was supposed to come before the just-completed 34th round.

However, the FA moved the time back due to a series of race crashes.

Arranged behind the thirty-fourth round.

And the follow-up Premier League games, part of the move back.

Among them, there are a few strong teams in the showdown, and they will decide whether to move further back depending on the semi-finals and finals of the Champions League.

Because if the Premier League team reaches the final, then in order to make way for the Champions League in the final round of the Premier League, it is very likely that the Champions League will start after the Champions League is over.

This is a rare move by the Premier League to make way for the Champions League in recent years.

It was also inspired by La Liga's Copa del Rey schedule.

Who let La Liga win the Champions League for the past two consecutive years?

Although the main hero is Lu Yang.

But do you dare to say that the schedule doesn't get even the slightest credit?

That little bit may be the key to the Premier League winning the Champions League.

Chelsea and Barcelona, ​​Arsenal and Real Madrid, apart from Lu Yang, isn't that a little bit worse!

speak up.

Before the 34th round, the top four of the three major European wars have been released.

On the UEFA Cup side, the top four are Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League, Olympic Marseille in Ligue 1, and Slavia Prague in the Czech League One.

In the Europa League, the top four are Manchester City in the Premier League, Barcelona in La Liga, Juventus in Serie A, and Red Bull Leipzig in Bundesliga.

As for the Champions League, it's a bit exciting.

Chelsea, who sealed Bayern 1-0 in the first round, and 1-0 in the second round, played Bayern without any temper.

Without Robery, Bayern's blasting ability has dropped significantly.

You can't see it against a normal team, but when you're facing a super defensive team, the difference is like a cloud of mud.

Chelsea stepped on the corpse of Bayern and advanced to the Champions League semi-finals.

Only then did many Bayern fans realize that the team cannot live without Robery.

Because Liverpool, who owns Robery and Carlisle, even fell behind Real Madrid 1-2 in the first round, and made a 4-2 comeback in the second round!

The Galaxy battleship collapsed for the third time at a critical moment.

Ezelet was injured and retired directly in the process of fighting Najib in the opening 20 minutes.

The key is that Izerite shoveled Najib, but Najib was fine, and Izerite was directly abolished.

In the next game, although Zizzo instigated and assisted teammates Alfa and Enriquez's goals.

But Carlisle and Robery couldn't stand Liverpool's three goals.

Even so, Real Madrid still have the advantage of an away goal.

As a result, in the 80th minute, in order to fight for his life, Liverpool removed the team's firefighting right-back John Peele and replaced an all-around midfielder Welsage to strengthen the offense.

In the 85th minute, Najib initiated the attack with a long pass, and Gerondo finally completed a long shot.

But the shot was blocked by Real Madrid defender Londene with his thigh.

Versage imitated Zizzo, volleying and flying immortals from the sky.

Help Liverpool beat Real Madrid.

Real Madrid has established itself as one of the most difficult personalities in football. The superstars in their team must fall off the chain at critical moments, for four consecutive years, without exception.

Liverpool made a miracle and reached the Champions League semi-finals again after five years.

The last year they reached the semi-finals, they counterattacked AC Milan and successfully won the cup, leaving behind the story of the Istanbul miracle.

On the AC Milan side, they shook hands with Atletico Madrid in the first round.

In the second round, the divine striker Gutierrez, who moved from Chelsea to AC Milan this season, seems to have finally regained his former feeling. A hat-trick imitated the sage Lu Yang and turned Atletico Madrid into a sissy team.

Of course, Sogel's two assists are also crucial.

Atletico forward Nick Young scored a goal in the 80th minute, but it didn't help.

AC Milan beat Atletico Madrid to advance to the Champions League semi-finals.

The last Champions League semi-final place was born between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.

In the first round, the two teams drew three to three.

In the second round, at the Theater of Dreams, Perrotta's hat-trick showed the true colors of the Red Wolf!

Highlander made two shots and one pass, once tying the score.

But at the critical moment, Aveiro made a point in the penalty area, and he took a penalty kick, and the penalty kick lore Paris, refusing overtime!

The battle of the twins ended with Aveiro winning again.

Manchester United into the semi-finals again!

In addition, in addition to the three major European wars, the Premier League FA Cup semi-finals were also born early.

They are Newcastle, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool.

From this point of view, the four teams all have the dual tasks of the European war and the league.

