Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1499shock! Awe!!! LV

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Chapter 1499shock! Awe!!! LV


The name alone caused Natalya’s heart to beat with excitement, but even the excitement couldn’t overcome her shock and awe.

This was because it had been less than even half a second.

This being had asked for a second or two as Natalya gave him the benefit of the doubt and trusted in her destiny, but she never expected for such a robust and unbelievable result!

For something like a Primordial Relic…to be born within less than a second!

How grand!

How domineering!

How magisterial!

Her gaze released dancing crimson and golden flames as she still held herself back from locking her eyes onto the existence behind her, her Ascendancy Halos undulating up and down as she still kept her focus on the enemies ahead of them to see the results of the two attacks.

The expression of the Seventh Firmament Primordial Guard was utterly livid with his eyes actually ringing with bouts of terror, that one shot having nearly destroyed him if he hadn’t fully deployed his Ascendancy Halos and fused with them.


His torn body began to pulse as it tried to heal with great difficulty, his figure pulling back just a little while he gazed in the direction of Natalya and Noah.

Then, there was the Gazer of the Oculus Primordial Temple.

When the scene around this being cleared, Noah and Natalya’s eyes contracted as they saw waves of golden essence wrapping over the Gazer’s body- these golden waves of essence stemming from an object he had thrust out in front of him as it entirely protected him from the terrifying arrow that held one third of the force of a shattering Reality! It was an item that he thrust out, its appearance at this moment becoming clear to all as Noah could only stare at it in disbelief!

“Oh, come on!”

He couldn’t help but call out with slight frustration, the item he saw being an enormous curved greatsword that shone bright gold and white, this sword filled with pristine jagged edges as it was twice the size of its holder at this moment.


Its holder was currently showing an expression of utter rage and wrath, his surroundings shaking and trembling from this pressure alone as the unique jagged greatsword within his hands rang out with a glorious cry.

It flashed with a light of utter splendor as the aura it released…was very similar to what Noah had just forged!

A Primordial Relic!


It was an impossibility!

Something that was genuinely improbable!

Primordial Relics were commonly held by Legends that had achieved Reality, with it being rare to find those in the 9th or 8th Firmament of Ascendancy holding such items.

It was rare…but some powerful Overseers held them as their names were renowned and spread across many Realities. But for a Seventh Firmament existence to hold a Primordial Relic? It was unheard of!

The Gazer of the Oculus Primordial Temple…just how had this existence gotten his hands on such a thing?!

Even within the memories of Princess Snow- which when Noah went through them, he wanted to puke a few times over as he had to block a significant portion of the memories of this woman and Gazer…Noah found nothing during the time Snow spent with this being that spoke of him actually having a Primordial Relic.

As they watched on with shock and amazement, the voice of a certain Overseer began to ring out.

“Noah?” Natalya spoke with a light voice.


“Now would be a good time for me to get my hands on that Heartsplitter.”


With their gazes on the wrathful face of the Gazer who was surrounded by a terrifying golden glow while grasping onto a weapon twice his size, Noah nodded with a gaze tinged with pain as from his Voidforged Treasure Pouch, a deadly bow releasing waves of frost and heat appeared!Pa nda

Novel A bow so powerful that Noah didn’t know when he would ever be able to hold it again…a bow that made Noah want to forge multiple Primordial Relics and deck himself head to toe with them.

A bow that caused the surroundings to tremble as with its appearance, Natalya did not even look back as her left hand merely opened her fair palm.


Arcs of red and blue shone on her palm as the vibrant half red half blue bow shot out as if it was possessed, feeling the call of the person that had used its prior self for millions of years as it left its Forger behind without so much as a thought!


Instantly, a firmament shaking bow was grasped onto the fair hands of a Golden Titan, all the surroundings becoming painted crimson and blue at this moment.

Half of the surrounding space turned extremely hot while the other turned freezing!


Arcs of blue and red flames surrounded Natalya’s left hands as tendrils of these flames snaked around her, the body of this Overseer cascading with glorious crimson and blue lights at this moment as even the scale crimson Quasi-Primordial Relic she wore seemed pale in comparison.

Not an ounce of injury could be seen from her hand as the raging Primordial Relic turned as docile as it could be while she grasped it.

Its terrifying waves of heat and coldness did not affect her as information about this terrifying weapon entered Natalya’s mind, a smile finally blooming from her somber expression as she sent a mental message to the being behind her.

“You’ve forged me something incredible!”


“I have…” Noah’s voice echoed out while he came to float to the right of Natalya, his eyes on the shining figure of the Gazer. “…but I do not know if it will be enough.” 



Because inexplicably, their enemy also somehow had pulled out a Primordial Relic!

Whether through his vast connections of 8th and 9th Firmament existences or through something others didn’t know about, the Gazer of the Oculus Primordial Temple was truly too hidden and mysterious as the situation within the Forsaken Treasure Reality continued to remain entirely perilous!

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