I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 329 - Can’t Bear to Part With Daddy Su and Little Jiu

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Chapter 329: Can’t Bear to Part With Daddy Su and Little Jiu

Xiao Wei had told his mother that he could practice the piano, but he would not throw his models away. He would manage his time and would not delay his practice because of the toys.

However, if he had to practice the piano during his free time, he would not accept it.

His mother hadn’t expected him to say such words. She was surprised but at the same time felt that her son was very sensible. He actually knew how to maturely communicate. After thinking for a while, she had agreed and didn’t completely restrict his playtime.

Xiao Wei felt that it was all thanks to Little Jiu. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known what to do.

That was why he wanted to continue filming the show so that he could see her.

On the other hand, Li Nuoer often went on missions with Chen Xixi and had become friends with her. Therefore, when the director said that they could not meet often in the future, he felt a little sad.

The atmosphere instantly became gloomy.

When the audience saw this scene, their moods also turned worse. They all started commenting. “Yang Fangping, are you sick? The shows you did in the past were so boring, and you recorded so many episodes. This show is so good, so why did you only record a few episodes? Why do you keep letting the audience down?”

“If you run out of funds, just say it. We can start crowdfunding this show!”

“Yang Fangping, please record a few more episodes. As long as you keep recording, we will keep watching!”

“Boohoo, is this the last episode? I can’t bear to part with Daddy Su and Little Jiu. I can’t bear to part with the other cute kids and daddies either.”

“Yang Fangping, I order you to immediately film the second season with the original crew!”

“Don’t you know how to renew a contract? Yang Fangping, you must renew the contract with these fathers and cute babies! Do you hear me?”

Yang Fangping suppressed the reluctance in his heart and smiled again. “Don’t be sad, my babies. We’ll definitely have a chance to meet again in the future. Let’s do our best in this episode and have fun!

“Okay, first of all, let me introduce this village to everyone. The village you are in now is called Clearwater Village. When you came here just now, you should’ve seen a river with clear water, right? That’s how the name of the village came about. The villagers mainly rely on farming persimmons to earn their income. Now, the first mission of you fathers and children is to let the villagers lead you to pick persimmons so that you can feel the joy of an abundant harvest!”

The fathers all sighed. Isn’t it just picking persimmons?

Is this not too simple?

However, Yang Fangping continued, “After picking the persimmons, you have to bring the fruits to the nearby town to sell. Whoever picks more and sells more will be the winner today. They will receive an amazing gift that will definitely make you scream! So, fathers and children, let’s go!”

A great gift that will make people scream?

Su Jiu suddenly became interested and turned to Su Shengjing. “Daddy, we have to work hard!”

Su Shengjing raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Baby wants the reward?”


Su Shengjing did not think that the present would be as exaggerated as Yang Fangping had made it out to be. It would most likely only be delicious food. However, since the little girl wanted it, he would think of a way to get it for her.

A few of the fathers took the lead in finding their houses with their children. This time, the program team found their conscience and arranged similar accommodations for everyone. There would be no drawing lots.

After unpacking their luggage and resting for a while, the children excitedly waited for their fathers to take them to the persimmon forest.

Su Shengjing first borrowed a basket from the villagers so that it would be easier to carry persimmons later on. When he saw that the basket was much larger than the little girl, he suddenly had an idea.

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