Tottenham and Manchester City are in the FA Cup semi-finals.

Newcastle and Liverpool.

The top superstars in Manchester City's lineup are full of superstars, and all the players on the bench are ready-to-play players.

But Tottenham is also the top iron, and the UEFA Cup is insignificant to them.

Under the pressure of league relegation, they chose to give up the UEFA Cup and focus on the league and the FA Cup.

As a result, in the semi-finals, Manchester City and Tottenham fought head-to-head, and Tottenham was killed by Manchester City.

Manchester City easily advance to the FA Cup final.

Tottenham lost the FA Cup and wasted an opportunity to rest.

Next-door groups Newcastle and Liverpool are different.

Newcastle released the news early and will go all out.

Liverpool are in a tangle.

Because they reached the Champions League semi-finals this year, the goal is naturally the Champions League.

Compared with the Champions League, the taste of the Premier League is slightly inferior, let alone the FA Cup?

The injury of Liverpool's right back Moruno's broken leg is still in front of his eyes, and the scar is not healed. Naturally, the pain cannot be forgotten.

In the end, Liverpool sent a substitute + youth training lineup to face it.

Defeated 3-0 by Newcastle.

Sauber scored twice.

Chiesa scored a goal.

Lu Yang provided two assists.

This treatment really **** off Tottenham.

Tottenham's boss openly criticized Liverpool and Newcastle for playing tacit understanding, believing that Liverpool's lack of a full lineup is disrespectful to the FA Cup.

But at the same time, he insulted Manchester City's Gudiola in another interview, saying that under the pressure of the Europa League and the league championship, he still sent all the main players in the FA Cup, which is simply a dog.

Such contradictory remarks made people laugh at the Tottenham boss who couldn't afford to lose.

Compared to Tottenham's demands.

The "royal" treatment here in Newcastle makes people jealous and crazy.

However, some people think that the treatment is good, but some people can see why Newcastle can get such royal treatment.

Compared with Tottenham, Newcastle has a firm attitude and will play with all the main players if they speak early.

At the same time, Lu Yang, Kyle Rees and De Yas in the Newcastle team have always been known for their tough defense.

In addition, they also have Boyle, a fullback who likes to tackle and tackle, and a physical monster like Lukatu.

If you don't pay attention, it's really easy to hurt your opponent.

Arsenal are afraid of such a threat.

Liverpool are naturally afraid.

As for Tottenham, since Finger joined Tottenham, Tottenham’s record has improved a lot, and the game has become smoother and more beautiful.

Finger, after all, was once a top midfielder in Serie A, and after leaving Inter Milan's poor dressing room, he quickly regained his form at Tottenham.

But the biggest reason Finger was dropped by the Italian national team wasn't his poor performance.

It's just that his relationship with Lu Yang is not good,'s that his game is soft.

With the addition of Brazilian full-back Gerlis, Tottenham's attack speed has indeed increased, but it has also taken a toll.

The strength is lower than before.

Besides, how could Goodiola be frightened by such a team?

Gudiola is a coach who is not afraid of Atletico Madrid and Chelsea. It is completely normal for him to play with all his strength.

Tottenham is simply bad luck.

If they were to play Liverpool, they might be able to pick up the slack.

They have reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup, and Liverpool are even willing to give up.

I have to say that this Liverpool team is really willing to make decisions.

Such a spirit, although temporarily underestimated in the Champions League odds.

But definitely not a bad thing.

May 5th.

The first leg of the UEFA Cup semi-finals kicks off.

Newcastle's luck in the FA Cup turned into a misfortune in the UEFA Cup, making Tottenham a lot happier.

Tottenham drew Slavia Prague, the weakest of the semi-finals in the Czech First Division.

And Newcastle was drawn to the French giants Marseille.

In the seventh minute of the game, Tavares guided a long pass and assisted Sauber to complete the goal.

But Sauber collided with the goalkeeper after scoring, knee-to-knee.

The team doctor entered the field quickly, carried Sauber off the pitch, and Beckenham came off the bench.

In the 31st minute, Beckenham assisted Manzhujovic to score.

2-0 lead Marseille.

In the 53rd minute of the second half, as the confrontation intensified, Flick replaced Manzhujovic with Lukatu.

In the 68th minute, Lukatu conceded the ball, Marseille launched a counterattack, and the winger scored against offside and scored a goal.

