Godly Student - Chapter 5205 good news!

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It is impossible to hide the news that the army of the underworld has entered the human world. Even if there is no ghost repair army, both monks and ordinary people know that the underworld is attacking the human world.

This made people in the entire cultivation world feel uneasy, and no one knew whether the human world could stop the army of the underworld.

I don't know if these ghost repair armies will eventually appear in these places.

However, there has been news that many cities have been occupied by the ghost repair army.

What is especially frightening is that there will be no living people in the city occupied by these ghost repair troops, and the entire city will become lifeless, like a city from the underworld, very gloomy.

City Lord Nanwu and City Lord Qingyun rushed to Maple Leaf City with their remaining soldiers, and informed City Lord Maple Leaf of everything they had learned in Qingyun City.

And suggested that Maple Leaf City Lord better give up Maple Leaf City and go to Xingzhou City with them.

After all, the combined strengths of Nanwu City and Qingyun City are not as strong as the strength of one city, so although it is the strength of three cities together with Maple Leaf City, it is actually not as strong as the strength of the two cities.

This strength is absolutely impossible to fight against the army of hundreds of thousands of ghost cultivators.

You must know that when they were in Qingyun City, it was a real power between the two cities. Because the Nanwu City Lord directly gave up Nanwu City at that time, there was no loss.

As a result, when Qingyun City had a true fire wall of Samadhi, neither of the two cities could compete with the army of hundreds of thousands of ghost cultivators.

Now that they have merged Maple Leaf City, the strength of the two cities is less than the strength of the two cities. From the perspective of Nanwu City Lord and Qingyun City Lord, they are obviously unable to resist the army of hundreds of thousands of ghost repairers, so abandoning the city seems to be the only option. .

Even so, even if they reach Xingzhou City, their troops are only three cities before they arrive, so whether they should continue to abandon the city at that time will have to be discussed again.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to stay in Maple Leaf City for a long time now.

"Are these ghost cultivators as terrifying as you said?" But the Maple Leaf City Lord obviously felt that the words of the two City Lords seemed to be exaggerated.

Although he knew that ghost cultivators were indeed more difficult to deal with than human cultivators, but they had to abandon the city and flee with so many troops, which really made him a little unacceptable.

However, seeing that Nanwu City Lord and Qingyun City Lord are left with so few remnants of defeated soldiers, there is some hesitation in my heart.

At least from what he saw, the two city lords didn't seem to be lying, and they had no reason to lie.

Just thinking that I have been operating in Xingzhou City for so many years, it would be a pity if I just gave up.

Moreover, after the Xingzhou City was occupied by an army of hundreds of thousands of ghost cultivators, the evil spirits in this city would not be able to dissipate for many years, which is very unfavorable for human beings.

So if he has the ability, he thinks it is best to defend the city.

"Maple Leaf City Lord, we are already like this, how can we deceive you about this kind of thing? Even the strength of our two cities can't keep Qingyun City, if we don't abandon the city, we can't defend Maple Leaf City. of.

Instead of letting them break through Maple Leaf City and then rush in and kill most of the people in Maple Leaf City, we might as well give up Maple Leaf City and save the entire city.

I think it was because I didn't listen to Nanwu City Lord's advice that I suffered this big loss.

Not only the people brought by the Nanwu City Lord have lost almost the same amount, but even the people in my Qingyun City only have so little left.

In particular, the ordinary people in the city have almost no survivors.

Therefore, City Lord Maple Leaf, I hope this time you can listen to our advice and take everyone out of Maple Leaf City, so as to preserve the strength of Maple Leaf City to the greatest extent. "The main subject of Qingyun City said earnestly.

To be honest, he has indeed regretted this step.

But regrets are meaningless now.

At least he understood that their strength alone would not be enough to destroy the army of hundreds of thousands of ghost cultivators.

So he hopes that this time the Maple Leaf City Lord will not be as stubborn as he was before, and it is the most correct to rush to Xingzhou City first.

"Maple Leaf City Lord, believe us, these ghost cultivators are not so easy to deal with. Our strength is simply not enough to resist these ghost cultivators.

Leaving early is equivalent to saving more lives. I believe that after we really wipe out these ghost repair troops, even if you come back to Maple Leaf City, the people of Maple Leaf City will definitely not forget you. Kindness, they will come back after all.

But like we are now, our city people are almost dead, and even if we go back in the future, it will be difficult to restore to the previous level! " Nanwu City Lord also persuaded.

Last time, he just didn't insist on persuading the Qingyun City Lord, which eventually led to the great loss of his Nanwu City.

This time, he has to persuade City Lord Maple Leaf to leave with them.

