Godly Dragon Guard - v3 Chapter 4943 Meet Nuwa

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It may not be a bad thing to make these monks mistakenly think that they are Tianzun.

Shen Lang made a mistake, facing the three old demons, and said bluntly: "Wait, take me to the teleportation formation at the base, I want to go to the Goddess Hall to meet the Goddess."


The three old demons repeatedly said yes, and respectfully took Shen Lang to the location of the teleportation formation.

The teleportation formation at the Black Crystal Mountains stronghold is located in a cave in the ground. The location is very hidden and protected by a large number of defensive formations.

The three old demons lifted the many restrictions and finally led Shen Lang to the teleportation formation in the cave.

"Go back to God, it's here."

The wolf-headed demon Xiu, headed by him, said respectfully.

Shen Lang nodded slightly, then instructed: "The demons have recently mastered the method of breaking the Twelve Yuanchen Great Array, you wait to send a message as soon as possible to notify the other nearby strongholds, and quickly ask for reinforcements to prevent the demons from attacking again. ."

He had previously learned a lot of news through the Soul Searching Fiery Demon General.

The Demon Race has indeed developed a method of breaking the formation for the Twelve Yuanchen Grand Formation recently. The "Holy Magic Orb" previously used by the Blazing Demon General is a one-time consumable for breaking the formation.

This bead was made from the demon cores of several Chaos Heavenly Demons. When it was detonated, it was equivalent to several Chaos Heavenly Demons self-destructing their demon cores. It was so powerful that it could indeed break through the Twelve Yuanchen Great Array, which had a low degree of imitation.

The three old demons looked shocked, and clasped their fists in response: "Follow the instructions of God! I will notify the nearby stronghold immediately and ask for help in time."

Shen Lang stopped talking, and started the teleportation array on his own.


With the light when the teleportation array was activated, Shen Lang was teleported out in an instant.

Shen Lang teleported to a defensive stronghold in the middle of the Eastern Earth Realm.

This city is a teleportation relay, and the Temple of the Goddess is to the north of the city.

If you want to enter the Temple of the Goddess to meet the Goddess, you will naturally have to check the layers.

Although Shen Lang did not have any job agency in the Eastern Land, but with his cultivation level similar to that of Tianzun, the cultivator who checked his identity did not dare to neglect him at all.

He claimed to be a monk sent by Emperor Fuxi to inform the goddess of something important.

After various investigations, he was finally allowed to visit the Temple of the Goddess.

The "Goddess Temple" is located on the sky above the north side of the city.

After leaving the city in the hinterland of the canyon, Shen Lang could see at a glance a beautiful floating palace standing above the canyon. The palace was made of white jade spar, emitting a warm and soft glow, which was dazzling.

The palace is surrounded by a layer of mysterious light curtain barrier, which seems to be blessed by a powerful enchantment.

That floating palace is the Temple of the Goddess.

The so-called goddess is naturally the goddess Nuwa, also known as "Wa Huang", who is as famous as the three emperors of heaven, earth and man.

It is worth mentioning that this goddess temple has nothing to do with the goddess temple in Beiming Xianyu after the World Destruction War.

The enchantment light curtain of the Temple of the Goddess released an extremely powerful space repulsion, and only monks above the level of Hunyuan Daluo Jinxian were able to resist this space repulsion and approach the Temple of the Goddess.

Shen Lang easily resisted the space repulsion and came to the outside of the Goddess Hall.

Outside the hall stood two huge guardian stone statues, one female and one male, both with human heads and snake bodies, holding golden three-pointed prongs, and the breath was amazing.

After sensing the approach of the outsider, the two stone statues suddenly moved, golden light shot out of their eyes, and shot at Shen Lang in salvo.


The speed of the golden light was extremely fast, and before Shen Lang could even react, he was shot by the golden light, and his body was frozen in place, unable to move!

"This is... a body fixation technique!"

Shen Lang was shocked beyond words.

It is unbelievable that only two stone statues can release such a mysterious confinement technique.

A cultivator of a level as strong as Shen Lang, under the coverage of golden light, it is difficult for his body to move, and even the power of immortal essence and law in his body has fallen into a stagnant state.

"The visitor is a guest, don't stop it!"

An ethereal sound like a silver bell came from the Goddess Hall.

The two stone statues shot out the golden light from their eyes and gradually converged, releasing the shackles on Shen Lang.

At the same time, a gap channel appeared in the barrier light curtain of the Temple of the Guardian Goddess.

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