I Create a Restricted Area In the Immortal World - Chapter 96 Only 1 hole card

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The seventh domain of the underworld.

Hell Palace.

Kang Qi Yan Wang's face was a little gloomy at this time.

The four true immortals and the ten underworld generals have all survived.

The situation at the private spot in Changsheng Mountain has exceeded his expectations.

"Prepare the staff, I'll go there in person!"

Kang Qi Yan Wang said solemnly.

This is the case now.

It was impossible for him not to go there in person.

In the seventh domain, there were only two jade halal immortals and six upper halal immortals.

Now all four of the high halal immortals have died all at once.

Not even the prince could get together.

If the true immortals of other domains receive the news, someone will definitely come to seize the authority of the monarch, and there will be a lot of uproar at that time.


I'll talk about it later.

Now, he must first settle this private spot in Changsheng Mountain.


Inside Feixun's palace.

"Four true immortals, none of them escaped?"

Feixunfu Jun said with a bit of surprise on his face.

He received news that the Palace of Kings of Hell had sent four true immortals and ten underworld generals to exterminate the private underworld in Changsheng Mountain.

At that time, he also felt that this private spot in Changsheng Mountain should be wiped out.

As a result, no one who went there was able to escape.

The four true immortals and ten underworld generals seemed to have all died inside.

such a situation.

But it's a little more serious.

"Fly back to look for your lord, I'm afraid there is something extraordinary about this long-life mountain private spot, and now the scope of the soul-calling there seems to have expanded to a radius of 40,000 miles!"

said one of the subordinates.

When Feixun Mansion heard the words, he frowned slightly.

For this longevity mountain private meditation point.

Even the mystery is everywhere.

No one knows what's going on inside.

Because of all the people who go in, no one can come out.

The only thing that can be detected is the soul-calling range of this private spot.

"It is indeed a little unusual, but this is a headache for the Palace of Kings of Hell. Let's take a look. Although four true immortals have died, the strength of King Hell of Kang is far beyond the sum of the four true immortals."

Feixun Fujun was happy to see the seven kings of the Kang Dynasty shriveled.

He is not the King of Hell, and this kind of thing doesn't bother him.

Even if the seventh domain really can't stay any longer.

With his cultivation realm, isn't it easy to change places?



A mighty force set out from the Hall of Hades.

Finally arrived in front of the Underworld Changsheng Mountain.

There are more than 300 people in this army, all of them are powerful and well-cultivated, and they are all elites in the Palace of Hell.


This unit is used more as a guard of honor.

After all, when a King of Hell travels, he will not be alone. The basic momentum and honor guard still have to be there.

Kang Qi Yan Wang brought this army, and he didn't plan to let this group enter the secret spot of Changsheng Mountain.

Even the four true immortals died inside.

These people are basically not enough.

Many people from the Remnant Realm are here. These people are his absolute cronies, and he does not want to waste these people.

The death of a Yao snake is already a great loss.

The Hall of Kings of Hell went out in a mighty way.

The seventh domain has also attracted a lot of attention.

Everyone knows that the Seven Kings of Hell is going to personally take action to exterminate the illicit spot of Changsheng Mountain.

"Wait here, Linghe, go in!"

Kang Qi Yan Wang said indifferently.

He was in a huge and delicate car.

Linghe is a driver.

There are also four bodyguards around the car.

At last.

A total of six people entered the Underworld Changsheng Mountain.

Kang Qi Yan Wang, Ling He drove the car, plus four bodyguards.


In the Underworld Changsheng Mountain.

Zhou Ming is silently paying attention to the increase of the points.

From the increase in points, he can probably guess the sensation caused by the outside world after the death of the four true immortals.

He estimates.

Now, in the Underworld Changsheng Mountain, basically no one knows about him in the seventh domain.

Even, it may have been spread to other underworld realms.

Zhou Ming got the memories of the four true immortals.

he knows.

In the seventh domain of the underworld, there are a total of six high halal immortals and two jade halal immortals.

One side of Hell, plus four rulers, at least five true immortals are needed.

Now that four true immortals have died, there are only four true immortals left in the seventh domain.

Now there is a gap in the position of the ruler.

This gap in the position of the lord of the house will definitely attract many true immortals who are not the lord of the house.

If these attracted true immortals had a little understanding, they would definitely know the existence of Changsheng Mountain in the Underworld.

Through this, the name of Longevity Mountain in the Netherworld will gradually spread to other Netherlands.


at this time.

