Gundam SEED’s Final Destination - Chapter 521 : Kira under siege

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Below, Noel and Lux ​​were also shocked by this sudden scene.

Lux covered her lips, her eyes full of astonishment.

beep beep-

There was no sad time for Kira, as the radar-locked siren sounded.

More than a dozen anti-air warheads flew out of the gun barrel of the Gadi Lu, and flew towards the Strike Gundam and the Golden Heretic.

"Damn you!"

The piercing alarm also awakened Kira from panic, accompanied by Kira's roar with murderous intent.

The rear muzzles of the Assault Gundam e are all unfolded.

bang bang bang-

Two high-energy beams mixed with two golden magnetic orbital shells flew towards the Gadi Lu.

The rear pheasant also deployed its muzzle to provide support, and at the same time the main gun was activated and aimed at the Gadi Lu.

The golden heretic took out the beam rifle and fired back and forth.

The two sword suits of Calamity started at the same time, and they each found their opponents.

As for Thunderbolt Gundam, Mina Sahak asked him to find Noel and the others. After all, Thunderbolt Gundam's strength is not even better than himself, so don't come here to cause trouble.


Accompanied by the sky-high fire, the Strike Gundam e, which clenched the anti-ship sword in both hands, rushed out of the smoke and killed the reborn Gundam and the jet-black Thunder Gundam.


Kira's roar with icy killing intent sounded from mid-air.

"Waiting for you for a long time!"

Ashley Grey listened to Kira's roar, not surprised but delighted, and while laughing, Reborn Gundam transformed into a ma form and raised the beam cannon.


A high-energy beam shot from the muzzle and flew towards the Strike Gundam.

The jet-black Thunder Gundam pulled out the beam saber and greeted it with the Warrior Gundam.

It has to be said that the Three Shields Attack is really ordinary, it is not something that ordinary people can play, and the effect is not as good as expected.

At least Canard Pars didn't think it was any more useful than a beam saber.

While the Strike Gundam volleyed to avoid the high-energy beam, it threw the beam boomerang and the joint shield attack on the joint shield attack system together.

The beam boomerang goes straight to the Warrior Gundam.

The shield flew towards Thunder Gundam.

"Do you think this is playing a child's house!"

Inside the jet black Thunder Gundam driver, looking at the flying shield, Kanad Pars raised his hand, and the broken three shield attack directly knocked it out.

This non-threatening attack is a waste of life.

"Pars be careful!"

However, in the next second, Preia's reminder suddenly came from the cockpit. ,

It turned out that the Strike Gundam came to the melee range of Thunder Gundam when Thunder Gundam shot the shield.


Amid the siren and Kira's roar, Strike Gundam swirled and swung the anti-ship sword in his hand.


The violent crash and frustration came from Thunder Gundam's arm.


In the next second, the already somewhat damaged Three Shields attack could not hold on and exploded instantly, and the Thunder Gundam, which had received the attack smoothly, also stumbled a little.


The shattering of the three shields and the imbalance of the body made Kanad's heart skip a beat.

The next second, the alarm sound and the reminder of the combat assistance system were simultaneously transmitted to the brain.

Without the slightest hesitation, Canard Pars controlled the Thunder Gundam to raise his legs and swept forward.



Assault Gundam flipped and provoked the ship's knife, and the right leg swept away by Thunder Gundam was broken in two.

At the same time, another anti-ship knife in the Strike Gundam's hand swept towards the Thunder Gundam's cockpit.

beep beep-

The suffocation of death and the stimulation of the auxiliary system for combat made Pars's eyes instantly bloodshot.

"Death to me!"

Pars instantly raised his head, and in this unavoidable situation, he vigorously swung the beam saber and stabbed towards the cockpit of the Strike Gundam.

Even though the combat support system kept trying to make Pars retreat or whatever, Pars still stabbed the Strike Gundam with all his might.

If you can't avoid it, don't dodge it.


However, in the stunned eyes of Pars, the Strike Gundam suddenly moved to the left, and the anti-ship knife that had been swept towards his cockpit also circled in the movement.


The beam saber rubbed the armor on the right side of Assault Gundam and stabbed into the air with sparks.

At the same time, an arm holding a beam saber also fell from the air with the rotation of the anti-ship sword.


In the cockpit of the Strike Gundam, Kira, whose mind was full of killing intent, roared and boosted the power of the MS engine to the maximum.

With the anti-ship knife in his hand, he stabbed towards the Thunder Gundam cockpit.

"Can't escape..."

This desperate thought came to Pars' mind.

The body was completely out of balance, the three shields were broken, and the engine power was not enough to escape. Everything was telling Pars that he couldn't escape——

The anti-ship knife gradually approached in Pals's line of sight, until the cockpit screen was completely filled.

Pars even heard the sound of the ps armor struggling to resist the beam particles when the anti-ship knife hit the engine room.



The anti-ship sword, which had been stabbing straight, suddenly slashed to the right.

In a burst of electric current, the Thunder Gundam cockpit was pulled out a huge gap horizontally, and the air mixed with the smell of gunpowder instantly filled the cockpit.

A blue and white body holding the ma-mv05a composite armed shield system appeared in front of the gap in the cockpit.


Between life and death, even Pars experienced a moment of stagnation in his thinking.

It turned out that when the anti-ship knife of the Strike Gundam was about to pierce the Thunder Gundam cockpit, the Warrior Gundam came over first after shooting down the beam boomerang.

At the critical moment, the Strike Gundam was directly knocked out.

This is also the reason why the anti-ship sword suddenly changes direction.

Assaulting Gundam, Kira shook his head, turned and swept away with a knife.


During the setback, the anti-ship knife collided with the ship-killing knife that had just approached the Strike Gundam.


In the confrontation between the ship-cutting knife and the ship-cutting knife, countless sparks exploded in mid-air.


In the sword-equipped disaster, Stella roared and activated the engine, directly pushing the anti-ship sword of Assault Gundam's left hand away.

However, in the next second, before Stella could attack, Strike Gundam grabbed the sword suit Calamity and waved the anti-ship sword in his right hand.

clang-- Stella had to raise her knife to defend and pull back at the same time.

This is the experience of fighting Covenant Gundam. If you can't do close combat, just——

beep beep-

But with the sound of a radar-locked siren, two golden shells were fired from the guns of the Gundam e.


Stella scolded angrily, driving her sword suit and raising her sword to resist.

This is because Covenant Gundam left her with such a deep impression that she made a subconscious mistake.

Fortunately, this attack is not enough to kill.


Between the two loud noises, the Sword Suit Calamity was repelled by the Magnetic Railgun.


However, an accident happened. Just when the sword-mounted Calamity was repelled by the cannonball, the body that was supposed to retreat suddenly stopped.


Without waiting for Stella to wonder.

I don't know when the rope wrapped around my feet suddenly exerted force, pulling it in the direction of the Assault Gundam.


At the same time that the sword-equipped disaster rushed out of the smoke, the strike Gundam E loosened the rope and charged up with the knife.

Feeling the killing intent of Assault Gundam, Stella flashed her sword and rushed towards Assault Gundam.

"You're a **** if I don't exist!"

However, without waiting for the two to approach, Al Nida drove the Crimson Forbidden and rushed to the side of the two.

The scythe in his hand swept the rear of the Gundam towards the cockpit.

Kira's icy eyes flashed with a cold light, and the body that had rushed towards the sword suit and suffered disaster suddenly spun upward.

clang clang-

With two crisp sounds, the anti-ship knives hit the sickle and the ship-killing knives equipped with calamity respectively, blocking their attacks.


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