I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1064 4 murals, ancient corpses in barren hills

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Four frescoes representing four eras.

Four completely different eras.

In every era, there is such a mysterious altar, and there are such mysterious looking Feng Qianwei and Que Xinyan on the altar.

Que De quietly looked at the four murals and fell into deep thought.

In the murals, all contain the ancient ancestral dragon rhyme and inheritance law atmosphere, deep and wild.

This kind of law aura contains some imprints of the times, there are celestial secrets, there is Hongmeng, there is destiny, and there is cause and effect.

The four different breaths correspond to the changes of the four seasons, and contain the alternation rules of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This is a choice, but not exactly a choice, but a way.

Which way he chooses, the corresponding result will be completely different.

Rather than saying that it was him who made a choice at this time, it was actually Feng Qianwei's test of his virtue.

If it was before, then Que De would never have had any too complicated ideas, but this time, after having contact with Xia Xinning, and after going through the cause and effect of Feng Qianwei, Que De already knew that - Feng Qianwei will never be that simple.

This is an existence that looks extremely ordinary but is actually extremely powerful and mysterious.

Such an existence has always existed as Feng Yao's clan sister, but has always had an excellent relationship with Su Renhuang Su Li, and even secretly helped many times, intentionally or unintentionally...

After this thought, Que De's heart couldn't help but think a little more.

Later, Que De thought of some of the promises that Su Li had given him - such as the promises of the King of Hell.

At that moment, Que De suddenly became more confident and fiery.

Originally, he came to make a desperate attempt, so the choice has actually been locked-either autumn, which represents desolation and struggle, and represents exhaustion.

Either it is winter, which represents cruelty and harshness, as well as coldness and silence.

But this time, his options are only spring and summer.

But the summer is too hot, but it does not fit with the reality of today.

That is, only spring.

In spring, all things recover, and spring returns to the earth.

This is a vision of recovery, and a manifestation of recovery.

In other words, everything is the real hope, the starting point, and the opening point of the most beautiful era.

Therefore, at this moment, Que De chose the first mural.

The mural that represents spring.

In addition to the meaning of spring, there is also the word 'Su' in the recovery of all things.

In fact this is already obvious.

After Que De chose the first mural, his figure moved, turned into a streamer without hesitation, and fell into the ancient altar world corresponding to the first mural.


The next moment, the environment of heaven and earth suddenly changed.

Then, after the darkness of the void, it gradually became brighter.

Afterwards, Que De was in a trance almost instinctively for a long time, standing in an unknown and mysterious place.

After a long time, it seemed as if the darkness had passed and the dawn had revived.

Then, when the first rays of sunshine in the 'morning' came, Que De came back to his senses.

Then, he sensed an incomparably mysterious power, which seemed to be a kind of thought-pulling power.

Only then did he look around, only to realize that the surrounding area was actually a desert.

This is……

Burial place.

The ancient ruins of yellow sand contain the cause and effect of buried souls and the evil desolate ghosts.

Such a place was originally supposed to be the place where Su Renhuang Su Li Mingge died, and it was also the place where Su Renhuang should have been wiped out by fate.

But now, Que De found out that he had come here.

Que De looked at the four directions, but unfortunately, all the places he saw were yellow sand.

He sensed that some of the many reincarnation methods and authority from the Netherworld Sea that had been lost had recovered somewhat as if the seal had been loosened.

After recovering some of these abilities, he did not hesitate to use them.

Some things that could not be used in the past or in the future can be used in the present, so he will not hide them.

Because here, he chose to believe in one thing - that is the way of Su Renhuang.

Living in the moment.

Living in the moment is an attitude, but also a kind of persistence, a kind of affirmation of the heart and self.

Living in the present moment, the ability that can be mastered at the moment, the ability that can be used, is the greatest ability.

Only by doing well in the present can we make the future change.

Once the future gets better, in the future present, the present present is the past, then the past will also get better.

Que De's cognition in this regard is still very strong, and this aspect is indeed somewhat influenced by Hua Qiu Dao.

