Godly Student - Chapter 5204 Know yourself and others!

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"Elder, don't you want us to help the Holy Dynasty to clear the underworld army?" Hearing the words of the first and fifth elders, the three young elders could not help frowning.

They were very afraid that these two elders would send troops to support the Holy Dynasty from the Inner Dynasty, which was really unacceptable to them.

"It is definitely impossible to help the Holy Dynasty to send troops, but this underworld attacking the human world is not just a matter of the Holy Dynasty.

If the holy dynasty is destroyed by the underworld, our inner dynasty will never be better.

These years, the Holy Dynasty has almost overwhelmed us, but if the Holy Dynasty is not an opponent of the underworld, do you think we have a chance of winning in front of the underworld? "The Great Elder reminded.

"Although the army of the underworld is rampant now, there are already many sects and monks in our human world who have gone to clear it.

The strength of the Holy Dynasty is strong, but we have no power to fight back in these years. I don't believe they will really be wiped out by the underworld.

So I think we should not be unfounded here, let's look at the situation first!

If the Holy Dynasty really can't stand it, we can also wait until the Holy Dynasty has suffered heavy losses before making a move! "Zhu Yuheng thought for a while and said.

Even if what the elder said was true, the current underworld was really powerful, and he would definitely not support everyone in attacking the underworld at this time.

This is the best chance to weaken the Holy Dynasty, and they don't need to send a single soldier.

As long as the Holy Dynasty and the underworld army are exhausted, the Holy Dynasty is no longer able to suppress the inner court, then they can unite the Holy Dynasty to destroy the Yin and Underworld first.

In this case, when the problem of the underworld is solved, they can go back and destroy the Holy Dynasty together.

"Elder, I think Yu Heng is right, isn't the Holy Dynasty quite arrogant? And now the world is basically under the control of their Holy Dynasty.

Originally, those foreign dynasties were also in their hands. Even if the world is really full of troops from the underworld, at least for now, it should be solved by them.

If they have so many troops that they are willing to fight against the underworld, I believe that the army of the underworld cannot be arrogant for a long time.

At that time, we can completely wipe out the underworld and the holy dynasty, why not do it?

There is no need to worry about such things now! "Meng Gaoyu also said in agreement.

"Well, your thoughts are right, it is definitely impossible for us to deal with the underworld for the time being. But we have to keep an eye on this matter.

If the Holy Dynasty is really no match for the army of the underworld, we still have to formulate appropriate methods according to the situation.

Otherwise, we really have to wait until the Holy Dynasty is destroyed by the underworld, then we are not far from being destroyed! "The first elder thought about it, but also felt that there was nothing wrong with the ideas of the young people.

They are mortal enemies with the Holy Dynasty, although foreign enemies are now invading.

However, it is impossible for them to abandon their previous suspicions, and now they will cooperate with the Holy Dynasty to repel the army of the underworld.

At least it hasn't reached that time yet, unless they really can't keep the Human World, then they will definitely take action.

After all, the human world is the human world of human beings, not the human world of the underworld.

No matter what, they must find a way to drive the underworld out of the human world, so that they will have the opportunity to regain control of the human world.

"That's for sure, even if we don't take action now, we must know the situation of both of them from time to time. As the saying goes, know yourself and the enemy, and you will be invincible in a hundred battles!

We'd better kill them one by one when both of them are defeated, then this world is not only our inner court, but even the credit for protecting the human world is our inner court! "Shen Xiulin said with a smile.

"I just hope that everything will go as smoothly as we planned, I'm afraid that the Holy Dynasty was very brave when it fought with us, but now it's cowardly when it encounters the underworld.

After all, ghost cultivators are not so easy to deal with, especially if human cultivators do not have some means to deal with these evil things, it is really difficult to destroy these ghosts! "Zhu Yuheng said.

They don't know how many troops the Holy Dynasty has, but even if it is not considered the Holy Dynasty's military strength, just because most of these foreign dynasties have already surrendered to the Holy Dynasty, these troops are quite a lot.

In addition, it is definitely impossible for other foreign dynasties to stand by, after all, some ghost cultivators have appeared in these foreign dynasties.

Moreover, many sects in the cultivation world have already taken action, so in terms of military strength, the human world will definitely not suffer.

The only thing to worry about is that although the human world has a lot of troops, whether it can kill these ghost cultivators is the most important.

"I'm not worried that the Holy Dynasty will be cowardly in the face of the underworld, I'm afraid that they are also on the embankment and we will have a oriole behind, so I won't do my best to deal with the ghost repair.

In that case, I am afraid that the Yin and Nether Realm will become more and more brave, and it will be unfavorable for the situation in the Human Realm.

At that time, even if we don't want to mix in with the Holy Dynasty, it will not work! "The fifth elder was worried in another way.

