I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive - Chapter 290

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Zhou Feng's ears kept ringing the sound of dragons.

The blood on his body was burning crazily.

"I am..."

He had no idea that this kind of change would happen.

But judging from the results, this change seems to be of great help to him.

For a long time, the human blood in his body could not condense at all.

Must rely on the evil spirit of the earth, constantly squeeze one's own body.

Only then can it break the bottleneck and condense a trace of human emperor's blood.

The amount of blood of the emperor also represents the progress of the emperor's scripture.

It used to be like a tortoise crawling, but now it suddenly rides on a rocket.

The most common bloodline in Zhou Feng's body is being eliminated and replaced by the noble bloodline of the emperor.

If this is placed in normal circumstances, he is absolutely happy to see this change.

Because this change is only good for him.

But now Zhou Feng is in the South China Sea.

There are countless aquariums staring around.

I just don't know how many there are in the supernatural power realm.

There is also a dragon king with unpredictable realm. If this goes on, will he wear it?

If he was discovered to be a human, then he would be miserable.

"What should I do?"

Zhou Feng didn't have the slightest expression on his face, but he was thinking quickly in his heart.

How to deal with this kind of scene now.

After thinking about it, there is no way to resist, it would be better to be bolder.

Think about what happened next.

Now take advantage of this excellent opportunity to practice well.

Thinking of this, Zhou Feng no longer hesitated.

Giving up resistance, the whole person rushed towards the dragon gate.


"How can this be!"

"Who is that?"


After that, all the aquarists who were present arrived at Zhou Feng and rushed directly to the Longmen.

The speed did not weaken at all, and it seemed that there was no resistance at all.

This situation is simply unheard of and unseen.

This has never happened in all previous Dragon Gate conferences.

Under the shocked eyes of a group of aquariums.

Zhou Feng jumped over the illusory dragon gate in an instant.

A huge energy was forcibly instilled into his human emperor ring.

Later, the Emperor's ring fed back this energy to Zhou Feng's body.


Endless aura, turned into endless power.

He helped Zhou Feng to break through the bottleneck crazily, and he was stuck in the Zifu Realm, the second layer didn't know how long.

In an instant, he stepped into the triple layer of the Purple Mansion Realm.

The power of the bloodline also began to show up, and the golden blood was constantly scouring his body.

On the spiritual stage, Zhou Feng's spirit began to recite a mysterious scripture.

The four layers of the purple mansion realm!

Breakthrough again!

In just a few minutes, Zhou Feng made another breakthrough.

All the energy of this dragon gate seemed to be supplied to him.

The five layers of the Purple Mansion Realm!





Zhou Feng almost jumped to the ninth level of the Purple Mansion Realm almost like a rocket.

Next, you only need to comprehend a magical power law, and then you can try to break through the magical power realm.


"The bloodline hasn't changed? Haven't other bloodlines been stimulated?"

"The bloodline is so pure! Relying on the power of the Dragon Gate, hasn't it been able to stimulate a stronger bloodline?"


Zhou Feng jumped over the dragon gate in an instant, and his cultivation base broke through like a rocket.

This is not the most shocking.

The most shocking thing is that Zhou Feng's blood and breath have not changed since the beginning.

Or ordinary sea fish blood.

Normally, jumping over the Dragon Gate, with the help of the Dragon Gate's power, it can stimulate the blood in the deepest part of the body.

The world's aquariums, even the most common aquariums, will have some powerful aquariums in their bloodlines.

It's like the saying that all aquariums have true dragon blood.

Under normal circumstances, Zhou Feng should use the power of the Dragon Gate to inspire the blood of the true dragon.

So as to cause changes in one's own blood.

But Zhou Feng didn't even have that very pure marine fish bloodline.

This is very strange, is there such a pure bloodline in the world?

In fact, Zhou Feng's bloodline of marine fish at this time was simulated passively.

Even if he leaped over the dragon gate, his bloodline fluctuations would not change at all under the passiveness of bloodline simulation.

"Fortunately! My human blood is not exposed!"

Zhou Feng was relieved at this moment.

Fortunately, the bloodline simulation is powerful enough to keep him from being exposed.

But even if it hasn't been exposed, it's difficult for him to get out of the situation now.

He already felt that several supernatural power realm powerhouses were staring at him.

"I didn't expect it! There is such an adventure!"

Zhou Feng's breath gradually stabilized.

Although such a change made it difficult for him to get out in a short time.

But compared with the benefits obtained, it is simply not worth mentioning.

He has actually broken through to the nine layers of the Purple Mansion Realm!

too fast! This is so fast!

If he followed the original speed of cultivation, Zhou Feng himself slowly cultivated to the ninth level of the Purple Mansion Realm.

I'm afraid it will waste decades of time.

Without the help of external forces, this is Zhou Feng's most pessimistic estimate.

But now it directly saves his decades of effort.

Half of the blood in the body was replaced with the blood of the emperor.

The physical body also doesn't know to what extent.

"Haha! Not bad! Not bad! Little fish! Come here!"

Seeing Zhou Feng's breath stabilized, Ao Lie immediately laughed and waved.

It seemed that Zhou Feng was allowed to pass.

Zhou Feng looked at the kind-looking Ao Lie, and flew over after a pause.

Compared with Zhou Feng, who had a calm face, the remaining aquatics were still trying hard to jump over the dragon gate.

This contrast is extremely strong.

"I have seen the Dragon King!"

Zhou Feng walked to Ao Lie and gave a simple address.

Afterwards, he could feel a few scrutinizing gazes passing through his body.

This also includes Ao Shan.

"Very good! Are you interested in becoming the king's son-in-law?"

Ao Lie said straightforwardly.

There is no concealment of the meaning of wooing.

When Zhou Feng heard this, he glanced at Ao Shan next to him.


He answered without hesitation, but the tone was quite calm.

Zhou Feng has also learned well, and if in this case, he still does what he did before.

Then it will definitely cause all kinds of troubles.

It would be better to agree directly and wait until later to slowly plot ~www.novelbuddy.com~ Anyway, Zhou Feng is still wearing a vest now.

It doesn't matter if you just agree to this kind of thing.

"Very good! You are standing by my side! It just so happens to be close to Shan'er!"

Ao Lie nodded in satisfaction when Zhou Feng agreed.

Directly let Zhou Feng stand beside him, and by the way get close to Ao Shan.

"It's a pity~~"

"The Dragon King spoke in person, and it's really hard to refuse!"

"Yes! So talented, it's a pity that I can't join our clan!"


Seeing Zhou Feng directly agreed, he immediately made a regretful voice next to him.

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