Of course, it was more because of his understanding of Su Renhuang Su Li, so that this time he saw that Feng Qianwei should be in line with Su Li, so he chose to follow the line.

In itself, he has no way to go, and this road may not be better now, but it will never be worse than it is now.

While Que De pondered, after the reincarnation and other means were in operation, he walked on foot, without the slightest anxiety and urgency in his heart.

Time is really tight.

But here is the world of murals, the concept of time and even the rules have lost their meaning.

He didn't see Feng Qianwei for the first time, which is enough to show that some causes and effects have not been fully achieved, or that he has not met some of Feng Qianwei's requirements.

Some things contain a lot of cause and effect and layout. If he does not meet the corresponding conditions, those core secrets will naturally not be completely open to him.

Que De has experienced these, and because of this, he understands it very well.

So he won't be in a hurry.

One step at a time, he walked on foot, walking in the wind and sand of this burial place.

During this process, he constantly felt the laws between heaven and earth, constantly felt his own heart, and felt this way of living in the moment, just like an ascetic monk.

In the continuous realization, time is passing little by little.

Three days later, Qued passed a decaying temple.

This temple is almost decayed, but it can be seen that it is a small temple.

Qued walked in.

In the temple, there are ruins everywhere, with broken walls and ruins, and many of them show signs of scorching, as if they were destroyed or burned.

Que De watched carefully, but found no useful traces.

"Here, there should be information left."

"Since Feng Qianwei asked me to come to her, and even brought Que Xinyan, there are still important clues. At the same time, this is also a test of my virtue."

"If you can pass, most of the time you will be eligible to meet her this time and get her guidance or help in some aspects.

But if I can't pass, most of the time I'm unqualified and can't be selected.

So even if I am willing to join the Su Renhuang, most of them are of little value. "

Que De pondered, and then deduced slightly.

Then, without hesitation, he performed the technique of looking back, which is similar to forgetting the world.

This is a special method similar to The Way of the Origin of Time, a way of looking back at the past.

Que De took a deep breath, gathered the technique of looking back, developed the causal system like forgetting the world, and began to condense extremely complex rune seals in an instant.

At that moment, Que De's eyes shone brightly, his cheekbones bulged directly, and the two temples seemed to be inflated, cherry red and inflated, as if they were about to explode.

Then, the bright light in his eyes converged in the void, forming a very bright mirror-like projection.

The structure of this mirror is very similar to the Kunlun mirror that controls reincarnation.

After the mirror manifested, Meng looked towards the ancient temple.


After a azure light sprayed on the ruined temple, the entire temple began to emit a gleaming radiance.

Then, among the broken walls and broken rubble, a corpse gradually gathered.

The corpse was dry and dry, but it looked extremely huge—or perhaps this 'huge' was a feeling.

The corpse itself is not big, but considering the environment of the temple, it seems that the entire temple has been shrunk countless times.

"Devouring the Starry Sky: Sign In to God"

This incongruous proportion made Que De a little shocked.

Then he calculated it a little, and suddenly, he found in horror that, if calculated according to a special proportion - this corpse, I am afraid its size is comparable to the size of an ancient city!

Maybe even bigger!

With Que De's knowledge and experience, he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Afterwards, Que De's cheekbones began to glow, and the blue light sprayed from the mirror became even more intense.

Then, the corpse gradually changed.

After a while, Que De was shocked, and his face showed a bit of horror.

He stared at the corpse - because he never thought that the deity of that corpse was actually...

Que De's eyes narrowed suddenly, and his eyes became extremely sharp.

"I didn't expect it, I really didn't expect it to be like this!"

"It turned out to be him!"

Que De's mood could not be calm for a long time.

The blue light has dissipated without knowing when.

Que De's temples on both sides have also exploded.

His glowing cheekbones and forehead are cracked as he sees a terrifying secret.

Because of the particularity of his own reincarnation authority, he cannot erase these memories.

Even if it could be erased, he wouldn't.

