Guardian of the Star Cyclones - Chapter 3791 :Points system

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After three hours of discussions, it was finally decided to follow Ye Yun's wishes.

But there is a premise, that is, Ye Yun does not follow, just let the clone go up.

This is because at least one creature must go up to activate the policy!

Of course, there are also a large number of mechanical units going up this time. These units are what the Ohera Adventure Group wants to protect.

Ye Yun returned to the reception room and saw Shinas again.

"We have discussed it, but there are some ideas that need to be further inquired."

"Excuse me."

"We plan to send a clone army up, and an armed alien army as a guardian. In addition, the rest are mechanical units that set up temporary camps. The number is very large. They are by no means living creatures. Look, Will that work?"


Shinas thought for a while, then nodded and said, "Yes, yes, but this way, your group's level of protection will be greatly reduced."

"Why? Didn't I go up and not protect our property?"

"That's not true, let's put it this way, administrators are also creatures, they also have their own ideas, and they also make mistakes, just like this time.

Some people only need to deduct the corresponding points when they make mistakes. The worst is to be expelled. If the things you bring are too expensive, it may touch their bottom line, so you can understand? "

"So, your managers are not clean inside?"

"It can't be said that it is not clean. We have a complete elimination mechanism. The people responsible for guarding the temporary territory are young people, that is, the temporary workers who have just joined. Of course, there are also some veterans who will do it for points. However, most It won't last for a few months."

"I'm curious, what are the conditions to join the Managers Association?"

"No conditions."


"Yes, you heard that right, we don't have any conditions, only the points system and the honor system. The points are cleared as unqualified, even for high-level officials.

This system, like the site selection system, has a super-intelligent person in charge, and the site selection is almost randomly generated.

The deduction system is also irreversible! But need proof! For example, this report is different from other managers.

That requires further investigation. Once the investigation is clear, the wrong one will be deducted, and the correct one will be awarded. It's that simple. Scores over 600 are considered first-line pass. The starting point is 100. If you don't read the management agreement carefully, It's easy to finish..."

Ye Yun turned his head to look at Samito and asked, "The last time you did errands, can I ask how many points you have now?"

Samito: "..."

Shinas almost snickered.

"You, what do you mean? Me, how many points I have is none of your business!"

Shinas smiled and said, "There's nothing to say, you still feel ashamed. This guy caused a conflict with other forces and was deducted more than 1,000 points."

"What?! More than a thousand points? Isn't that a direct negative number?"

Samito shook his head: "Cut!"

Shinas said with a smile, "It's not a negative number, but it's only sixty o'clock left, so I do errands."

"...", Ye Yun looked at Samito and said lightly, "It's so pitiful."


Ye Yun asked again curiously: "What forces can trigger conflicts that can deduct so much? Do other forces refer to forces outside the Managers Association, or forces other than himself?"

Samito said unhappily, "Why are you asking so much?"

"Then why don't we go outside and talk?"

"You! Don't go too far. I admit that I can't beat you now, but I also have dignity!"

Shinas smiled and said, "Don't make it difficult for him, let me answer your question, there are indeed forces other than the Managers Association.

I might as well be blunt with you, based on my definition of an association of managers.

His role is only to interfere with the various forces, and it will not have a commanding effect because it is too complicated.

Secondly, due to some special reasons, there is also a manager association above, and their rank is also higher.

There are many forces that do not obey the management and intervention of the Managers Association.

These people will also become the target of points acquisition, do you understand what this means?

Then, once the points reach a certain level, they can be directly promoted to the high-level sky island.

After being promoted, even if your strength is very poor, you can use the resources of the high-level sky island to improve your strength.

So points are very important to many doers! "

"How many points can I get to go to the high sky island?"

Shinas stretched out a tentacle.

"Ten thousand?"

"one million"

"One million?! How long did it take for this guy to get a thousand points, a million?!"

"Hey, why do you always take me as an example, I don't want to go up..."

Shinas said, "He doesn't have this ability. Generally speaking, it's basically impossible for ordinary people to rely on the points system."

"Then this?"

"This is for those who know fate, that is, like you, who have mastered the power of destiny!"


Ye Yun suddenly understood something.

"So, I can be a manager too?"

"Of course you can, but the constraints of becoming a manager are much higher than those of ordinary powerhouses. UU reading You must think clearly."

"Well, can I look at the rules and regulations?"

"Yes, this is all very common information."

Ye Yun needs all kinds of information now. Anyway, if he is going to the medium sky island, these things must be clarified.

"Here, the points are deducted, quit, no, I was fired, can I apply again?"

"There is no special case to apply for. In addition, those who control their fate and their crimes may be hunted down and become rewarded..."


After a period of detailed negotiation, Ye Yun decided to do this.

"Hey, you only have 60 points, come and protect our temporary territory."

Samito said with a slight anger on his face: "A ghost would do such a thing. It's super boring to guard the territory! And your territory..."

"What happened to my territory? Hey, Shinas, isn't our territory very bad?"

Shinas said with a smile: "That's not true. I can give you a piece of information. This is the details of your surrounding forces."

Ye Yun looked at the map displayed by Shinas. They were adjacent to the Central Region City, less than 6,000 kilometers apart. They were considered as important traffic roads, connecting the cities on the other side.

There is a waterway in their territory, and a certain toll is automatically charged every year, but due to the influence of the city's "overlord", the cost will not be too high. If you are too weak and your reputation is too low, you will not even give a fart. you.

And what Ye Yun saw was that there were a total of eight forces around!

"Uh... are we surrounded? There's nowhere to go?"

Samito sneered: "Isn't it possible to go to the Central Region City, it is best to be adjacent to the city, and even spend some money to go to the city to seek a living."

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