I Was Spotted By Grindelwald and Went To Hogwarts - Chapter 379 sad truth

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Sean felt his breathing suddenly quicken, and he couldn't wait to catch the lost Baron Skinner.

Passing his hands through the pearl-white body was like reaching into the ice water. Sean frowned and retracted his hands, saying eagerly, "What happens next? What will happen next?"

Baron Skinner said in a low voice, "I don't know after that, but the book describes how huge, how terrifying, and how... fascinating..."

"But that requires betraying someone you love, and even doing something like that with your own hands..." Sean took a deep breath and looked at Baron Skinner with contempt.

Originally, whether it was to ask for more information or to gain the trust of the other party, Sean should pretend to be hypocritical.

But Sean didn't want to do this at all. He hated betrayal very much, and even more hated the remorse and guilt that the betrayer would post after the fact.

This is also one of the reasons why his relationship with Stephanie was so tense in the first place. Sean instinctively didn't like this feeling very much.

Moreover, the conditions for a blood alliance to establish a contract are also very harsh. Two people who are not deeply in love cannot establish a blood alliance, and it will not take long for them to encounter the backlash of the blood alliance because of their own thoughts.

When Baron Skinner saw Sean's gaze, he laughed miserably, wishing to shove his head into the crack in the ground.

"Yes, yes, I'm such a despicable bastard..."

"In the beginning, why didn't you kill Corina to gain power?" Sean asked coldly.

Skinner clenched his fists: "Because, because memory can only be covered, not erased, and I don't have enough control over the memory spell..."

He took a deep sigh and explained in a completely decadent voice: "To reach the real contract behind the blood alliance, your love for another person cannot be reduced. Then, you must use the deepest and most powerful memory demon. curse to deceive your own brain and bury this love deeply."

"At this time, you're going to hurt the other party... to exhaust the other party's love, root hatred in the other party's mind, and then, the blood alliance will be broken-" Skinner closed his eyes in pain, " A new contract will be quietly established when the blood alliance is broken, and then, to kill your lover who originally loved you, but now hates you..."

"Drink your lover's blood, and then release your concealment from your brain... You will regret, you will suffer, you will be so sad that you can't breathe, and the most painful thing is that your lover's hatred germinates in your love..."

"You will gain the power to build hatred on top of love. Not only that, but the magic power of your lover will also be absorbed by you... The smaller the gap between the magic power and talent between the two, the deeper your love, then The power will be stronger.”

"According to the description in the book, even me, this not-so-excellent wizard, can rival the most powerful wizard in the world at the time, even better..."

Skinner cried bitterly: "I-I was bewitched by that power..."

Sean looked at each other with more and more disgust, and he didn't even want to look at Skinner more.

"You are indeed a disgusting betrayer, you are right." Sean said coldly.

Baron Skinner collapsed, with endless regret and guilt that was hard to read in his eyes.

"I, I did everything... everything went well, yeah, how could it not go well, we were so in love..." Skinner's transparent tears fell, and he muttered to himself, "I I did something very, very outrageous, but Corina was just worried about me at first, she was worried about what happened to me..."

"My heart was already cold, and I carried out everything ruthlessly..." Skinner sobbed, "Coriana finally...knows all this...she should hate me so much, so much...Blood Alliance It's broken, the real contract begins to be built... Corina is better than me, more talented than me..."

"And I took a step forward. I released my memory and concealed it in advance... I cried and confessed to her, trying to seek forgiveness... What a shameful act, I still have the face to beg for forgiveness..."

Skinner looked up blankly in one direction: "She should not forgive me... She in turn dominated the contract and wanted to kill me with hatred to master the true power of the blood alliance."

"She did the right thing, she should do it, this is the compensation I should make... But, but..." The ghost named Baron Skinner was shaking violently, and the pearly white body was even because of Mood fluctuated.

"Ah-ah-" A hoarse and desperate voice came out of his throat, and then he knelt down and cried.

"How could Corina die, how could she die!"

Desperate cries filled the basement, and even Sean, who had been watching from the sidelines, turned his head.

There is nothing more desperate than this...

Baron Skinner would never forgive himself.

Even if the other party didn't say anything, Sean could guess why.

The real contract of the blood alliance is based on the two infinite extreme feelings of love and hate, and there is only one reason why Corina failed, and even died of an explosion.

Her hatred is not pure enough.


Sean glanced at the ghost who had completely lost his mind and was so desperate that he couldn't speak.

"Even after you did such a thing, Ms. Corina's heart..." Sean said slowly.

Baron Skinner raised his head like crazy, he begged to Sean: "Please, please, don't say, don't say..."

"You know it yourself." Sean just replied calmly.

Skinner floated on the ground, and he knelt down trembling, with endless pleading, despair and regret in his eyes, and transparent tears rolled down.

"Please! Please! Don't tell me! Don't tell me!" he was screaming.

Sean raised his chin slightly and looked down at each other.

"She still loves you."

Baron Skinner's screaming and crying stopped abruptly, his tears couldn't stop falling, and his eyes had completely lost focus.

This sentence is even stronger than the Imperius Curse.

The ghost's hands trembled and grabbed his clothes, and he held the huge wound on his chest, as if there was a heart inside.


A mournful cry echoed quietly in the room.

This is what you should endure... Sean thought silently in his heart.

He didn't speak again, didn't try to comfort the other party, just watched Baron Skinner torment himself in pain and guilt calmly.

Skinner had been studying the Clan for so long, and it was impossible for him not to know the true cause of Corina's death.

It's just that he has been trying to ignore this iron-clad fact. Maybe, if Corina really hates him and doesn't have any love for him anymore, it will make him feel better.

This allows him to deceive himself all the time and use his ghost identity to repent all the time.

