Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten - Chapter 935 - : Two Happy Things

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Chapter 935: Two Happy Things

Mu Feichi jumped off the windowsill and walked over to her. He took his shoes off and sat on the carpet opposite her.

He had gotten people to bring back this woolen carpet from Turkey. It was thick and soft, specially meant to cushion her when she fell out of the bed from a nightmare.

Gradually, she had also gotten used to reading on the carpet and occasionally using it to do some chores.

“You little miser! So happy to be counting money?”

Yun Xi raised her head and gave him an annoyed stare as she said, “Young Commander, do you know what the two happiest things in life are?”

“I know,” Mu Feichi nodded.

“You know? Tell me then.”

Based on how he was able to answer so quickly, she could guess that his answer was definitely going to be different from hers.

“The first thing would be to make you the spouse of the Young Commander and the second would be to make you Mrs. Mu.”

“…” Yun Xi didn’t even feel like pointing out how dumb his answer was, because she knew that this was exactly what he wanted to do the most.

Mu Feichi turned and looked at her cheeks puffing up in silence. He laughed softly as his gaze turned even more gentle and tender.

“Wouldn’t that be the best thing?” He was purposely teasing her. He leaned over near her face, smiled flirtatiously, and asked, “Then how about you tell me the correct answer?”

The cooling scent of mint wafted into her face. They were only inches apart, and Yun Xi instantly fell for his flirting. Her face turned red, and she leaned backward, backing away from danger.

“Being able to sleep until I wake up naturally, and being able to count money until my hand cramps up…”

She took this opportunity to push away his face which was getting closer and closer, then pointed at the envelopes on the floor to change the topic of the conversation. “This is what my grandfather gave me as a reward. This is what I scammed from my dad…”

She explained the little piles to him, one by one, while Mu Feichi leaned on her desk lazily and enjoyed the view of her smiling and talking away.

Just as Yun Xi finished explaining everything, the sounds of Yun Yuanfeng and Liang Xiuqin quarreling downstairs could be heard.

Because they were only on the second floor and her mother had a very loud voice, Yun Xi could hear every word clearly from her room.

“Explain to me which woman’s panties are these! Yun Yuanfeng, you’ve only been the director for such a short time and you’re already losing control over your lower body? Was Chen Lixue not enough? Don’t tell me this belongs to Chen Lixue! Did you go find that wh*re again?”

“I have already said I don’t know where this came from. I didn’t go to see her. Just look at the situation and timing. You think that just because you’re stupid, I’d follow you and become brainless as well? Ridiculous!”

“I’m being ridiculous?! I still haven’t forgotten the issue that happened at the hot spring resort last year, and now you went to find that b*tch again. Do you think that I’m already dead? I’m telling you, if you go find her again, then I’ll take this matter to your office. Let’s see how much respect you’re gonna get… AHH! How dare you hit me!”

“Shut up!”

Yun Xi leaned over by the window and listened to the commotion below impassively. The moment she looked up, she met the deep, calm gaze of the man. She cleared her throat and sat up straight.

“Today, Zhou Chengzhe came to the school to ambush me. I have only just come back yesterday, so it must have been Liang Xinyi who told him that I’ve returned…”

Mu Feichi nodded calmly. “I already know about this, and I’ve sent someone to deal with Zhou Chengzhe. You won’t see him again in the future.”

“You…” Yun Xi looked at him, a little astonished. She raised her hand and made the gesture of swiping her thumb across her neck as she asked, “Did you…”

“It would be too kind to let him die. I sent him to jail. As for Liang Xinyi, what do you plan to do with her?”

Yun Xi pointed in the direction of the door. “Didn’t you hear my parents quarreling? All I had to do was to put my aunt’s underwear into my dad’s suitcase, and my mom will go deal with them herself. I don’t even need to do it personally.”

Mu Feichi nodded, impressed by her sagacity, and reached out to rub her head. His gaze was filled with gentle love and desire. “My babe is the smartest!”

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