In the 86th minute, Tavares' defense was out of position, Lu Yang made up for the foul, received a yellow card and gave the opponent a free kick.

The opponent scored a free kick to tie the score at 2-2.

Then the two sides did not achieve anything.

After the game, Sauber's injury was determined, his knee cartilage damage, there are two treatment options.

One is surgical treatment. The advantage is that Sauber can recover and reach the game state after a month.

But the disadvantage is that a month later, the UEFA Cup, the FA Cup, and the Premier League are all over.

Newcastle is out of the game, it doesn't matter if Sauber is good or not.

The only thing that will have an impact is probably the European Cup, which will start less than a month after the end of all competitions this season.

That is Sauber's national team call-up, training and competition.

After surgery, Sauber retained the opportunity to play in the European Cup, but lost the opportunity to play for the club.

Another option is conservative treatment.

Without affecting Sauber's normal athletic ability, Sauber can continue to play for Newcastle in the next game.

However, his injury will not be completely healed, and there is a high probability of recurrence after a few games. If surgery is performed at that time, the recovery period will be at least three months.

The advantage is that Sauber can still play for Newcastle for a period of time, and this time is when Newcastle is the most difficult and needs someone to stand up and grab points.

The downside is that it's pretty much saying goodbye to Sauber and the Euros.

Sauber was a regular in the England national team and even an attacking knife.

But with his slump in form, diminished ability, and the impact of injuries, he hasn't gotten signs of the national team for a long time.

Sauber has been reborn at Newcastle this season.

Especially in the recent period of time, with the arrival of the players' physical crisis, the running distance of the players of the whole team has decreased.

Newcastle's offense and defense have some problems.

Only Lu Yang increased his running range and covered up the truth of Newcastle's physical collapse.

However, Lu Yang was also unable to open his hands because of this, and was completely shrunk in the defensive position, and the number of goals was significantly reduced.

At this time, it was Sauber who stood up and grabbed points for Newcastle.

Seven goals and two assists in the UEFA Cup.

FA Cup two goals.

Twenty-four goals and five assists in the league.

A total of 33 goals and seven assists have been contributed to Newcastle, which is a well-deserved scoring weapon.

Newcastle cannot do without him.

Originally, this matter was Newcastle's own business, and after a slow discussion, there will always be a result that satisfies everyone.

However, there was a problem on Sauber's side.

"Lu, I'm sorry..." Sauber took the initiative to call Lu Yang, and the two agreed to meet at a coffee shop near Lu Yang's house.

Lu Yang read sports news while going out.

It was as bad as Sauber said it was.

His condition was leaked by his agent.

The team told Sauber about the condition out of respect for Sauber.

You know, during the season, the team can completely not tell Sauber the real condition.

All inspections by Sauber also need to be carried out in the medical institutions arranged by the team or with the consent of the team.

In extreme cases, the team can ask Sauber to play with an injury.

Of course, no team would do that, which is stupid.

But now Sauber's agent has revealed the situation.

A thing that could have been handled very well, all of a sudden there is a lot of external pressure.

"Grab a breakup injury and become the last straw to crush Newcastle! 》

"Lu Yang, caught in the defensive fog, needs a top attacker to stand up! But Sauber should have surgery right away! 》

"Newcastle or England! League or European Cup! China Tang needs to make decisions carefully! 》

"England national team coach calls on Sauber to operate as soon as possible: Sauber will of course be in my plan, he is a key part of us, we need this kind of striker who has the ability to make a final call now! 》

Tottenham boss: No English player would refuse to play for the national team, but I am worried that Lu will stop this! There is no England national team in his eyes! Perhaps, he is hoping to weaken the strong enemy of the national team through such means! 》

The end of the season is just around the corner, and the European Cup is just around the corner.

Many people are concerned about this matter.

The England national team is full of superstars.

But as the coach said, they don't lack everything, they can lack a guy who can score goals.

Michael Sober, is the best candidate.

Of course, the Tottenham boss said this because Tottenham will play Newcastle in the next round of the Premier League.

Tottenham are now in the top four in the Premier League, and defeating Newcastle can not only eliminate a rival, but maybe even make them go further.

At this time, no Sauber is of course the best.

Many Premier League fans have heatedly discussed this.

"What are Newcastle still hesitating about? Why not let Sauber operate?"

