I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive - Chapter 289 Dragon Gate Mutation

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"Dead! How come..."

"That little snake seems to be the husband-in-law of the five princesses!"



Regarding Zhou Feng's sudden death, the faces of the surrounding Shui people who were watching the excitement were all in disbelief.

Why is this dead?

The Dragon Gate Conference was just getting ready to begin, and a young talent with such potential died.

And Zhou Feng was also recorded by the five princesses before.

As a result, the Shui clan who had just besieged Zhou Feng might be in trouble.

"But this Qingshi is worthy of a mutant bloodline, and he killed a person before he died!"

"The troll whale clan is really domineering, and because of the friction, it hurts the killer."

"Isn't this normal? The troll whale clan is used to being arrogant."


Looking at the remaining breath and the broken flesh.

All the aquatic people thought that Zhou Feng had just died under Guiyuan Heavy Water.

One drop of Guiyuan heavy water is powerful, and these dozen drops hit the body.

If the body is not strong enough, it is quite normal to be smashed and cracked in an instant.

Everyone present did not expect that Zhou Feng would not only be able to restrain the breath, this kind of powerful method of restraining the breath.

It can even transform and simulate one's own blood at will.

In this way, Zhou Feng's Jin Chan's escape was implemented perfectly.

Ju Kuo was also extremely regretful at this time, how could he suddenly put such a heavy hand on his face.

It's all right now, no matter how the troll whale clan explained it, they couldn't explain it clearly.

After all, Zhou Feng had a conflict with the troll whale clan before, and it would be easy to find out.

If he said it was not intentional, I am afraid no one would believe it.

"The Dragon King is here!"

Suddenly, a noble breath came. .

There was no time for the aquarium present to react, and a huge floodwater swam from a distance.

"This is big!"

Zhou Feng, who was hiding from the side, witnessed the terrifying body of the dragon.

That huge body was as if it had been enlarged more than ten times.

The horns of the flood dragon on his head are like a real dragon, thrusting straight into the sky, giving people an overwhelming power.

Those indifferent eyes make it impossible to look directly.

This is the current ruler of the South China Sea, Ao Lie, who is known as the Dragon King in the body of a dragon.

Ao Lie immediately stunned the Quartet as soon as he appeared, and then the dragon's body turned into a human form.

An elegant middle-aged man appeared in front of a group of water people.

Compared to his real body, Ao Lie's human form is unexpectedly elegant.

Behind Ao Lie is the fifth princess Ao Shan.

It turned out that Ao Shan was riding on Ao Lie's Flood Dragon just now.

After Ao Lie turned into a human form, Ao Shan appeared in front of a kind of aquarium.

Sure enough, only the daughter of the old dragon king's favorite dared to ride on the old dragon king.

This kind of treatment is afraid that those sons have never enjoyed it.

"Everyone! Not much to say! Let's start jumping the dragon gate!"

Ao Lie didn't talk nonsense, and directly began to preside over the Dragon Gate Conference.

After all, compared to human beings, the temperament of the aquarium is relatively straightforward.

I saw Ao Lie spit out the breath of Flood Dragon from his mouth.

moment! The originally mottled dragon gate reacted.


A burst of dragons immediately resounded through the sky.

Then a golden dragon gas flew out, forming a huge door.

If there is nothing in this door, it gives people a sense of dreamlike illusion.

The blood of all the aquariums in the scene directly began to riot.




The real dragon gate emerged, and no one of the Shui people present could hold back it.

In an instant, those geniuses who had hidden for a long time were finally unable to hide.

More than a dozen geniuses who are almost about to break through to the supernatural power realm, all burst out with a terrifying aura.

For these people, jumping through this dragon gate is actually equivalent to breaking into the supernatural power realm.

In addition to purifying the blood, this dragon gate also has the effect of assisting in breaking through the bottleneck.

After waiting for such a long time, these geniuses stuck in the supernatural power realm are waiting for today.

"It's crazy!"

Zhou Feng, who was hiding by the side, witnessed this crazy scene with his own eyes.

The aquariums next to them all wanted to go crazy.

Even if you are squeezed to the ground, you have to rush forward.

The more you get to the front, the more the fight gets worse.

Some aquariums even secretly attacked.

Kill the aquarium next to him, then he can go further.

Originally, Zhou Feng didn't want to go forward, only wanted to fish in troubled waters.

When the leaping dragon gate was over, he slipped away quietly.

But he couldn't hold these aquariums to keep pushing him forward.

Leaning on his extremely terrifying body, Zhou Feng hardly wasted much effort.

Was pushed to the forefront position.

Among the big clans, Zhou Feng's ordinary marine fish bloodline seemed a bit dazzling.

Almost all the aquariums that can squeeze into the front are well-known big clans.

For example, the front is the Frost Snake with the blood of the dragon, the troll whale clan, and the swordfish clan with natural sword bones.

Zhou Feng was like a beggar who got into a bunch of princes and grandchildren.

"Huh? There is another dark horse?"

"This seems to be just the most common blood, but it can be squeezed into the top 100?"

"Yeah! It seems that geniuses have appeared frequently in recent times!"

"This is a sign of my great prosperity in the South China Sea!"


Immediately beside Ao Lie, the Shui clan began to turn around and flatter.

Because Ao Lie's mood is not very good recently.

The Dragon Palace had suffered a lot on the land before, and Ao Lie was getting angry.

"not bad!"

Ao Lie looked at Zhou Feng and nodded slightly.

Indeed, it is possible to squeeze into such a front position with such ordinary blood.

It's also a genius!

If you can successfully jump through the dragon gate and inspire a trace of true dragon blood.

Then he is even qualified to be his husband-in-law in the Dragon Palace.

"What about the little snake?"

Ao Shan next to her was looking for the little snake she had encountered before.

Zhou Feng had a deep impression on Ao Shan before.

According to the strength of that little snake, the Dragon Gate should also be able to make a name for itself this time.

Why hasn't it appeared yet?

"Shan'er! What are you talking about?"

Hearing what his baby girl was muttering there, Ao Lie asked directly.


Since you can't see the little snake, forget it, and Ao Shan is not too persistent.


Zhou Feng cried out in his heart.

He seems to be in a bad situation now.

As we get closer and closer to the luminous dragon gate~www.novelbuddy.com~, all the aquariums seem to have received a huge resistance.

The leading Frost Snake, now also full of constipation, was approaching the Dragon Gate a little bit.

But he didn't feel any resistance, but felt a suction.

This dragon gate is constantly letting him pass?

At the same time, the human blood in Zhou Feng's body began to boil.

The blood of the emperor, which was difficult to condense before, began to condense continuously.

Originally, the blood of other races was constantly being consumed and condensed.

A trace of golden blood began to condense.

"What to do! If this goes on! I will definitely be noticed!"

Zhou Feng is fully resisting the terrifying suction.

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