Godly Dragon Guard - v3 Chapter 4944 red-haired witch

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Shen Lang asked bluntly: "I don't know where the book of prophecy that Senior Emperor Wa saw came from? Why do you know that this junior will appear in this era?"

Nuwa said sternly: "The origin of the book of prophecy is a mystery. It is said that it was created by the true ancestor of Hongjun in the Hunyuan era with the technique of dreaming. It was first held by the four true ancestors. After the great catastrophe, the Book of Prophecy was acquired by several powerful monks in this world."

"In the past, the ancient witch clan was fortunate enough to obtain a book of prophecy, and the twelve ancestors compiled a "Ancestral Witch Canon" according to the information revealed in the book of prophecy. ."

Shen Lang asked curiously: "I wonder if the book of prophecy that the Wu clan obtained records how to save the world?"

Nuwa shook her head and said: "The book of prophecy of the witch family has long disappeared. This emperor has only read the sporadic descriptions in the "Ancestral Witch Canon". s answer."

"However, it is revealed in the scripture that if the chosen people of the future generations want to save the world, they must travel through time and space to repair the 'things that seal the world'. The thing that seals the world is the world-sealing astrolabe that they destroyed with one hand."

Nu Wa sighed slightly, sighing that good luck makes people.

Shen Lang continued to ask: "I wonder if Senior Emperor Wa knows the whereabouts of the fragments of the Fengjie astrolabe?"

Nuwa said: "You can go to the Zhaoyang Department to seek Fuxi's help. Fuxi has a treasure that can see all things, and may be able to lock the whereabouts of the fragments of the astrolabe."

Shen Lang's eyes lit up, and he clenched his fists and thanked: "Thank you Emperor Wa for telling me!"

"Heavenly Chosen of the future generations, this emperor knows that you doubt your own life experience and your own mission. In fact, you don't need to worry about these things. As long as you grow up step by step, you will naturally know everything."

"You are the son of heaven, and you are someone whose destiny is unpredictable. No one can accurately predict your future. Although there is a will of heaven, for you, the will of heaven may not be inviolable..."

Nu Wa uttered a meaningful sentence.

Hearing these words, Shen Lang suddenly became enlightened, clasped his fists and thanked him: "Thank you Emperor Wa for his guidance."

Nuwa is right, even if she knows the mission of being the chosen one and her background, it doesn't make any sense. It's better to go through the world according to her own ideas. One day, he will get what he wants to find. Answer.

"The Chosen One, do you have any questions to ask?" Nuwa said.

"there is none left."

Shen Lang shook his head.

Nu Wa stretched out her slender hand, and a golden talisman appeared in her palm.

"Heavenly Chosen of the future generations, you can use this talisman to go to the 'Nine Heavenly Palace' of the Zhaoyang Department to find Fuxi." Nuwa Su waved her hand, and the golden talisman fell to Shen Lang.

Shen Lang took the talisman and clenched his fists to thank Nu Wa.

After getting the answer he wanted, Shen Lang left the Temple of the Goddess.

As soon as Shen Lang left, a mysterious figure appeared in the Lingchi.

That Qianying has no body and only appears in the form of a phantom.

Although Qian Ying's face was blurred, her figure was extremely graceful, like a young girl, with long blood-red hair that was particularly eye-catching, but her whole body exuded a very strong demonic energy, which instantly dyed the colorful pool water black.

The awe-inspiring appearance of the red-haired witch was in stark contrast to the innocent and innocent Nuwa beside her.

"He is the Son of Heaven recorded in your clan's "Ancestral Witch Canon"? I hope he can save your human domain, but don't laugh at this princess' big teeth." The red-haired witch sneered.

Nuwa said calmly: "This son can be called the son of heaven, and he must have his own advantages. I only hope that the human domain can survive this catastrophe safely."

The red-haired witch said coldly: "Hmph, this princess has run out of patience. There are less than three hundred years left until the arrival of the 'Xenogeneic'. If you still don't think of a way to deal with the 'Blood Cave', the Human Realm will sooner or later perish. "

Nu Wa said indifferently: "This is the root cause of your devil's realm, and you can't expect the human realm to clear obstacles for you. While the devil's realm occupies the human realm's territory, it forces the human realm to face the threat of 'alien'. This is definitely not my human realm. A situation that a monk can accept."

"Since the alien species have the ability to travel through the star field, your Demon Territory will sooner or later face the threat of the alien species. The only remedy at the moment is to let the Demon Territory stop its offensive, let go of hatred, and fight against the alien species together with the Human Territory." Nu Wa advised.

The red-haired witch said: "Even if this princess promises you now, there is no way to do it. Now the commander of the demon army is Chi You, and I want to cooperate... unless you can persuade that guy."

Nu Wa sighed and remained silent.

After Shen Lang left the Temple of the Goddess, he prepared to rush to the Zhaoyang Department.

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