I Created the Myth of the Old Ruler - Chapter 482 481. The second phase of the task is opened

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   Chapter 482 481. The second phase of the mission opens

When    left Feng Yu's body, Lu Bian felt a sense of loss.

   He guessed that when a baby was born from its mother's womb, it probably felt the same way.

   Lu Kizuna couldn't remember, he thought there might be.

   This is a kind of loneliness and loneliness in which you have to face the world alone since you have lost your sense of security.

   Didn't have much time to sigh, Lu Bian heard Feng Yu speak.

   "It's time for you to get up."


  Lu Bian raised his head from Feng Yu's lap, feeling that his sense of security had disappeared again.

  The water glass on the table was pushed by something and moved towards the edge of the table.

   Lu Kizuna naturally put it back in the center of the table, and at the same time took out the [Strange Amusement Park] to check it out.

   This amusement park seems to be getting smaller.

   To be precise, it’s not that the range has become smaller, but that the size has shrunk.

   This is because there is a water park-like thing in the amusement park.

   There are rafting and water roller coasters in the water park, which are exciting.

  Lu Bian took a closer look, and there were still some little murlocs in the water who were playing the role of vicious murlocs.

   The current [Strange Amusement Park] has undoubtedly evolved.

   "Is this a [Sublimation] level item?"

   Lu Jun felt incredible.

   Originally, he thought that the grades of [Pollution], [Erosion], and [Alienation] simply corresponded to the pollution level contained in the item.

   But now it seems that this is not just a rating, but also a description.

  【Pollution】Good quality products will bring pollution to people.

  【Erosion】Quality products will gradually erode the sanity of creatures.

  【Alienation】Quality will cause users to constantly alienate.

   And 【sublimation】, it seems that it means being able to constantly improve oneself and keep growing.

   This is also reflected in the fact that when Lu Bian put [Strange Amusement Park] on [Silent Department Store], he found that the price had changed.

   The original [Strange Amusement Park] of more than five million yuan has now been raised to more than eight million yuan in suggested retail price.

  8888888 Silent Points can be taken home, you won't suffer any loss if you buy it, and you won't be fooled by it.

Today's [Strange Amusement Park] can not only disguise itself and use cognitive barriers to attract others to enter, but also has a variety of amusement facilities, and the insect of time can steal tourists' time, so that tourists can always enjoy the amusement in the amusement park, It's a boon for the entertainment industry.

   Lu Kizuna is actually troubled by one thing sometimes.

  Although the classic movies do not fade due to time, and many movies are more flavorful with each passing, you can watch and pull the film repeatedly.

   But the most beautiful part of most movies is the first time they meet, full of unknowns and expectations, and watching those characters dance on the stage of fate that no one can predict is the fun of exploration.

Therefore, Lu Bian always felt that if he could somehow make himself into a state where he had never seen these classic works, and then returned the memory after reading it, the happiness of the first time and the happiness of repeated tastes overlapped together. , both of which are sure to bring more happiness.

  It’s a pity it can’t be done.

   But the Worm of Time might be able to do that.

  Every time when the audience finishes watching the movie, they steal this part of the time and let the audience enter the movie theater again.

   In this way, those touching, sentimental, and shocking can be experienced repeatedly.

   is simply perfect.

   It's just that Lu Kian doesn't know how to make the Worm of Time spit out these times, so at most, the audience will sit in the movie theater and watch it repeatedly, and will never be able to reach the truth of the movie's ending.

  Put it in a quiet place, [Strange Amusement Park] can also be used as a self-defense product for Lu Bian. If you meet a powerful boss, you will release the amusement park and invite the other party to come in and play.

  Lu Kizuna thought again at this time, if he collects the strange things in this world and combines them with exotic items, can they create similar alienated items?

   He decided he had a chance to give it a try.

   Putting away the [Strange Amusement Park], Lu Bian took another look at his career development tasks.

  【Collect Fear and Scream: 10000/10000】

  【Congratulations on completing your career development tasks】

  【Checkout starts now】

  [Quest Exploration: 150%]

  【Completion of the task: unnamed】

[You have created a new legend in the foreign land, your name echoes in their dreams, but it is not enough, the road ahead is never ending, keep working hard, let your story become the history of the foreign land, inscribed by the dawn of dawn forever]

  【Silence Points Obtained: 50000 Points】

  【Completed settlement】

  【Please complete the task and get the reward】

   "50,000 points, it's okay."

  Some people may ask, Lu Jian is a person who sells hundreds of thousands of goods casually and owns several million worth of goods. Can he still see the income of 50,000 points?

   That's certainly worth it.

   Just like Xueba has been able to get full marks in every exam, do you still take the quiz before each class seriously?

   The fact is, if you look down on these quizzes, then a scholar will not be called a scholar, and it is precisely because he takes every test seriously that he can make progress.

   Lu Kian is the same, if he ignores the rewards of these quests because he has a lot of silence points and deals with them perfunctory, then Lu Kian will capsize in the gutter one day.

   Those hostile chosen people who I met in the foreign land can meet him, at least it is about to reach the second stage, and I have gone through many missions in the foreign land to get to this point. Lu Bian has a deep understanding of the efforts.

   So he killed these chosen ones with respect, hoping that their souls could rest in peace.

For example, the little fishman, Lu Bian thought, if his remains could be evaluated at [Silent Department Store] and sold, then eventually, his remains would be valued somewhere in a foreign land. Feng Yu should be at least a little bit happy if he eats it.

"time to eat."

   Feng Yu called out and served several quick dishes, each of which only took a few minutes to finish.

  Lu stumbled and really hadn't eaten properly for several days. The fish in the deep sea didn't taste good, so he didn't eat much.

   While eating, Lu Bian continued to think about how to sell murloc products to all over the world.

   As soon as he finished eating and put down his rice bowl, Lu Bian saw that the three leftover dishes in front of him had become distorted, and above each dish, the cold and indifferent words of Silent Land emerged, forming a systematic description.

  【Second Stage Mission Open】

   After seeing this line of description fade away, Lu Kian first looked at the first dish, and the text of the stir-fried pork with green peppers appeared.

  【Call the Soul】

  【In some places, the name of the soul is not weird, but a kind of love】

  [It is said that when children are frightened, the elders will perform a soul-calling ceremony and call back their scattered souls]

  【Because the ceremony is gloomy and scary, so most people have a terrifying impression of calling the soul】

  【It's just that those who were once called back are really their own souls? 】

  【"Since then, he's like a different person, not like a child, but like an old man?"]


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