Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1307 - A Temptation That Is Difficult For The Participants To Resist

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"Is there a question before I start this match?" Yan Fei asked if all the participants had a question before the match started.

All the participants shook their heads, they didn't have a question to ask.

Yan Fei nodded when he saw that none of the participants asked any more questions, he already understood that all the participants had understood what they had to do.

"Okay, you have 1 hour to refine the stones you have, after 1 hour, you have to collect all the results you get" Yan Fei told that all participants only had 1 hour to do the match that was in the first round, after 1 hour, then the match will end, and all participants must collect the results they got.

"The hourglass will move soon, ready, ready to start" Yan Fei started the match in the first round, herself giving a signal to everyone in this place.

All participants immediately moved and began to smooth the stones they had, they used the Cauldron that had been prepared in front of them.

In this first round, all participants are given a Cauldron, this is to be fair to all participants who take part in this first round.

Participants put stones into the Cauldron, they insert stones and start lighting the Cauldron with their deep fire.

Smoke began to rise from each Cauldron owned by all participants, they all began to smooth the stone to get the best results.

While all the participants had already started their work, Ye Chen quite casually started to check the Cauldron he had before doing his work.

Ye Chen wanted to learn what kind of Cauldron the Alchemist Association gave him.

After observing for a while, Ye Chen understood that the quality of this Cauldron was quite inferior to his own.

"not bad Ye Chen felt that the Cauldron he got wasn't too bad, it could still be used to refine stones.

After checking the Cauldron, Ye Chen began to observe the stone he was going to refine, Ye Chen temporarily observed the stone he was going to refine.

What Ye Chen did was quite conspicuous, the senior Alchemists began to wonder why Ye Chen didn't start right away like the other participants.

"Fairy Zhen, if I'm not mistaken he is your student right?, what do you think he is doing?" The Alchemists in this place started asking Fairy Zhen, they wanted to know what Ye Chen was trying to do.

Fairy Zhen now looked prettier and more seductive, so it wasn't strange for senior Alchemists to try to get close to Fairy Zhen.

"How do I know, why don't you ask that person" Fairy Zhen replied in a nonchalant tone, it seemed that Fairy Zhen was in a bad mood.

The senior Alchemists didn't ask any questions, they didn't expect to get this kind of answer from Fairy Zhen.

"Fairy Zhen, look at your student looking confused, don't you teach about small things like this?" Mao Chao asked Fairy Zhen.

Mao Chao finally spoke to Fairy Zhen, he said to Fairy Zhen while insulting Ye Chen who hadn't even started yet.

"Are you saying, you want to find trouble with me?" Fairy Zhen said to Mao Chao.

Fairy Zhen's tone was cold when she spoke to Mao Chao, Fairy Zhen felt hatred and disgust when she saw Mao Chao.

Mao Chao was speechless when he heard this, Fairy Zhen seemed to really hate herself.

"damn" Mao Chao cursed very loudly, Fairy Zhen now hates her.

Last night Mao Chao's plan completely failed, if only Mao Chao succeeded, then now Fairy Zhen was already his .

Today Mao Chao saw the changes that had happened to Fairy Zhen, Mao Chao could feel that Fairy Zhen was very beautiful, Mao Chao wanted more and more to have Fairy Zhen.

"You better get lost right now, you're really annoying" Fairy Zhen told Mao Chao to get out, she didn't like seeing Mao Chao's presence.

"Fairy Zhen, you just wait, I will definitely expel your disciple, after that you will definitely beg me" Mao Chao said to Fairy Zhen.

Mao Chao and Ye Chen still had an unfinished bet, as long as his disciple could win over Ye Chen, then Mao Chao would be able to expel Ye Chen from Fairy Zhen.

"You won't be able to do that, I guarantee that you won't win" Fairy Zhen said that Mao Chao wouldn't be able to win, he could guarantee this.

"We'll see, who will be the loser and who will be the winner" Mao Chao said to Fairy Zhen, he looked very confident with his victory.

Mao Chao firmly believed that Ye Chen would not be able to defeat his two disciples, so victory would definitely be within Mao Chao's grasp.

After saying that to Fairy Zhen, Mao Chao immediately left, himself away from Fairy Zhen.

Fairy Zhen didn't notice Mao Chao's departure at all, it was obvious that Fairy Zhen didn't care about Mao Chao.

Fairy Zhen focused on Ye Chen, she noticed what Ye Chen was doing.

After more than 20 minutes, Ye Chen finally started to put stones into the Cauldron, himself starting to refine materials like the others.

Ye Chen was quite far behind the other participants, he was almost 20 minutes behind the other participants.

With this speed, Ye Chen should be quite far behind the other participants in this place.

All participants are currently focused on themselves, they are very focused on the work they are doing.

Yan Fei got down from her place, she started to see what the participants on the podium were doing.

As Yan Fei approached, all the participants started to lose the focus they had, this beautiful and Charming woman was really too seductive and messed up the thoughts they had.

Yan Fei did this on purpose, she did this on orders from Mo Linbei, Mo Linbei wanted Yan Fei to disrupt the concentration of the participants in this place.

with a beautiful, Glamorous face, Yan Fei easily confuses the young talents in this place, she is like a demon trying to confuse all participants into getting into the wrong path.

Some of the participants couldn't stand the sight of Yan Fei's beauty, they lost their composure and shattered the contents inside their Cauldron.

"Boom" several explosions started to occur, some of the participants seemed to fail due to being distracted by Yan Fei.

Yan Fei only smiled when she saw what happened, Yan Fei smiled when she saw the participants who failed because of her.

Yan Fei looks very proud of the beauty that she has, with the beauty that she has, Yan Fei makes the participants fail because of her actions.

The audience started cheering when they saw this, they all supported what Yan Fei did.

The first round of competition wouldn't be fun to watch without a drama, they all love it when they see the big drama happening.

And Yan Fei has just started a big drama, this woman is like a female Demon trying to annoy the participants in completing their tasks.

The other participants started to get scared by this, they tried to focus their eyes on the Cauldron they had.

Yan Fei wouldn't let the participants run away, he would make sure they all had a hard time getting through this first round.

Yan Fei began to approach some of the participants, he began to talk to the participants in this place.

The participants became extremely tensed by this, they all looked tensed when they saw what was happening, they couldn't calm down when they came face to face with a beautiful woman like Yan Fei.

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