At this time, only when everyone is united together can they destroy the army of hundreds of thousands of ghost cultivators.

Otherwise, they may never have the chance to return to their city again.

Although this time his losses were enormous, and few of the city residents survived, he was still unwilling to give up Nanwu City.

As long as there is a chance, he still has to go back to revive and develop Nanwu City again.

But as Maple Leaf City is now, as long as the Maple Leaf City Lord is willing to abandon the city and leave, and keep these city residents, I believe that when he comes back in the future, even if they can't all come back, these city residents will come back more or less.

But it is much easier to make a comeback than those who are not even city citizens.

"Okay! Since you said so, I believe that these ghost cultivators are indeed beyond our ability to deal with. Since this is the case, let's go to Xingzhou City first.

Hope we have enough strength to wait for the arrival of the ghost repair army when we get there! "Seeing that the two city lords are so sincere, the Maple Leaf city lord discussed with his several deputy city lords again and again, and decided to give up the city.

After all, with the two cities of Nanwu City and Qingyun City as examples, he really didn't have the courage to fight against the army of hundreds of thousands of ghost cultivators.

If he really can't beat him, then his Maple Leaf City will be in the same miserable embarrassment as the two city lords of Nanwu City Lord and Qingyun City Lord.

Think about it, the strength of a city has hundreds of thousands of troops. The strength of the two cities is at least 300,000 to more than 400,000 troops.

But now the combined strength of their two cities is only about 50,000. Think about it, how much loss this is.

If only 20,000 or 30,000 troops in Maple Leaf City were lost, and the people in the entire city were basically dead, how could the city be rebuilt?

Anyway, he thinks that these two city lords will go back in the future, and if he wants to rebuild the city again, the strength of this city is probably weak among the third-level cities, let alone restored to the previous scale.

"Maple Leaf City Lord, I believe you will be grateful for your decision. Now you may not be able to experience that feeling.

If we will face the army of ghost cultivators in Xingzhou City, then you will naturally understand that the strength of these ghost cultivators is definitely much stronger than you think.

In fact, in my opinion, even Xingzhou City is not the best place to fight the ghost repair army.

After all, the current strength of our two cities is too weak, so let's discuss this matter in Xingzhou City! " Nanwu City Lord said that, he could only shake his head helplessly.

Even if they add the strength of Xingzhou City now, they are not much stronger than when they were in Qingyun City.

What's more, there is a Samadhi True Fire Wall in Qingyun City, so in this way, their strength in Xingzhou City is equivalent to Qingyun City.

Since Qingyun City can't stop it, then Xingzhou City can't stop it either.

But it's too early to say this, and I don't know if I can convince the city lord of Xingzhou.

"I don't care about the rest for the time being. I have to let all the people in the city go out of the city immediately. I just hope that the ghost repair army doesn't catch up so quickly." Maple Leaf City Lord really doesn't feel much about the fear of the ghost repair army now. .

But since the preparations have been made to abandon the city, it is natural to hope that the people in the city can leave safely.

When he returns to Maple Leaf City in the future, he hopes that they will come back to build Maple Leaf City!

"Don't worry, we have left spies behind, I believe they will come back to report the news to us soon!" said Qingyun City Lord.

The City Lord of Maple Leaf nodded, and had arranged for someone to release news throughout the city, so that the people in the city could leave Maple Leaf City as soon as possible.

Soon, the originally tense Maple Leaf City suddenly became extremely chaotic.

Knowing that the city lord is going to give up Maple Leaf City, this shows that the city lord has no ability to resist the attack of the ghost repair army.

This is definitely bad news for the common people, but they can't care so much anymore. Since the city lord has opened his mouth, they should have rushed for their lives.

"Alas!" Maple Leaf City felt extremely uncomfortable watching the people in the city flee in panic.

Although his plan is to come back here and rebuild Maple Leaf City, no one can tell what the reality will be after all.

What if these ghost cultivators are unable to get rid of them for a long time?

After all, the feeling that City Lord Nanwu and City Lord Qingyun gave him was that this time was really a big trouble, maybe even worse than he imagined.

"Maple Leaf City Lord don't have to be sad, as long as we are still alive, everything can be done again. What's more, compared with the situation of the two of us, your Maple Leaf City's situation is much better." Nanwu City Lord comforted.

"That's right!" Maple Leaf City Lord nodded.

"City lord, good news! Good news!" They watched more and more people leave the city on the tower. Just when their minds were complicated, a guard suddenly rushed up with excitement.

"What good news?" the Maple Leaf City Lord asked.

"The spies from the front are reporting that the ghost repair army has been wiped out!" The guard replied excitedly.

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