Invincible Leveling King - Chapter 4801 extremely difficult

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Lin Fei came in.

I found myself in a burning place.

The extremely high temperature kept attacking.

Even his body actually suffered a certain amount of damage.

Fortunately, the damage was not as severe as expected.

He could still carry it easily.

I finally know why this place is not accessible to anyone.

At least they want to come in here.

That's basically impossible.

The flames alone can completely kill people.

He knew that this should be the so-called Suzaku's territory.

Only Suzaku can emit such a powerful flame.

Nowhere else at all.

He went straight in.

The movement is really big.

It didn't do a good job for him.

Along the way, he saw a lot of corpses.

There are still some things left here.

But these things are burnt in a damaged state.

Even the power is basically unplayable.

It is estimated that it is only one or two percent.

Also useless.

Didn't even search.

keep going in.

In the innermost flame center.

The temperature is even higher.

There is no one here anymore.

He knew that this was the very core place.

I saw a palace inside.

The palace is also very quiet.

There is also a huge statue at the entrance of the palace.

When he saw this statue, he knew it was the statue of Suzaku. It was very real and lifelike.

He could even feel that there should be some so-called heroic spirit in that place.

Otherwise, there would be absolutely no such feeling.

"It's kind of interesting. It seems that it's not easy to win here. Just a circle outside can stop many people."

Lin Fei entered the palace with a sigh.

In the center of the palace.

Sure enough, I saw a raging flame.

At the center of the flame, there is a drop of blood.

This drop of blood turned into the appearance of Suzaku.

Standing there and dancing non-stop.

He knew that this was the core thing, and it was really valuable to stay here.

Lin Fei could even feel that if he absorbed this thing, his body should have improved a lot.

"This is my chance to make my body directly reach the eternal peak level."

Lin Fei laughed a little.

The flames gathered in the sky.

A figure appeared.

The figure could not see his face.

It was the whip that flew over.

attacked immediately.

Lin Fei knew that this was the so-called assessment.

Only this test is resolved.

No problem.

Only then can you get this flame, otherwise you don't even have to think about it.

Lin Fei laughed and greeted him directly.

kept erupting.

This method is also fierce.

The loud rumbling sound erupted incessantly.

The opponent's strongest means is naturally this flame.

These flames can even be said to be pervasive.

Very tough.

Not everyone can handle it easily.

Lin Fei played with him for nearly an hour.

This completely defeated this thing.

It was also a real relief.

He knew this thing was very strong before.

But I never imagined that I would be able to play with myself for an hour.


The surrounding flames quickly collapsed.

The blood also flew towards him.

see this scene.

Lin Fei also laughed.

Just got it in hand.

A radiant heat erupted.

It seemed that he had to be completely defeated at this moment.

It took him an instant to endure it.

"Sure enough, it is very domineering. There are three layers. It is estimated that people who don't know will have to suffer a big loss."

Lin Fei also felt that he only had to pass this test.

Then of course there will be no problem.

As a result, there is actually a final level here, what could be more dangerous than this?

Not really.

Maybe it's for safety.

Only the real strong can get this thing.

Lin Fei absorbed the flame in an instant.

After absorbing it, the part of Suzaku will turn around.

Absorb and refine it.

A body that is constantly tempered.

Lin Fei was also in the midst of a raging fire, and it burned for the entire time.

For most of the day, it far exceeded Lin Fei's expectations.

But one thing did make him come over for a while.

That's how it's really different.

Even his body has been washed to a certain extent.

It went up a lot.

This is quite different.

"Sure enough, it's my chance. As long as I practice this thing in the remaining three parts, then I can definitely become the top eternity. In addition, this holy beast armor is stronger than the general top eternity."

Lin Fei also laughed.

Just left this place.

reached the next place.

Come down to the next place.

It is the sound of gold and iron clashing.

I saw streaks of golden light constantly flying over.

It landed on him, leaving one after another of wounds.

His body is already very strong.

Still so fierce.

He knew where it was.

This should be the most ferocious so-called white tiger.

Otherwise, there will never be such a big reaction.

Lin Fei was already prepared.

It smashed through with a punch.

It's the only way to get by.

Of course, this is also a consumption.

And this consumption is really not easy.

Along the way, I finally saw the palace again.

I also saw the so-called phantom.

It is also a guy with a bald head who has been assessed.

It looks quite sturdy, and it starts to work as soon as it comes up.

And wield two big knives.

Left and right.

The swordsmanship is endless, and really not everyone can bear it.

It can only be said to be terrifying.

Lin Fei did not dare to take it lightly.

Now this white tiger is the most powerful, so he can only use the strongest means to attack.

Only in this way can we fight.

This time it took more time to fight, it took two days and two nights.

It was finally killed.

Lin Fei himself was also quite exhausted.

The whole person slumped there.

"It's really hard, this guy is even more terrifying than I imagined."

He almost won instead.

The one who loses is himself.

The blood of the white tiger flew over.

Lin Fei swallowed him in one bite.

Refinement again.

A more domineering power than before burst out in an instant, as if to completely destroy his body.

Violently messed up.


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