Gundam SEED’s Final Destination - Chapter 522 : Strike Gundam Fall

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"You can't escape!"

Seeing this, Al Nida immediately activated the muzzle on his back.

At the same time, Stella also withdrew the ship-chopping knife, and grabbed the boomerang on her shoulder with both hands.

"Go to hell!"



The two machines attacked the Strike Gundam at the same time.

The high-energy beam, the magnetic rail gun, and the two boomerangs all flew towards the Strike Gundam e.

Face the alerts and attacks coming from below.

The thrust of the Strike Gundam's engine increased, and while turning around to move to avoid the beam, two golden magnetic railguns flew out of the Strike Gundam's muzzle.

boom -


Looking at the boomerang shot down by the magnetic railgun, Stella couldn't help but cursed angrily.

The melee ability is strong, and the long-range attack has such a hit rate——

This guy is even tougher than Covenant Gundam!

However, it is difficult to deal with, and the melee oppression of the Strike Gundam is still a bit worse than the covenant.

Just as Kira was about to use the beam cannon for a long-range attack, the radar alerted again.

Turning his head, the Warrior Gundam appeared in Kira's line of sight.

In desperation, Kira had to stop the attack and turn to take up the sword to deal with the Warrior Gundam.

Without the same roars and roars as Stella, Al Nida and the others, Preia was very quiet when fighting.

But being quiet doesn't mean he's not threatening.


The beam saber in the hands of the Warrior Gundam swept towards the Strike Gundam at a tricky angle.

Kira's eyes flickered with a knife to resist.


The beam saber and the anti-ship knife were instantly connected.

bang bang bang-

However, there was a sound of ejection.

The four wired pods on the back of the Warrior Gundam are launched.

In Kira's stunned eyes, the four erratic pods unfolded, revealing the muzzle of the magnetic railgun hidden inside.

This is a change made by the Atlantic Federation in order to enhance the combat capability of the Warrior Gundam Earth.

ymf-x000a Warrior Gundam;

Head mmi-gau2 type 76mm close defense cannon × 4;

beam saber × 2;

Yuanshenyi Gundam ma-mv05a composite armor defense shield system (including beam saber, beam rifle) [originally ma-mv04 composite armor defense shield system]

Waist 115mm railgun × 2;

The prototype dragoon system was changed to a wired pod assault backpack because it could not play its due advantages in the atmosphere.

Each of the four wired pods has a Gau-758s railgun and two M70amsat missiles.

In an instant, four magnetic railguns surrounded the Assault Gundam.

"Sorry, you can die."

In the whispers of Preya, the Warrior Gundam retreated from the Strike Gundam at the same time.

Four golden shells were ejected from the muzzle of the pod.

boom -

Suddenly, the space where the Strike Gundam was located was covered with smoke.

The attack was effective, but there was no emotional fluctuation on Preya's face, just raised his hand and raised the composite shield attack system.

He did not believe that Strike Gundam would die under such an attack.

Even though he couldn't see the exact location of the target because of the smoke, Preia did not hesitate to pull the trigger.


In the blink of an eye, several beams shot towards the smoke.

Two of the beams penetrated the smoke and disappeared,


But one of the beams has a particle sputtering effect.

In a trance, a blue and white body appeared in the smoke range.

beep beep-

At the same time, an alarm came from the radar lock inside the Warrior Gundam.

"Isn't it dead?"

The Warrior Gundam, which Puglia was driving in muttering, retreated and turned to take four pods to avoid the attack.


In the next second, two high-energy beams pierced through the smoke and swept across the position where Warrior Gundam stood just now.

The two golden magnetic railguns flipped left and right to move randomly.

boom -

The Warrior Gundam dodged the high-energy beam, but one of the wired pods was hit by a magnetic track.


In this regard, Preya's face remained unchanged, and he activated the only remaining wired pod muzzle again while taking advantage of the gap.

bang bang bang-

The three magnetic railguns flew erratically toward the gradually dissipating smoke.


The magnetic railgun fell into the smoke and exploded.

Below, the Sword Suit Calamity also activated the Siren Warcraft on the chest at this moment.



Almost at the same moment when the light beam shot out, in the tumbling smoke, the Assault Gundam E, who lost an arm, rubbed the attack of the Siren Warcraft and rushed out of the smoke range.

"Waiting for you for a long time!"

However, in the direction that Strike Gundam e moved, it was Crimson Forbidden with a sickle.

"Death to Laozi!"

While roaring, the crimson forbidden, driven by Orr, swung the scythe with all his might.

Kira's eyes turned cold, and at the same time as the sword fell with her back facing Crimson Forbidden, the muzzle on her back flipped and started.


The anti-ship sword and the crimson forbidden scythe collided.


At the same time, two high-energy beams and two magnetic railguns shot out of the Gundam e muzzle at the same time, and flew towards the Warrior Gundam ahead.

Facing the attack of the Assault Gundam, Preia, who was just about to continue the pursuit, had to stop to avoid the shells.

beep beep-

However, Kira's crisis was not completely resolved. With the sound of a piercing alarm coming from below, the sword-equipped Calamity with both hands clenching the ship-cutting sword accelerated and rushed to the side of the Assault Gundam.


The ship-cutting knife slashed towards the Assault Gundam with a terrifying wind whistling.



Assault Gundam with only one arm could not cope with the attacks of Crimson Forbidden and Sword Calamity at the same time.

With the sound of a piercing electric current, the Sword Suit Calamity rose from the bottom to the top with the ship-cutting knife.

Although Kira tried his best to retreat to avoid it, he still did not dodge completely. The only arm of the Strike Gundam was cut off by the ship-cutting sword shoulder-to-shoulder.

boom -

The arm exploded, and Strike Gundam forcibly escaped the attack range of Forbidden and Calamity with the help of the shock wave and smoke generated by the explosion.


The alarm sounded again.

Kira looked up and saw that the three wired pods with their muzzles already deployed were blocking the front of the Assault Gundam's movement at some point.

The muzzle almost slammed into Assault Gundam's face.


With Preia's soft whisper, Warrior Gundam pulled the trigger.




However, just one second before the Warrior Gundam pulled the trigger, three suddenly appeared beams accurately hit the two wired pods.



The sudden change made the three of them stunned.

The three of them looked down subconsciously, and saw that a shield resata just retracted the beam rifle at this time, and turned around and fled quickly towards the forest not far away.

Although the guy's limping movement was a little weird, it wasn't slow at all.

"Damn, this is trouble."

In Resta's cockpit, Nuoer couldn't help but scolded as he watched the Assassin Gundam who was shot from the rear and fell to Lin Hai.

Because of the arm injury and the lack of flexibility of Resta's There was a problem with the beam aiming just now, and the third shot did not achieve the effect I expected.

As a result, the Strike Gundam did not evade one of the magnetic railguns, and the Strike Gundam, which lost the ability to defend both hands, was directly hit.

Now that the Assault Gundam has fallen, isn't this Resata of my own a proper gift?

It doesn't matter if she dies, it will be troublesome if Lux dies too.

I originally thought of easing the predicament of the Strike Gundam, so I could escape from here with the help of the Strike Gundam's eye-catching gap.

If I knew this, it would be better not to shoot and wait for Kira to die.

Now Kira doesn't say whether she is dead or not, and even puts herself in.


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