The system sends out a prompt:

[There are six intruders in Changsheng Mountain of the Underworld, and one of them is a strong intruder! 】

[Kang: The original person from the underworld of the Cangjie was once a golden immortal, and then he cut himself to cultivate, and was sent by the immortal emperor of the Cangjie to the underworld of the Daomen to steal the souls of the dead. Now he is the King of Hell in the seventh realm of the Underworld, and he is a pure and pure immortal. 】

[Linghe: Subordinate to the King of Hell, the seventh domain of the underworld, the underworld general is cultivated. 】


"Sure enough!"

Zhou Ming didn't have too many surprises when he saw this prompt.

He was already prepared.

Kang Qi Yan Wang, don't care if he came from the remnant world.

But being able to become the King of Hell in a domain cannot be weak.

Among the jade halal immortals, Kang Qi Yan Wang is definitely a top powerhouse.

At this time, in the Longevity Mountain of the Underworld.

Kang Qi Yan Wang has come in.

He sat on the car with a casual attitude, as if he was coming for an outing.

"It's really weird, go up the mountain!"

Kang Qi Yan Wang glanced at the top of the mountain filled with clouds and mist, and said.


at this time.

Zhou Ming appeared.

In the face of a jade halal immortal, it is impossible for all Zhong slaves to be opponents.

And he didn't want the Hades to see the situation on the top of the mountain.

Nature can only show up directly.

After he appeared, he looked at the Seven Kings of Hell, and he didn't say a word of nonsense.

He raised his hand and slammed it out.

All the Taoist methods are integrated into the palm of the hand, and all the shots are made without any reservations.

He wants to try the level of the absolute intruder of the jade halal immortal!


The wind howled, the heavens and the earth trembled, and the void vibrated.

It seems that this side of time and space is affected by Zhou Ming's palm, and it also seems that his palm draws out the power of this side of time and space and blesses it in his palm.

With one palm, it affected the four directions, showing an unparalleled power.

Kang Qi Yan Wang frowned slightly.

Originally, he saw someone appear, and he wanted to ask a few more questions.

As a result, the other party slapped him as soon as he appeared.

In that case, there is no need to talk.

Just kill it!


Kang Qi Yan Wang snorted coldly, and didn't care about Zhou Ming's powerful palm.

He flew out of the car in an instant, and also slammed it with a palm.

The power of Yuqing Zhenxian broke out in an instant, showing a crushing momentum.


Kang Qi Yan Wang was somewhat affected and took a half step back.

On the other hand, Zhou Ming flew upside down and landed on the mountainside. His clothes were a little messy, and he couldn't see anything from the outside, but in fact he was seriously injured.

"It's really strong, it's worthy of being the king of hell."

Zhou Ming frowned, his expression slightly solemn.

Kang Qi Yan Wang is indeed stronger than him.

He slapped him with all his strength, but Kang Qi Yan Wang easily defeated him with a seemingly random slap, and he was not lightly injured.

This injury can be said to be the most serious injury Zhou Ming has ever suffered.

The last time I was injured, it seemed that I was facing the sixth sword king.


The power of the Seven Kings of the Kang Dynasty was completely within Zhou Ming's expectations.

Although Zhou Ming believes that he is powerful, he can kill ordinary halal immortals in seconds.

But in the face of the top powerhouse among the jade halal immortals like Kang Qi Yan Wang.

He's still a lot worse.

After all, he is not even a true immortal now.

"It's you who killed Yaoshe? It's really strong, but it's still not enough."

After the Kang Qi Yan Wang slammed Zhou Ming back with one palm, he looked down at Zhou Ming and said indifferently.

Say it.

The mana condensed on Kang Qi Yan Wang's body, and he was about to shoot Zhou Ming again.


He suddenly shrank his pupils and saw a scene that shocked him.

At this time, Zhou Ming, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, looked a little evil.

A strange black substance suddenly appeared on his body.

These black substances churned on him, exuding an extremely evil aura.

Such evil breath.

The Kang Qi Yan Wang also vaguely felt a sense of trembling in his heart.

"Is this... that kind of thing?"

Kang Qi Yan Wang's face was shocked, and there was a bit of disbelief in his eyes.


He also saw strands of black matter overflowing from the sky and finally landed on Zhou Ming.

This black substance also has a somewhat clear and cold breath, a bit like the breath of yellow spring water.

"The breath of yellow spring water, is this black substance falling from the Huangquan River?"

Kang Qi Yan Wang felt even more shocked at this moment.

He had already vaguely guessed something.

He still remembered that Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm told him that there was a big problem with the Lord of Yellow Springs, and he was infected with that kind of thing, and he was not far from death.

And not only the Lord of Yellow Springs, but the most powerful people in the Taoist universe are almost all infected with this kind of thing.

Once this kind of thing erupts, the Daomen universe will quickly die out.

And, this kind of thing.

Even when Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm talked about it, he was very afraid and did not want to be contaminated.

Something that even an Immortal Emperor feared.

