Ileus: The Dark Prince - Chapter 443 - Meeting Siora (3)

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But Siora didn't stop. She pointed at Ileus and spewed, "This bastard son of hers—he whored his way inside Vilinski. And she herself is no pure soul—she bloody whored her way into Dmitri's heart to take control of Silver Vales!" She spat at Adrianna. "The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Even her mother—" A sudden gust of wind slammed her in the wall behind. It splintered on impact. 

Siora fell down and then started laughing. She crawled to sit on the hay and then shook her head while laughing. "Truth is bitter, you know, truth is bitter." She sprawled her legs in front of her and wiped the stream of blood flowing down her chin. Then she looked up at her son, who was standing with his arms crossed. "Before it is too late, come to your senses. Throw them out of this place. Throw them out of Tibris.. Your father and I had built this kingdom. You and your brothers are the true ruler. You should be married to a demoness and not a werewolf. We are pure blood demons. Don't filthy your blood by marrying into a werewolf line." She paused to take a breath. "I demand you restore me as the queen of Galahar and together with you, we will rule the kingdom. And trust me, I will find a more beautiful girl for you." 

Rolfe stared at his mother, dumbfounded. He had no words to describe her. Slowly, he trudged to her through the hay and knelt in front of her. In a low, dangerous voice he said, "You are so full of shit, Siora." He put his finger on her forehead and pressed it. "This mind of yours is so fucked up that even you don't know." She had lost the right to be called his mother.

"Rolfe!" she started to say something but he put his hand up in the air to stop her. 

"The woman Sedora—she was part of the plans to kidnap Iona. And now she is rotting somewhere in the Lore. I know you know everything about the conspiracy. You know so well about Etaya and how father plotted with her to rule Vilinski and then the Lore. Do you think I am such a fool that I rebelled only because my father wasn't developing Galahar? No, I rebelled because I hated that you people were so consumed with that one woman who claimed that she was the reincarnation of Etayalar Aramaer. As for the wizard queen and her son, they are my new family. Adrianna is my new mother and from today I will start a new world, a better world… With my wife, with my mate, with Iona." He tilted his head and smirked. "And you have no place in my world. This dungeon suits you the best. I was thinking that I will take you to the palace dungeons or I will lodge you in your rooms and put you under house arrest for the rest of your life. But nah!" he clicked his tongue. "This is the only place you deserve. This fortress is under Anastasia's spell. Once we leave, it will vanish from the face of earth. And I don't care where you will go after that!" 

"Rolfe!" For the first time there was fear in Siora's eyes. "You can't do that to your mother! I— I saved your life." 

Rolfe gave her a half-smile that didn't reach his eyes. "You saved my life in exchange for yours." He got up and went to stand in between his in-laws. "I will honor the vow that Anastasia has made, and not kill you. But I can't guarantee that in order to keep you alive, where she will send you. And frankly Siora—I don't care." Saying that he turned and walked out of the prison. 

As soon as he stepped out, a gust of wind out of nowhere came. Hay flew everywhere around. Hoarfrost crackled and fell to the ground and shattered. He heard her shrieking his name, but he didn't care. He was done. He simply walked out of the dungeon. When Adrianna and Ileus joined him, he found Adrianna asking Ileus, "Was that necessary Ileus?" her tone was playful though she wanted to chide her son. Ileus simply shrugged. He had given her the right punishment. Rest his wife would manage. 

Inside the dungeon, Siora was hanging upside down with her ankle shackled with a hook that projected from the ceiling. Her gown, her hair was upside down. She screamed their names as she swung in that place. They could hear her muffled screams. "Put me down, you bastards!" 

The guard who was on the duty, was relieved of his duty, because Siora was now surrounded with magic from three people, Rolfe, Adrianna and Ileus. The doors of the dungeons closed forever and sealed with more magic. They didn't know how Anastasia would keep her alive, but then they trusted her skills. She was the heir of Vilinski, a deity, and her magic was powerful. 

When they came upstairs to the main hall where Iona and Anastasia were waiting with Dmitri, Rolfe asked, "Are you all packed?" 

"Yes!" Iona nodded. She could feel how tense, how riled up her husband was. She walked up to him and brushed her arms with his. 

He simply grabbed her in his embrace and placed a deep kiss on her lips. His throat bobbed. "Let us go to Galahar," he said in a low soft voice. And then he gave a knowing look to Anastasia. 

They all walked out of the fortress and hand-in-hand. Everyone else was already waiting for them on the outside. Kaizan, who was supported by General Yion, came limping to them. "What next?" he asked in a hoarse voice. 

"We all go to Galahar, and then back to Draoidh!" said Ileus, looking sharply at Yion. 

Before Yion could protest, Adrianna said, "No Ileus, Anastasia will be going to Vilinski and you will be coming with us to Galahar!" Saying that she sauntered off, leaving a much hassled Ileus. She stopped, turned her head over her shoulder and said, "And Iona will also come to Draoidh with us for a few days." And that left Rolfe in jitters. The two men looked at each other as Kaizan laughed and laughed even though his ribs hurt. 

"Welcome to singlehood," he said. "If you like I will become your beloved turn by turn!" And he laughed again—sadistically. 

Ileus was the last to leave. Just before Anastasia mounted the horse with Ileus, she turned to give a last look at the fortress. Her eyes became violet with speckles of silver shining in them. She snapped her fingers and the walls of the fortress started disappearing as if melting and turning to vapors. Shrieks from a woman echoed inside the empty rooms of the fortress. 

She took a deep breath and turned to walk to her husband who was waiting for her. He helped her mount the horse and then in one swift motion, mounted it behind her. He kissed her temple and said, "Are you fine, my love?"

She leaned back on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "I am, Aly." 

They reached Galahar soon after, just before the first rays of sun came out. The high priest and other nobility were all waiting for them. 

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