"It's very possible. The Holy Dynasty is inherently cunning. It is really unrealistic to want them to gather all the strength of the Holy Dynasty to fight against the underworld, and even fight to the point of losing both sides." The fifth elder said at once. The idea was reached, which made everyone feel that the bright future of the introverts just now seemed to be dimmed again.

After fighting with the Holy Dynasty for so many years, they know how deep the Holy Dynasty is hidden.

It is obviously impossible for them to fight the underworld to the death regardless of losses.

They also know that if they fight too much with the underworld, there will also be their inward existence, and they will definitely come out to pick up the leak.

So these guys will definitely preserve their strength and prevent them from picking up such a big bargain.

"If this is the case, then this matter is really troublesome. If the Holy Dynasty refuses to do its best, the situation in the Human World will definitely not be very good, and our plan is naturally unlikely to go smoothly." Shen Xiulin frowned. wrinkle.

At first, they only thought about how to benefit themselves, but they didn't think that the Holy Dynasty was more cunning than their Inner Dynasty.

What they can think of, how can those old and cunning guys in the Holy Dynasty not think of it?

"Even if the Holy Dynasty refuses to do its best, we can only look at the situation first, it is impossible to send troops to clear the army of the underworld now.

Moreover, what if the Holy Dynasty is willing to go all out? "Meng Gaoyu said.

"It should be impossible to say that the Sacrament will do its best, but we can really wait and see the situation now.

Besides, even if we don't want to send troops to help the Holy Dynasty. But our inner court also controls several outer courts, and these places add up to a lot.

Now the army of the underworld is wanton chaos in the human world, if they appear in these foreign dynasties, we can't stand idly by! " said the elder.

"These foreign dynasties also have a lot of troops. As long as the army in the underworld is not too strong, I think they will be able to solve it even if we don't take action." Shen Xiulin said.

"Now these foreign dynasties are well-educated, because of the existence of the Holy Dynasty. They all want to preserve the strength of their foreign dynasties, so there were so many foreign dynasties that they surrendered directly to the Holy Dynasty before they went to war.

Although the strength of a foreign dynasty is not weak, but if there is an army from the underworld, they will definitely ask our inner dynasty for help.

If we still want to keep these foreigners and not let them take refuge in the Sacrament, then when they ask us for help, we really can't just sit back and ignore them! "The elder shook his head and said.

"That's right, especially these foreign dynasties are the foreign dynasties around us. It would be very unfavorable for us if they also all joined the Holy Dynasty.

They may even become spies for the Holy Dynasty to understand our inner court, so we have to keep these outer court as much as possible. "The fifth elder explained.

"That's true! We have lost 90% of the outer court now. If even the door of our house becomes someone else's territory, then we really have no sense of security at all.

Maybe one day the army of the Holy Dynasty will appear in our inner court inexplicably.

So it doesn't matter that we have lost so many outward facings, but these outward facings around the inner facing must be in our hands.

Even if they are deterred by force, they must not be turned to the Holy Dynasty. "Zhu Yuheng said firmly.

"It is absolutely impossible to use force entirely. The Holy Dynasty is now powerful. If they really want to take refuge in the Holy Dynasty, and the Holy Dynasty can protect them, it will be difficult for us to keep these foreign dynasties.

Therefore, we still have to win over people's hearts, so that they themselves do not want to leave our inner court. "Meng Gaoyu said.

"But just trying to win them over may not make them willing to be loyal to us all the time. The knives of the Holy Dynasty are on their necks. Do you think they will be loyal to us for a little favor?

Therefore, to deal with these foreign dynasties, it is still necessary to use both hard and soft. We can neither always use force to deter, nor blindly win over.

Intimidate them when it's time to intimidate them, and give them a favor when it's time to give them some sweetness.

Let them understand that it is good for them to follow us inwardly. But if they betray our inner dynasty, even if there is a holy dynasty, they cannot be saved.

As long as they know this, even if the sword of the Holy Dynasty is really on their necks, they may dare to fight against the Holy Dynasty! " said the fifth elder.

"That's true, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com But it's still too early to say these things. After all, there are only a few foreign dynasties, and although the place is big, it's really not a big place compared to the entire cultivation world. .

Maybe the army of the underworld will never appear in these places from beginning to end, so we naturally don't have to worry about supporting them.

If there really is such a coincidence that the army of the underworld appears in these landlords, then let's send some people to help them solve the problem.

By the way, I would like to remind them that as long as they are loyal to the Inner Dynasty, the Inner Dynasty will never give up on them. " said the elder.

"Since this is the case, then we will now send some more people out to inquire about the situation of all parties in the cultivation world.

Perhaps we can also take this opportunity to find out where the sanctuary's lair is.

At that time, even if the strength of the underworld is not as good as the Holy Dynasty, we don't need to be so passive! "Meng Gaoyu suggested.

"Well, everyone sent some people out to inquire about the situation, and report any news at any time!" The elder nodded.

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