Kang Qi Yan Wang couldn't imagine how terrifying this kind of thing was.

"You are also a polluter?"

Kang Qi Yan Wang looked at Zhou Ming fearfully.

The polluter's statement was heard from the Immortal Emperor of the Remnant Realm.

The Immortal Emperor of Remnant Realm called the Lord of Huangquan a polluter, and said that the Lord of Huangquan was not far from death.

The Remnant Realm Immortal Emperor had described the situation of that substance to him, and it was almost the same as the black substance he saw today.

He was also almost certain that the person in front of him was a polluter.

He guessed that this person should have been contaminated with black matter that fell from the Yellow Spring River somewhere, and then became a polluter.

If the Lord of Yellow Springs has become a polluter, then it is not surprising that this substance exists in the Yellow Springs River.

Zhou Ming heard the question of the Seven Kings of Hell.

He didn't get any reply.

If he has any trump cards in Hades.

He couldn't move the reincarnation clock, so he couldn't count as a trump card.

The other side of the flower has no aggressiveness and is not a trump card.


There is something that can be his trump card.

That is the kind of black substance on the Yellow Spring River.

As he gradually masters the way of the gods, he can also control this black matter to a certain extent.

The way of the gods is extremely profound, even more profound than the way of reincarnation. Perhaps only the complete chaotic energy can be comparable to the way of the gods.

Therefore, it was quite difficult for Zhou Ming to comprehend the way of the gods.

However, with the help of the Creation God Tree, no matter how complicated and profound things are, they can be parsed by the Creation God Tree into the most basic and bottom-level things for him to understand.

Now these black substances, not only will not cause any harm to Zhou Ming, but can also be used by him.

He has been tested.

This black substance is extremely corrosive, capable of corroding mana, corroding vitality, and corroding all substances.

This black substance has a very high level, and it seems that nothing can restrain this black substance.

At least.

Zhou Ming has not found anything that can restrain black matter.

If this black matter erupts on a large scale, it can indeed destroy the world.

The Yellow Spring Lord on the Yellow Spring River must have also sensed the danger of this black substance.

That's why he directly cut off the Yellow Spring River, isolating himself and this black substance from the underworld.


After Zhou Ming had initially mastered the way of the gods, he could extract a little black substance from the Yellow Spring River.

This black substance is his biggest trump card in the underworld.


Zhou Ming did not speak.

The black substance on his body boiled, and he suddenly flew up in one step, and slammed it out again at the Seven Kings of Hell.

Kang Qi Yan Wang frowned, his expression quite solemn.

He had never seen this black substance before, and he wasn't sure if it was the kind of pollutant that Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm said.


He didn't dare to gamble, and he didn't dare to be contaminated with this kind of thing.

Facing Zhou Ming's palm.

Kang Qi Yan Wang also slammed out with a palm again, and it was his full-strength palm. The power was monstrous, and the power of the jade pure fairy was fully displayed at this moment.


After he hit this palm, he flew back, for fear of being contaminated with something terrifying.

Zhou Ming's palm condensed a thick black substance, and when he touched the palm force of the Seven Kings of Hell, he instantly corroded most of his palm force, but the black substance didn't seem to decrease at all~www.novelbuddy.com~In the end.

Although Zhou Ming was still shaken back a dozen steps.

But under this palm, he was basically not injured again.

With black matter in it, most of the power of any attack has to be cut off.

"Who the **** are you?"

After King Kang Qi retreated, he stared at Zhou Ming vigilantly and asked again.

After Zhou Ming tried the power of black matter, he was quite satisfied.

However, even if there is black matter, he still can't do anything about the Seven Kings of Hell.

After all, the realm gap between him and Kang Qi Yan Wang is huge.

But it can resist the seven kings of the Kang Dynasty, and make the seven kings of the kang dread.


"Kang Qi Yan Wang, I want to ask you, who are you? Are you from the Remnant Realm, or from the Taoist Sect?"

Zhou Ming smiled indifferently and looked at the Seven Kings of the Kang Dynasty with a playful gaze.

He should be one of the few people in the Underworld who knows the secrets of the Seven Kings of Hell.

Apart from him, everyone else should be the henchmen of the Seven Kings of Hell.


When King Kang Qi Yan heard the words, his expression changed.

The other party actually said that he was from the Remnant Realm, and he couldn't help being shocked.

If his secret is known to other Hades of Hades.

It will definitely be besieged and murdered by all the kings of hell.

Because his existence is definitely to harm the underworld.

Although the underworld does not have the Lord of Yellow Springs.

But other Hades would certainly not be willing to see the underworld damaged.

Because these kings of **** depend on the underworld to survive, even if they don't usually do business, they will not sit by and watch other people come to harm the underworld.

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