God Level Demon - Chapter 2963 Finale

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Jingle Bell

At this time, a telephone call came over, and Xiaozheng Xia Hai answered the call skillfully.

"Hi, Xia Hai, what are you doing?"

"Baby, I'm thinking of you."

"Well, scumbag, you said that to Ruth in the next class."

"Where's the matter, I only told you a girl like this. If I lied, my dad would be hit by five thunder."

"Isn't it that you were struck by a thunderstorm?"

"If I were hacked, who would love you and take care of you."

"Oh, you know you're lying to me."

"Baby, how can I lie to you? I remember that there is a lollipop next to the kindergarten. Let's eat together at noon tomorrow. You know, I haven't seen you for a long time."

"it is good."


After hearing these words, Nangong Wu, Su Mei, Jiang Yaru and other people twitched their lips. This is how many little girls have become so proficient in speaking. It seems like they have become instinct to speak sweet words.

"Mom, give me some money. I'm going to date my girlfriend tomorrow."

Xiaozheng Xia Hai blinked and reached out to Su Mei for money.

"Going there, no money."

Su Mei patted Mrs. Xiaozheng's hand. She was only a few years old and knew she was looking for a girlfriend to date.

Xia Hai blinked her eyes: "Mom, help me transfer to a kindergarten tomorrow. I see a little girl next to the kindergarten looks very cute, with big eyes and ponytails. I want to meet her."

"Don't even think about it, study hard for me. I'm only a few years old and I want to have an early love."

Su Mei said angrily.


At this moment on a big mountain, a little boy in open crotch pants stood on the top of the mountain, showing a scornful look.

"Sister, you have to remember, these little farts are all over, and there is no benefit at all. It is either fighting all day, or playing around. Otherwise, it is a pick-up girl. Only your elder brother will mature and focus. It seems that this family will still be in the future. It's up to me, Xia Yu. "Xia Yu stood with his hands in his hands, looking old-fashioned.

"But brother, my mother said that when you were three years old, you were also very naughty. You ran around Uncle Xunpeng and didn't know how much things had ruined your home." Xia Ling, a three-year-old boy, blinked.

"Hum, you also said that it was when I was three years old. You must know that I am now five years old and I have grown up. This time is different from the past. I will not do anything like this."

Xia Yu's mature face showed that he was already a five-year-old adult and no longer a three-year-old child.


As soon as the words fell, a ball came flying immediately below, hitting Xia Yu's head with such precision, and then a little fart called out loud: "Brother, come down, I will beat you today. "

Xia Ling blinked and looked at her elder brother Xia Yu.

"Stupid child, using a trick such as gizmo, do you think I would be fooled as a five-year-old? It's useless, I won't be irritated by you so easily."

Xia Yu stood by his hands, unmoved.

There was a squeak, but the words were not finished, and a big watermelon flew below, and it smashed on Xia Yu's forehead, cracked and cracked.

Xia Ling was suddenly surprised.

The child continued to shout, "Brother, are you afraid? I haven't hurry up yet. This time I practiced a new martial art and I will definitely defeat you."

"Sister, don't worry, don't be irritable, I won't be easily irritated, thinking that smashing a few watermelons will irritate me? Too underestimated the cultivation of a five-year-old adult, I have reached a state of motionlessness In my realm, my heart is as calm as a deep pond, and my cultivation is as unpredictable as a monk. "

Xia Yu was restless and calm. Although the watermelon juice in his head was still flowing, he still looked pale and light.

"It's a big brother. It's amazing."

Xia Ling admired her five-body plan, and she is indeed her five-year-old brother. Such a culture is not like a three-year-old child. She is too mature to be provoked and irritated at all.

She looked at her elder brother with admiration.


But at this moment, above the ocean, Xia Yue and Xia Feng missed, a huge black rock smashed over, the speed was extremely fast, and the angle was extremely accurate, so it smashed into Xia Yu's head. .


Seeing this scene, Xia Yu exploded: "It's intolerable and unbearable. I really have no temper when your elder brother, everything is smashed up, you bastards, wait for me, today I will let you know what It's called **** blossom. "


Suddenly, he punched in the void and blasted this huge black rock in the air, disintegrating in mid-air, and instantly shattered into powder.

With a few beeps, he jumped straight down from the top of the mountain and settled with the provocative little farts.

"Haha, brother, you finally came down."

"Come on, Big Brother lets you see and see me."

"Eat me a black tiger."

In an instant, more than a dozen children on the beach rushed into a ball, all of them were like human dragons, their power was horrible, and their speed was incredible.

The entire sandy beach is full of dark smoke and gas explosions, and the distant sea is full of violent waves.

"What can I do?"

Seeing this scene, Rabbit Linglong was speechless.

"Forget it, let them fight, it's everyday."

Qing Ye helplessly said.

In fact, this group of little guys have been fighting and arguing from birth to now. It is news that one day they will not fight.

"Look, Dad is back."

At this time, Xia Yu screamed and noticed that a figure suddenly appeared on the sea surface in the distance. A mature man walked over the sea like this, as if walking on the ground, it seemed that the forces between heaven and earth had made way for him.

This man is Shapin.

"Really dad, dad is back."

"Come on, hurry up, Dad must have brought back many good things."

"Dad, you're back."

A group of little ladies, Xiao Luoli rushed up, and flung on Xia Ping, some hugged Xia Ping's thigh, some hugged his hands, some jumped on his head, shoulders, Surround him in circles.

"You guys, have you been good these days? Are there any fights?"

Xia Ping touched the heads of these little guys.

"Oh, we certainly are."

"Yes, we are good boys and don't fight."

A group of little farts said in unison.

"Just be good, this time I went into chaos and caught a chaotic octopus. It tastes good and can be grilled."

Xia Ping smiled slightly.

"Chaotic octopus? Strange creature."

"I still like to eat the colorful fruits brought back by my dad last time."

"No, the yin-yang whale is delicious and the meat is delicious."

"No, no, crocodile is delicious."

A group of children babbled.

"Well, if I catch it next time, I will bring it back to you all. Let's have dinner today."

Xia Ping carried the little guys back.

At night, they held an open-air dinner here. The light of the moon shone down and seemed quiet and peaceful, as if this moment had become eternal.


The book is finished.

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