Sean couldn't help sighing. He also understood why Baron Skinner became a ghost and stayed in the real world.

Not obsession, but cowardice.

He was afraid, he didn't dare to go to another world, he was worried that he would meet Corina, who also died.

It's just that repentance and forgiveness are both Skinner and Corina's business. Sean is just a spectator, he can't and doesn't want to do more.

He now needs to face another reality that makes him even more terrified.

Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

Their blood alliance... is it broken?

If it is broken, then...

Sean sighed.

Who would that betrayal be?

If you look at the situation at hand, from what Andros said before, he is telling Grindelwald: Dumbledore has known your evil secret with our help, otherwise he will not help us, you The two are out of play.

From this point of view, it seems that Grindelwald has long known the truth of the blood alliance, while Dumbledore only learned it not long ago, that is to say, it is Grindelwald who was prepared to obtain the real power from the beginning.

However, Sean didn't forget that Andros also said that the supreme power is no longer in Grindelwald's turn.

In this way, it seems that Dumbledore is the one who can obtain the supreme power... So, doesn't it mean that Dumbledore may have chosen to establish the real contract after the blood alliance?

Sean was wondering what the supreme power is before, but now it seems that it is very likely the huge magic power brought by the blood alliance.

Just imagine, Baron Skinner was bewitched by this huge force in the beginning, and he has the ghost of pain and tears today.

At that time, Skinner was just an ordinary wizard, and according to the history of Sean's research, ordinary wizards in the thirteenth century may only have the strength of Hogwarts graduates, and they are even worse in comprehensiveness.

The hallmark of these wizards from centuries ago was the power of spells, because ancient runes were not as historically studied as they are now, and wizards who were proficient in ancient runes were very powerful in spells. Have a hand.

Skinner said that if he could master the power of the blood alliance, he could directly rival or even surpass the strongest wizard in the world.

This is very telling.

Because the division of wizards' strength is not progressive, the most powerful wizards of all dynasties have a characteristic - their strength far exceeds the so-called average strength, and even far exceeds those of elite wizards.

Yes, the gap in the power of wizards is very, very serious.

Just like now, Sean is already top-notch among the students, and he can even defeat the elite wizards outside, but if he fights head-to-head, it will be difficult for him to quickly defeat multiple elite wizards without paying the price.

But for Dumbledore or Grindelwald, the meaning that ordinary wizards can represent is only quantity. If they really want to, it is really not difficult to fight against one hundred.

And the blood alliance can provide Skinner with such powerful magic.

In addition, it is worth noting that when the final ritual of the broken blood alliance is completed, the leader will not only gain powerful power, but also absorb all the magic power of his lover!

All these magic powers will fuse together to expand, and the smaller the gap between the magic powers and talents of the blood alliance, the greater the expansion.

Grindelwald and Dumbledore are the two most powerful genius wizards in the world.

Sean couldn't imagine if one of the two gained power at the cost of the other's life.

How powerful will this magic power be?

Maybe, just as a wizard, he can directly match the guilt in Sean's body, or... stronger!

Thinking carefully, Sean found in horror that his hands were numb because of this terrifying thought.

Because, he thought of something more terrifying.

For a terrible old man like Dumbledore, who was scheming and keen on layout, why did the returnees cooperate with him so confidently?

Is it just an unbreakable oath, or the Phoenix Ariana, who has no news yet?

Sean asked himself, if he was a returnee, it would be impossible to be so reassured by Dumbledore.

So, how did Dumbledore win the trust of the other party?

And thinking about it again, at the election site of the President of the International Federation of Wizards, a character like Grindelwald who was not afraid of death was disturbed by what Marshall took out.

What can make Grindelwald move?

Sean found that his guess before coming here seemed to come true...

Why didn't the returnees worry that Dumbledore would join forces with Grindelwald? Why are you so sure that Dumbledore and Grindelwald have parted ways?

And why is Grindelwald so weird?

Sean took a deep breath, his fists clenched unconsciously.

On that day, what Marshall showed to Grindelwald, could it be...

The broken blood alliance?

Only when the blood alliance has broken down and the returnees see this, can they be completely relieved!

The blood alliance is not just an oath, it is an extremely ancient magic!

The broken blood alliance can prove everything!

Yes, yes... Only a broken blood alliance can explain the irrationality of everything.

Then, who is the betrayal among the two? !

Did Grindelwald have an idea~www.novelbuddy.com~ or Dumbledore noticed it later and decided to strike first?

"Damn..." Sean couldn't help but let out a foul language.

No matter who that person is, this incident will have extremely serious consequences!

Especially now that Grindelwald's 100-year journey has been exposed, and Sean still needs to face the problem of awakening the will of the world.

In an instant, a lot of pictures appeared in Sean's mind, without exception, all of them were the scene of the world burning in flames.

My brain hurts so much... Sean bared his teeth and smashed his temple.

Over there, Baron Skinner was completely lost, and Sean strode over.

"Everything has happened, and it's your choice, your regret, your guilt, your betrayal, it's your choice! It's all you should bear!" Sean said coldly.

Skinner didn't respond.

Sean continued in a deep voice: "Similarly, Ms. Corina's love is also her own choice... Although I am not worth her for her."

Skinner finally had a reaction, he looked at Sean tremblingly, his mouth opened wide, but no sound came out.

"Now, I'm trying to salvage another crisis that this blood alliance may cause," Sean squatted down, looked at the other party seriously, his voice was extremely serious, "I need you to help me, tell me everything you know ,"

"I don't know what Ms. Corina thinks, but I can confirm one thing, she definitely doesn't want the tragedy of the two of you to happen again."

Skinner's water ran down again, and he looked up.

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