"How did you talk? Did Newcastle not let Sauber operate? Isn't that a decision yet to be made?"

"Haha! The decision has been made a long time ago, isn't it just to let Sauber miss the best surgery period?"

"That's right! Otherwise, why would Sauber's agent reveal this news? Sauber needs the support of our English people. He is being persecuted by the Orientals who have taken control of Newcastle!"

"Lu is too domineering! Weakening the England team through such a defense is impossible to win!"

"Bah! Lu needs this to beat the England team? Don't look at your level! The third-rate Europeans dare to touch the new World Cup champion and the defending European Cup champion? You can't even win with Morich, believe it or not!"

Moric? ? ?

"Newcastle must have Sauber undergo surgery or I will never support Newcastle again!"

"It's all England, not one Newcastle club! Surgery, surgery!"

Premier League fans, unprecedented unity.

Some people even organized a group of extreme fans to greet them wildly under Newcastle's website and Lu Yang's social account.

It made the entire Newcastle management, the head coach, and Lu Yang explode in their mentality.

Come to the coffee shop.

Sauber immediately told Lu Yang what he thought: "Lu, or... I'd better treat it conservatively."

Sauber struggled, but he finally said it.

In an instant, both Lu Yang and Newcastle Chairman Tang Yuqin next to Lu Yang felt warm.

The unpleasantness created by netizens has also vanished.

You make a jaguar!

Your master's family is now taking the initiative to request conservative treatment, okay?

However, Chinese people pay attention to a courtesy.

you are good to me.

I am better for you.

You take care of me for a while.

I support you forever!

So Lu Yang said, "Sauber, this matter is up to you. I told Yuqin long ago that you must undergo surgery to ensure that you can participate in the European Cup."

"For this purpose, we have invited a well-known sports science MD in the United States... to operate on you, and he should be in London by now. Trust me, he is the top three doctors in the world for knee surgery, and this will definitely help you. Earlier in the national team."

Sauber's eyes were red with emotion.

Although he is willing to sacrifice for the club.

But he didn't expect that the club would be willing to sacrifice for him.

"I have fired my agent. He announced my condition just to put pressure on the club to have me undergo surgery and join the national team." Sauber said more insider, "so he will find me in the summer. A couple of well-priced endorsements, and he's able to get a lot of money out of them."

Speaking of which, Sauber was also the one who was backstabbed.

He never meant it.

Ordinary people say this, Lu Yang doesn't believe it.

But Sauber said, Lu Yangxin.

Because this is a player who is 100% loyal to the club.

As long as the club does not speak up, he will never ask for a transfer.

Soon, relevant news spread.

"The Sun": "The most expensive flying knife this year! Newcastle invited top doctors to fly to London to operate on Sauber!"

"Newcastle Evening News": "The operation was very successful! Sauber may even perform better when he recovers, because the operation also cleared his old knee!"

"Sky Sports": "England is aiming at the European Cup, and there may be a huge breakthrough in the record! Just because the most recent Premier League striker has been found!"

"The Times": "Mr. Golden Ball is back! The England national team coach announced in advance that Sauber has locked a spot in the European Cup!"

But soon, the agent dismissed by Sauber broke the news: "Sauber doesn't love England at all, he plans to conservatively treat and continue to play for Newcastle. In order to stop his stupid idea, for the benefit of English football, Tell the media that Newcastle wants him to be treated conservatively."

"He is a **** player. A little performance will kick me, the hero who helped him recover. He and Newcastle are the same raccoon dog, and he does not deserve to enter the national team!"

Don't say I don't know, I'm shocked when I say it.

The agent thought he had made Sauber bad.

Because Sauber doesn't love pots.

Anywhere, not loving pot is definitely a big stain.

What's more, many English people have now described Sauber as a national hero, thinking that he will overcome difficulties for England in the European Cup.

These news are not very digestible for fans.

Indeed, some people were stunned by this.

If Sauber's position is questionable, then how can people call him a national hero.

But soon, Lu Yang personally came forward to "refute the rumor": "I have never seen a special player like Sauber in the Premier League before. He is someone who is willing to do his best for every game."

"Whether it's the Premier League, the FA Cup, the UEFA Cup, the Champions League, the European Cup, the World Cup."

"He does want conservative treatment, but not because he doesn't appreciate the opportunity to play for England."

