Full-time Occupation - Chapter 1765 New Year's 200 Rings

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"Beautiful moving speed!" The audience who saw this scene exclaimed.

After all, this is a scene that can only occur in a specific location on a specific map. Generally speaking, it is really very rare. There are indeed many maps that are hit by wind, but there are very few strong winds that can blow this character away, and green The Wind Eye in Wild Wind Trail is one of the few.

As for how much movement speed this gust of wind will increase, it's hard to say. These require more weight and strength attributes of each character to make judgment calculations. Each of these attributes will affect the speed of the final Blue Rain crowd's ascension in the wind. But even the final guardian angel has at least increased the movement speed by more than 50%.

But when the Blue Rain crowd entered the wind, they could see the Blue Rain crowd's research on this map. Even though the five of them had different attributes, weights, and even their own motive speeds, they still moved at almost the same speed.

You must know that this was a dismissal after being affected by the strong wind. Their original formation did not deviate at all due to the appearance of the strong wind. It was exactly the same as when they came in. It can be seen that they have a wealth of operational experience in this situation, and can handle it with ease.

Turning their perspective to Happy's side, they obviously knew the location of these wind eyes from the beginning, so they just followed the route of the strategy. This also shows that they are no strangers to maps, and even have a good understanding of maps. If Happy and the others hadn't done any special exercises on the map, they would have been quite good with their current level of understanding.

As for fighting in the wind? Not to mention such special special exercises, even if Happy and the others really have such training. As far as the headwind position they are currently in, the impact of the deceleration is not a star and a half. Compared with the Blue Rain crowd on the other side, it is a plus or minus. The difference is more than a hundred percent.

Therefore, even ordinary players know that the wind area of ​​​​the strong wind cannot be carried out from the headwind.

Of course, the people on Happy's side wouldn't be so savage. After knowing what the wind area was, they immediately started running towards the next wind area.

But on the other side, the Blue Rain crowd, who had been going down the wind, rushed out of the direction, which happened to be the way everyone from Happy was heading to the next eye of the storm.

He wanted Blue Rain to have a very clear judgment on the current situation, and to be in the most favorable situation for them.

The Blue Rain team, which was going down the wind, relied on the bonus of its own movement speed, and directly left behind the flowers and trees that were blown by the strong wind. The chance was just a few breaths, and they had already crossed half of the wind area. If they went a little further, they saw the figures of the five of Happy.

And the Blue Rain team had no intention of slowing down in this situation. Just go straight to the opponent.

The people on Happy's side may have already discovered the existence of the Blue Rain people, but after all, they are in a position against the wind, so of course they will not fight against the Blue Rain who is downwind.

"Everyone, move on!" Ye Xiu immediately gave instructions, but the Blue Rain crowd had already started to attack.

Of course, the one who launched the attack was Zheng Xuan in the Blue Rain team. To know that this guy who seemed to have no energy ended up being an ammunition expert, the Blue Rain team was definitely the class with the longest range.

Whoosh whoosh.

Countless hands were thrown out by Zheng Xuan at the same time, and in such a situation, it was no longer enough to rely on explosive hand speed to coherent the skills, so there was only one answer. That is the level 70 big move of the ammunition expert - Thunder!

"The Age of Rebirth"

Explosion type, timing type, gas type, induction type…

I don't know how many kinds of grenades, but they were thrown out by Zheng Xuan like a goddess scattered flowers. Although it is said that the attack of grenades is definitely not as fast as bullets, but now they are affected by strong winds more than bullets. At a time, each grenade is like the stars falling from the sky, which can be said to be full of oppression!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! ...

But the next moment, the grenades that filled the sky exploded one after another, like blasting a sea of ​​flowers in the sky. Blooming with a stunning view. And the danger under this scenery is so clear to everyone, but this is not the reason for all the shock.

The reason that really shocked all the audience, even the two commentators to the point of forgetting to speak, was that all these dangers were not dangerous to everyone in Xingxin, because these dense grenades exploded in the sky!

Stormy rain!

This was Happy's counterattack in the face of these grenades, and Tang Yin made the big move of the storm. The speed of the hand has already reached four hundred and five hundred. The bullets, which are denser than the sky-filled grenades, are like a torrent of headwind from the bottom up. Com flew a grenade against the sky.

Even in the strong wind area that can blow the character, Tang Yin's attack still vividly shows what is precision.

Of course, these bullet rains, which are much denser than grenades, also have a lot of empty shots, but that's because it doesn't need to be accurate enough to knock out a grenade in one shot. Tang Yin directly shot out a rain of bullets that was so dense that even people with phobias dared not watch it, and in an instant, the grenade in the sky turned into a gorgeous five-step fireworks show!

At this moment, everyone who sees it doesn't know how to describe their current mood. They must know that the grenade flying extremely fast under the blessing of the strong wind, but none of them can surpass the thunder pool!


At this moment, everyone once again had a clear influence on Tang Yin's precision of operation and the sky-defying hand speed. (It turned out that Zhong Yexiu could use the Thousand Manifestation Umbrella Gun to be able to accurately operate in the windy area, and among the crowded grenades, the most accurate mass grenades in the sky, were the most threatening collapsible grenades. Tang Yin himself was the ceiling of the gunner's specialization. , it's not too much to blast all the grenades with the aid of the skills of such a large-scale, intensive, and high-frequency attack as the hurricane?)

Mind the hood!

Here, while Tang Yin was rushing up against the storm of bullets, Ye Xiu directly swung a qi mask to protect So in it.

The reason is very simple. Although Tang Yin did explode all the grenades before they got close to them, a small version of "200 New Year's Sounds" came. This did prevent the grenades from doing damage to everyone in Happy, but the grenades of the ammunition experts didn't only do damage after they exploded, but some of their fangs only appeared after they exploded. For example, a burst of green smoke exploded, a gas grenade scientifically called gas gas!

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