This is the price.

With any choice, there will be a corresponding price.

But even so, Que De did not care.

He knew, what he knew, Feng Qianwei should still know.

Therefore, after some contemplation, Que De did not delay, immediately left the ruined temple, and quickly moved forward again.

This time, that feeling of echo is gone.

But Que De has a direction in his heart.

Afterwards, Que De still used the technique of looking back, but not to obtain any secrets, but to look back at his past abilities in this way, and then use his past abilities to move forward.

In this way, another seven days passed.

Seven days later, 100,000 miles away, a huge Vajra Demon Ape with flames all over its body stood quietly between the heavens and the earth.

He was burning with flames, but golden light flashed all over him.

That terrifying glow and dense aura shook the heavens and the earth, as if it could shatter the empty world.

Such an existence, even with the ability of Que De, can't help but **** in the cold.

With just one glance, Que De knew that he was not the opponent's opponent.

Therefore, Que De just watched silently, watching this huge Vajra Flame Demon Ape standing on his way to stop him.

Qued stopped.

The Flame King Kong Demon Ape was also in a state of standing in the void at this time.

The blazing flames burning all over his body carried the terrible Dao rhyme that suppressed the nine heavens and ten earths. His eyes were extremely cold and cold, and he was carrying a diamond-like weapon in his hand.


The King Kong Zhuo in his hand slashed across the world and cut off the way forward.

The void twisted into a ravine, cutting off all the way forward.

The gully pierced through the void, and the terrifying murderous intent boiled like a tsunami, sweeping towards Quede.

Que De stood in the storm, like a small boat in a storm, which may capsize at any time.

However, Que De was still standing.

"Are you going to stop me?"

Que De spoke calmly, but there was no fear in his eyes.

He was still injured from the previous breach, but at this time, he was hit by such a momentum, and his cheekbones and forehead bones exploded again, and the seven orifices spurted blood.

But he didn't frown at all, his body was standing like a mountain, unwavering.

"You are... Que De."


"Unexpectedly, the master of the dignified world of forgetfulness and the master of reincarnation of the Nether Sea is now in such a situation. Why, come here, do you want to find a burial place for yourself, and sleep forever?"

The Flame King Kong Demon Ape couldn't help laughing loudly.

There was a sense of joy in that voice.

Que De looked at the Flame King Kong Demon Ape with a calm expression, and said Dandan: "The way I stick to, the way I believe in ~www.novelbuddy.com~ will go forward without regrets."

While speaking, Que De stepped in without hesitation, directly into the incomparably dangerous dark ravine.

The next moment, endless flames and dark magic swept directly towards Que De, as if to devour him forever.

Quede didn't care.

The Flame King Kong Demon Ape watched silently for a long time, and gradually, his eyes were covered with bloodshot, turning scarlet, and he showed strong unwillingness and anger.

Sadly, it's all in vain.

Just because the dark demonic energy that devoured Que De was quickly covered by the early morning light that appeared in the sky and the earth, and dispelled.

The next moment, all the anomalies disappeared—or the Flame King Kong Demon Ape that blocked Que De disappeared.

Later, Que De saw a huge, barren mountain.

The mountains are reddish.

It was a bright bright red, and a very pure blood color.

Such a mountain has a name Que De is very familiar with - the Chiyan Desolate Mountain.

"It turns out that this is the Scarlet Flame Desolate Ridge."

"This is the place where the huge mysterious ancient corpse was sealed off in the world of Qian Nu."

When Que De saw this scene, he immediately realized something, and couldn't help showing a helpless wry smile.

Coming here, combined with this series of experiences and the cause and effect he had seen before, he already knew—knew a secret that should have been known long ago but has never been known.

Feng Yao, Feng Qianwei.

Former inspector.

Today's tomb keeper.

It's that huge ancient corpse!

Perhaps, Feng Yao is indeed dead.

Maybe not completely dead - just because this is the world of murals, isn't it?

And the withered corpse that I saw before is indeed the real Fengyao.

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