Invincible Leveling King - Chapter 4800 The square door problem

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Lin Fei's body is indeed very strong.

further back.

He knows better than anyone.

It is very difficult to go any further.

It needs some opportunity.

And now it looks like an opportunity is in sight.

He thought he could give it a try.

Opportunity is at hand.

If you don't go now, when are you going to wait?

But he was not in a hurry.

Go to Bai Hai.

Bai Hai is drinking.

I've been pretty free lately.

The face is also more radiant.

Lin Fei, who went to the Infinity Tower, finally came back.

His relationship with Lin Fei was the best.

"Why are you so willing to come to me? I thought you were going to retreat to consolidate your strength."

Bai Hai naturally smiled when he saw Lin Fei coming over.

He hurriedly threw a jug of wine over.

"I drank your wine last time and went to find some wine. This wine definitely suits your taste."

Lin Fei took the wine.

He gulped and took a few sips.

I have to say that the taste is really good.

"You should really spend something this time. This is really good, and I'm quite satisfied."

The two of them drank the wine in a gurgling manner.

Soon a jug of wine went down on the stomach.

"Now drink the wine, you can tell me what's going on."

Of course Bai Hai knew that this kid wouldn't come for nothing.

Then there must be something.

Lin Fei laughed, "You still know me, and you actually know that I'm here to find you for something. Actually, I'm very curious. Although our Sifangmen is a top force, I seem to be a little worried about the doormaster today, yes. If it's not the top sect on our side, things will happen."

What Lin Fei asked was not very detailed.

But he knew what Bai Hai should have said.

Bai Hai was stunned when he heard this.

Also understood.

"Your kid actually knows it. It seems that the sect master should have looked for you, and wants you to go there and try it."

Bai Hai said it quite directly.

Lin Fei nodded, "Well, it said that I was going to give it a try and see if I could get the benefits. I came here out of curiosity and asked you what's going on."

He really wasn't very clear about this.

Bai Hai's words must be known.

Bai Hai nodded, "Originally, I didn't plan to tell you about this matter so early, but now, since the sect master has come to you, then you have the qualification to know about this matter, then I will follow you. Let’s talk about it, it’s equivalent to the things of the world.”

things of the world.

Lin Fei really knew something.

understand is not very clear.

It can be heard from Bai Hai that this matter is definitely not simple.

"Of course you have heard of this Myriad Realms. Worlds big and small, the Myriad Realms will be held every 100 million years, which is an opportunity to compete, and only eternal qualifications can go there, no eternal qualifications, fundamentally It won't work, but if you go there, you will most likely die on it. Before our Sifangmen, there were a lot of eternity, and as a result, every time, a lot of eternity died on the arena of Wanjie."

Bai Hai sighed, "Even the other top forces are the same, and our Sifang Sect lacks such a top eternity. As long as we have this top eternity, then the number of places for this eternity will naturally be less, and it will be arranged elsewhere. Well, otherwise, we Sifangmen will have to use a lot of eternal powerhouses this time, although everyone is very reluctant, but there is no way, the Wanjie arena is a very serious matter, you have to go if you don't go."

Bai Hai finished the matter in one breath.

Lin Fei was really sad when he heard it.

I finally understood why the Sect Master was so worried.

Even come to find yourself so early.

"This thing is really bad. It seems that I have to work hard. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome. By the way, what would this world be like if we lost? control the place."

Lin Fei asked curiously.

Bai Hai nodded, "If we lose, it will naturally fall into the hands of those people, and they will be bulls and horses. By then, all eternity will be swept away. Now you know how big the Wanjie arena is. How important is it to be serious? Any Eternal Powerhouse has to work hard for this, but we Quartet do not have the top Eternal, and sometimes we will suffer very much. There were many top forces at the beginning, because there was no top power. eternity, and slowly withdrew from the stage of history."

Bai Hai seems to be saying something sad.

Lin Fei didn't ask any more questions.

Also know about it.

After going back.

He was ready to give it a try.

See if that place can raise your body a little more, although this possibility is not very big.

Depends on the actual situation.

Rested for a few days.

Lin Fei finally pushed the token.

The token guided him to one of these places.

This place is actually in the depths of the Sifangmen.

This place is also very unremarkable.

If it weren't for this token guide, it would really make people feel that there is still such an operation.

After he came here.

A looming portal just emerged like this.

Lin Fei walked in without thinking much.

After he went in.

Another figure came like this.

Just stopped on the side.

It was Qin Lie.

Except for Qin Lie.

And Bai Hai came here.

"Sect Master, do you think he really has a chance to succeed?"

Bai Hai himself is not good at judging whether he can succeed or not.

a long time.

And no one gets some benefit out of it.

Not to mention the benefits of inheriting part of it.

Qin Lie shook his head, "I'm not sure, but I have an idea in my heart that keeps telling me that Lin Fei should be able to do it. He is very mysterious."

In fact, Qin Lie still had an idea that he didn't say.

That is, he thinks that the person who has reached Jiubaiguan should be Lin Fei.

It's a feeling.

I'm still very appreciative of my own feelings.

But he didn't say anything about it.

If they really say it, it is not a good thing but a bad thing for them.

It was the same even for Lin Fei.

He was going to let Lin Fei try it.

So as not to wait for those guys to come again, you must know that there are a lot of top Eternals who are looking for them recently.

And Lin Fei is one of the suspects.

As long as you can drag it on

When Lin Fei really gets the inheritance, his strength will definitely go a step further, and naturally he is not afraid of them.

This was Qin Lie's current thinking.

It's up to Lin Fei to fight for himself.


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