I Created the Myth of the Old Ruler - Chapter 481 480. Handle with care

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   Chapter 481 480. Handle with care

Due to the time and space characteristics of the Quiet Land, it is entirely possible for the future chosen people to come to the exotic land of the past. If someone brings the pure fire of the splendid realm to Wajima, and then keeps it there in some way, for so many years After that, it is not impossible to become the scene that Lu Kand saw.

   This gave Lu Kan two inspirations. First, the purification of fire was controllable, and the means of controlling the purification by the priestess of Heshima Taisha was relatively low-level. To achieve control, the pollution caused by strong negative emotions must be used.

   In contrast, the glass fire can be filled in a bottle, which is not too easy.

  If the filth in Hedao can only be eliminated by pure fire, then these technologies and items that splendid realm controls pure fire may curb the destruction of pure fire to the world itself to a certain extent.

   Of course, the Brilliant Realm has been destroyed according to this little murloc, perhaps because of the loss of control of the net fire?

   In order to understand this, Lu Bian must first know the anchor point of the Brilliant Realm, and at the same time, he must use the power of traveling through time to go to the past of the Brilliant Realm before it was destroyed.

   is a long way to go.

   "Woo la qua lah lah lah lah ah ah!"

   On the other side, the little fishman let out a very miserable cry, most of his body had been eaten by Feng Yu, and only one head was left.

  Ga 嘣——

   Feng Yu quickly chewed the little murloc's head and swallowed it.

"Is it tasty?"

   Lu Han asked.

   "What do you say?"

   Feng Yu wiped his mouth.

   "I don't think it might taste good."

  Lu Bian felt that the biggest problem in his life might be picky eaters, especially now that he often eats Feng Yu.

   Eating Feng Yu's craftsmanship made him dislike some ordinary food.

   "Let me taste his memory."

   Feng Yu seemed to have something in her mouth, and she closed her eyes as she spoke.

   After a while, Feng Yu opened his eyes.

   "He really didn't say something."

   "You're a shame, I've read it all for you."

   Hearing Feng Yu's words, Lu Bian immediately answered.

   "Otherwise, how do you think we can perfectly replace a person without being discovered around?"

   Feng Yu chuckled lightly.

   "Wait a minute, that is to say, Feng Yu's body is actually"

   Lu Kizuna did not continue.

   He saw Feng Yu smiling, but there was a coolness that was colder than sea water.

   "Mom, did you find anything?"

   Lu Kizuna said immediately.

   "You call me old."

   The coolness in Feng Yu's smile subsided, and she continued.

   "There are a lot of Brilliant Realm things in that claustrophobic store, and this guy once met Du Danping during a mission related to Brilliant Realm."


   The grass on Lu Kump's wound turned into an exclamation mark.

"According to the description, the Brilliant Realm was once a powerful exotic land, just like the Land of Silence, it ruled many exotic lands, and it was even able to fight against pollution for a time, but the destruction still came irrevocably, and the things of the Brilliant Realm were scattered in the foreign lands. , leaving some relics, some of these relics seal the old rulers they fought against, and some retain the extraordinary power of the Brilliant Realm, the murloc's mission seems to be related to the Brilliant Realm many times."

   Feng Yu said as if recalling.

   "Can fight pollution, so powerful?"

   Lu Jun was a little surprised.

But if you think about it carefully, many of those great beings, the gods of the old days, are indeed in the seal. The mutual game between them is a part. Is there a possibility? What about the handwriting?

For example, the existence behind the door of the abandoned city, such as the gods on Aldebaran, and the old rulers sealed in the ruins in the Pacific Ocean, so many old gods have been sealed, there must be one back pot.

  Perhaps Glory itself is the abode of some more powerful deity?

   If you want to solve the pollution problem of your own world, maybe you can gain something from studying the Brilliant Realm?

  Lu Kizuna thought this was a windfall.

   Moreover, Du Danping is also looking for this thing, he must know these things, maybe it is because of this that he fell under the gaze of the evil **** in that big theater.

   "You have traveled through the foreign land for so long, why don't you know about this glorious realm?"

   Lu Kizuna asked again.

   It stands to reason that Feng Yu has traveled so many exotic places, it is impossible not to have heard about the glorious realm at all.

   "I only know what I know."

   Feng Yu didn't answer, she seemed to be thinking too.

  Lu Bian thought, maybe Feng Yu had heard of it before, or had seen something about the Brilliant Realm, but he didn't have the concept, and now he's stringing everything together.

"and this."

   Feng Yu handed the dagger to Lu Bian.

  Lu Kian saw that above the dagger, the cold and indifferent text of the system appeared.

  【Touch of Pain】


  【Appraisal Price: 100 Silence Points】

   Good guy, still an unidentified thing.

   Seeing this, Lu Bian suddenly felt a little lost.


  Feng Yu saw Lu Bian staring at the dagger in a daze, and thought he recognized something.

   "No, I was just thinking, can the little murlocs be sold in a quiet place?"

  Lu Kizuna thought.

   ". Living things should not be sold."

  Feng Yu twitched the corners of his mouth.

   "Then it should be possible to make fish meat, such as contaminated delicious fish meat, delicate swim bladder, etc.?"

  Lu Bian's brain was wide open, and he wanted to immediately grab a little fishman and dismantle it on the spot.

   "Are you really not some evil **** reincarnated?"

   Feng Yu pouted.

   "Didn't I help them open up new commodity channels and optimize the industrial structure?"

  Lu Kizuna turned his gaze back to the dagger and clicked [Appraisal].

  【Touch of Pain】


  【In the fog city, it is quite rare to have physical items】

  [Some gravel was swept by the storm in the fog, polished in the vortex, and finally formed some special shapes]

  【Contaminated stones have the ability to spread pollution】

  【Once injured by it, it will cause serious pollution and eventually fall into madness】

  【"Handle with care!"】

  Lu Bian put it in [Silent Department Store] to check the price, but it was not a lot, more than 600,000 silence points.

   He is not short of weapons, and the crowbar in his hand is still very useful, and once he scratches himself, he will hear the ravings of an indescribable great existence and the gradually crazy setting is also very dangerous for ordinary people.

   As for why Lu Jian was scratched and still not crazy?

  Lu Bian thinks that it may be because he has a very positive three views, which is enough to resist the evil spirits.

   In short, this thing is useless to Lu Jian, and the price is not very high, so he decided to sell it.

   hung it in the [Silent Department Store], and placed it at a suggested retail price of 550,000. Lu Han and Feng Yu decided to take back the [Strange Amusement Park].

   Time to go home.

   (end of this chapter)

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