"It's the exact opposite. He told me that he has to play for the national team, he has to use better performances and better statistics to impress fans all over England and the coaching staff of the national team."

"He was afraid that he would not be able to receive the call from the national team office. He was afraid that he would not be able to hear his name when he watched the national team coach reading the list on the live broadcast."

Soon, Sauber was lying in a hospital bed in an interview with the BBC, which contrasted with this: "Of course I want conservative treatment. I think I can still play. It's not a big injury."

"I was at Liverpool, at Real Madrid, at Manchester United, and I didn't hesitate when I was injured at this level. I'm not that these three clubs are bad for the players, they are great, but what I want to say is that Newcastle or Lu He Other clubs are really different."

"People will worry that I'm getting paid and not playing for the club."

"But Lu told me that he would do everything possible to make the national team see my excellence and recruit me. But the premise is that I must be healthy at that time."

"He made me have to undergo surgery, and hired the best doctor without telling me and Miss Tang. I don't know what to say, all I know is that Newcastle United has become my second home."

"I am very happy here, I will stay here forever and never leave again."

These two interviews exploded the whole of England in an instant.

Red Clapp: "I think we are like clowns! We, all England fans, our ideas make people feel ugly, our doubts about Newcastle and Lu Yang, in front of his practices and ideas, selfish and ridiculous! "

Gerondo: "In the league, we are against Newcastle, but I have to say that Newcastle's decision shocked me. I have always respected Lu because he is the spiritual leader of Liverpool, but until now I have I just realized that my respect for him is still too superficial!"

"He's a real football saint!"

Mike Lorraine: "The whole of England owes Lu Yang an apology. Newcastle is a great club. Chinese football and Italian football will always be friends of English football!"

Mancini: "I've never worried that Sauber won't receive treatment, because Lu Yang and I were teammates, and I know he values ​​his teammates' bodies and careers more than anything else."

Solkan White: "Because of the Newcastle incident, several players in our Arsenal team had some disputes with Moric. We were scolding Lu, and Moric stood up and accused us."

"That was the biggest altercation we've had in the locker room in years. Mr. Winter couldn't control it."

"But now, on behalf of myself and England players such as Gordon, Marduk, Walter, etc., I want to say sorry to Moric. We misunderstood Lu and we misunderstood you."

"You're right. Lu doesn't need anyone to chase victory. He always wins hardships and wins from himself, not others."

"From now on, we will listen to Moric in everything, and the fans around the world will testify for us!"

England is full of triumphs for Newcastle and Luyang.

Morich even soared into the sky and became Arsenal's second captain.

This is also the first time that Arsenal have had such a young player in the captaincy since they mistakenly handed the captain's armband to an unfamiliar young man last time.

However, after the triumph, there was a restless mood within Newcastle.

There is no point in exaggerating verbal praise.

Newcastle is missing a real striker.

Chiesa, Bridge, Beckenham, Lukatu, Boyle, Reese, Fenio and others worked hard until they were dispersed by Flick and Lu Yang.

They both knew someone needed to step up to fill Sauber's void.

If no one can do it, then together, they can always do it, right?

The team understands the good intentions of these players, but in order to prevent them from over-training, causing physical disorder and entering a vulnerable state, the management even dispatched staff to supervise their daily life.

The next day, when everyone was still restless.

Flick arranged for training.

And Lu Yang's position puzzled many people.

He wasn't in the midfield position.

Instead, stand in the... front waist position.

Flick said to Manchester United star Best, who came to visit Beckenham next to him: "Some time ago, there was a heated discussion about the three major positions in the Premier League."

"No. 10 of God, No. 9 of God, No. 7 of God... It seems that a result has been discussed."

"But in my opinion, such discussions are moot."

"In other words, discussions like UU reading were meaningful before players like Lu Yang appeared. But when Lu appeared, everything became meaningless."

"Because he broke the common sense of football cognition with his actions and told people that there are players who can play the roles of God Ten, God Nine, and God Seven at the same time in a game!"

"Trinity, the true **** of football, is on the paper."

"These teams in the Premier League are conspiring together, forcing Newcastle to give up Sauber voluntarily, forcing Newcastle to break their teeth and swallow them."

"But it also opened the seal of Lu Yang's position, forcing out something that was only a surprise last season... Phnom Penh's full strength Lu!"

"They will regret it!"

"You will definitely regret it!"

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