Guardian of the Star Cyclones - Chapter 3790 : The Rules of the Gring Sky Island

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Ye Yun asked various questions.

for example···

"How big is our territory?"

Shinas: "It's equivalent to one-tenth the size of an empty island."

Ye Yun continued to ask: "The ownership belongs to us. What if this territory is surrounded by other forces?"

"There are generally three solutions for this. The first is to negotiate and borrow, and the second is to apply for war to the Managers Association.

Third, you can apply for transfer to other territories, but this requires certain prestige and points. "

"Prestige and points?"

"The specifics are like this. In Guling Kong Island, with our Managers Association as the leading force, all forces that survive on this continent need to be reported to facilitate management.

This kind of management is not about superiors and subordinates, it is just public intervention and the role of a neutral consul.

We have developed a reputation and points system.

All parties involved in major events have a high probability of gaining prestige. Prestige is not good or bad, but only how well you are known by other forces.

Points correspond to the regulations of the Managers Association, and this regulation has basically been passed down since ancient times.

Unless it touches on some heinous things, such as triggering an invasion from another world, betraying the forces you belong to, and actively triggering large-scale wars and battles.

The specific regulations are here. "

"I need to take a detailed look at this, so as not to violate the rules."

"So, are you willing to go to Gulingkong Island?"

"Yes, this is a question, how to get there?"

"The first time you go up there is a one-year security period. During this period, no force will do anything to you, otherwise our Managers Association will impose heavy sanctions!

At the same time, we will also send enough strong men to guard the borders of your forces to prevent accidents from happening. "

"About how much, such a large area."

"We have our own defense system, and we can help you build it at that time. Once the defense system is touched, our Managers Association will arrive in various areas within five minutes."

"Teleportation Array?"



Ye Yun Xindao: It should be a system that utilizes special abilities...

"Excuse me, is there anything else that needs to be answered?"

"How to get up?"

"Ah, that's what you're asking about, there are two ways, to take the quarter airship, or to use the super-large teleportation array. In order to show our sincerity, we can provide you with a teleportation array this time, so that you No need to wait for the airship to arrive."

"Understood, I need to go back and discuss before making a decision. Do you want to go in and sit?"

"it is good"

Shinas nodded and agreed, and followed Ye Yun to the Silent Fortress as a guest.

Ye Yun's negotiation just now was naturally broadcast without a single sentence. At this moment, the headquarters already knew about these things, including Yiluo and others.

"It's very troublesome..."

"Yes, the relationship above is too complicated."

"Also, I suspect that the Managers Association is 'raising Gu'..."

"It must be!"

"Then shall we go up?"

Yiluo: "I don't recommend going up."

Isabella: "You can develop it first, and then go up when the strength is enough. After all, the division of power and the quota should always exist."

Nanalal: "Indeed, I was afraid that the captain would be impulsive and feel that his strength was extraordinary..."

"He's calmer and more mature now, so he shouldn't do it."

Here, Ye Yun asked Maru Xing to be in charge of entertaining the two managers, while he himself came to the hidden place to contact the headquarters.

Shinas is communicating with Samito's soul.

"Do you think they will agree?"

Samito: "Probably not, that guy is very smart."

"I think he will agree, but not now."

"That's not the same."

"Hey, in fact, with their strength and a year's time, they should be able to gain a firm foothold."

"But this power point is not very good. The surrounding powers are very fierce. There is only one direction connecting the Central Region City. This is also a point that I am more optimistic about. It belongs to the main business road, and it can even make a wave of tolls."

"You think too much. If they dare to collect tolls, they will be surrounded and suppressed by other forces in minutes."

"Believe it or not, I bet you, they will do it!"

"Hey, you are amazing, you dare to bet me, come and come!"

Ye Yun is here.

"What do you say?"

Several people shared their thoughts.

Ye Yun said after listening, "Then come and listen to my opinions and thoughts."

"it is good"

"First, we'll go up, and this time we'll go straight up."

"This! Is it too urgent?"

"Your strength is indeed enough, but the others?"

"Don't interrupt, listen to me. Second, it's Maru Xing's advanced subsystem and myself."

"This is absolutely not possible!"

"I'm against it too!"


All three commanders objected.

"Oh, just listen to me."

"I can't pass the second rule, what do you say?"

"I'm confident that even if I can't stand firm, I can come back. Don't forget, there is more than one path to the medium sky island!"

"We have considered this, but..."

"Do you want to return from Senluo Realm?"

"Yes! My idea is that they should find Felix's territory first, they should be closer to the Broken Land, UU reading or the Cross Rhizome Mountains.

I've been there, and I've seen what those areas look like.

I can sneak all the way, and even set up a teleportation device deep underground. In this way, we can link the Senluo world, and we can come and go to the medium-sized island by ourselves. One year is enough for us to create a small-scale base.

No matter how bad it is, even if it is destroyed, we can come back at any time. "

"But the premise of your plan is that the teleportation array is safe enough, and the area above is so large. According to preliminary calculations, it is the size of 30,000 empty islands. This is still the middle area, not including the four cross empty islands."

"Someone has to take the lead. Our original plan was to go up from the Broken Land and build a base.

But according to the plant dragon, their strength is also very stretched there, let alone us.

This means that in a short period of time, we may not be able to make it in the next few years because of insufficient strength.

In the past few years, we all need to hunt down the resources of the medium sky island in order to improve our strength as soon as possible, and then it is possible to climb up step by step. "

"Then, why do you want to make a virtual base?"


"First, to confuse the enemy, and second, to develop intelligence and find out what is going on with the Middle Sky Island, or in other words, the Guling Sky Island and the so-called Managers Association.

What we have seen and heard are basically the oral and hearsay of others. Only by experiencing it in person will we know what it is! "

After experiencing this incident, Ye Yun was even more confused about the manager, what kind of existence this organization was, and what role did it play in Gulingkong Island.

Also, are other forces really like Isabella and the others said, can they grow continuously by raising Gu or by the intervention of managers?

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