Just Got Dumped, The School Flower Asked Me To Go To the Hospital To Sign - Chapter 264 You sleep like a dead pig 1!

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"Just got dumped, the school girl asked me to go to the hospital to sign (!

"Why, am I not beautiful, am I not beautiful, am I not in good shape, am I not strong?" Kana said angrily.

This Ye Fan is really **** off!

"You still have self-knowledge!" Ye Fan said.

Anyway, in his eyes and heart, no one can compare to his wife, Bai Susu.

"You guy, do you have a grudge against me, otherwise, how could you be so angry with me!" Kana said.

This Ye Fan, can't brag about himself?

Or, say something nice.

Besides, they fought side by side just now, which means they are partners.

How can this guy be so ruthless!

I really don't know if such a big straight man can find a partner in the future.

"No, what I said is the truth." Ye Fan said.

This woman really doesn't stop for a moment.

"Ye Fan, I'm very curious, you are not good at dealing with girls like you, you will become an old bachelor in the future, no girl can tolerate you!" Kana said proudly.

Must be.

With such a character as Ye Fan, no girl can tolerate it.

Destined to be a single dog for a lifetime.

It really deserves it!

‘You guessed wrong, I have a daughter-in-law, and of course, I have several children. ' Ye Fan said.

Speaking of which, he misses the children and his daughter-in-law.

"What, how old are you, and you already have children. Are you lying to me and teasing me? It's impossible!" Kana was blinded.


Ye Fan looked like a college student, how could he have a daughter-in-law Leran and a child.

really too...

This guy must be saying this to save face.

Anyway, she didn't believe it.

"I'm only young, in fact, I'm in my twenties, and it's normal to have children!" Ye Fan said.

This woman, is it necessary to make such a fuss.

This would have been normal.

Of course, getting married and having children is something that must be experienced in life.

Some are earlier, some are later.

"How is it possible, but, you are too fast. I thought you were a single guy, so why did you get married." Kana said.

"It's impossible, okay. Let's eat barbecue!" At this time, Ye Fan picked up the large skewer of barbecue in front of him.

Then, he took out salt, cumin powder, and chili powder from his pocket, and sprinkled it on top.

It looks really, even more attractive!

‘By the way, why are you still carrying such a thing! ' Kana was even more shocked when she watched Ye Fan pull out the seasonings from her pocket like a magic trick. ,

This guy, did he come out to perform a dangerous mission, or did he come out for a picnic.

It is too much to have such a complete set of seasonings for this kind of rice!

Kana felt that she couldn't understand Ye Fan more and more.

Sometimes this guy is really unpredictable.

However, looking at the grilled meat sprinkled with seasoning, I smelled the smell, it was really fragrant!

what to do?

She wanted to eat it, too, like this grilled meat with seasoning.

"Well, can I sprinkle some?" Kana looked at Ye Fan and said nervously.

This guy is very uncertain and has a very eccentric personality, so she doesn't know if the other party will use it for her.

"Okay, take it and sprinkle it yourself." Ye Fan said.

I started, eating the barbecue in my hands.

This piece of Ye Fan is pork belly, which is the meat in the wolf's stomach. However, the wolf is a wild animal, and they have enough exercise. Therefore, there is not much fat. Basically, the belly is also considered lean. .

Seeing that because of the seasoning, Ye Fan was smelling the fragrance and felt very delicious.

Although I haven't eaten the inside yet, it still tastes delicious.

Kana is hungry.

These days, they are all eating compressed biscuits and some chocolate, but these mouths are a little dumb.

When I saw this meat, as well as this salt, chili powder, etc., I wanted to eat it.

This guy is really thoughtful.

"It's delicious!" After Kana sprinkled it, she started eating.

This taste, this is good!

I really did not expect that this wolf meat is so delicious.

How should I put it, it's very chewy, of course, the meat is just right, the outside is focused, and the inside is very tender.

This wolf meat is delicious!

Kana, who had eaten wolf meat for the first time, also understood that this wolf meat was delicious.

Kind of like it.

: "Ye Fan, this wolf meat is really delicious. It's the first time I've eaten it. I really like it!" Kana said with a very excited smile.

"If you like it, eat more. Of course, snake and wolf meat also depends on the region. Some parts of the meat are not delicious. After all, this wolf does not want to be like a domestic animal." Ye Fan said.

"Mmmm." Kana was very happy to eat.

She 3 sprinkled a lot of chili powder and cumin powder, which tasted really good!

She was sweating a little while eating.

Of course, the mouth is very spicy.

However, she likes this feeling very much!

Finally, the mouth has a taste.

The chili powder tastes so good!

Ye Fan was very happy watching Kana eating and didn't say anything.

He just ate it himself.

He also likes this wolf meat.

Of course, this wolf was also delivered to the door by himself.

There is no way.

The other party wants to eat the two of them, which is just to treat others with the way of others.

Anyway, wolves are now food in their hands.

The two ate a lot, and after eating, they lay on the stone and looked at the starry night sky.

"Ye Fan, I didn't expect you to be so thoughtful. Of course, I think you're very powerful." Kana lay down on the rock and said slowly. ,


She felt that Ye Fan was really amazing!

The barbecue is so delicious, and the preparation is complete. The preparation of such condiments shows that he is careful.

Of course, the strength is also very strong.

That is, some indifference!

This is the only downside.

Of course, it's normal for experts to be a little cold and indifferent.

I don't know why, but at this moment, Kana's heart changed a lot for Ye Fan.

"..." Ye Fan looked at Kana like this and was a little speechless.

Is this woman...

Something is wrong.

Well, why did you start praising yourself.

I'm afraid this is not, there is a problem with the brain?

Of course, or are you convinced by the strength of your own barbecue?

"Really, you are different from other men I know. You are better than them. Of course, you are careful and thoughtful, but your personality is a little cold and cold. Of course, I don't mind, you are a Nice buddy!" Karna said.


Everything about Ye Fan is very good!

This guy is very trustworthy!

In times of danger, he did not leave himself behind and run away.

And, in such a crisis, he saved himself.

Really nice man.

It gives a feeling of security.

However, unfortunately, this guy is married and has a child!

Although Kana has a good impression of Ye Fan, she will not do that kind of thing without bottom line.

She was a little envious, Ye Fan's daughter-in-law.

"What's the matter, your eyes are a bit weird." Ye Fan glanced at Kana and said.

What's wrong with Kana?

Just now, it was fine.

Why, all of a sudden he looked at himself with such a strange look.

"It's okay, I just think it's a pity!" Kana smiled.

"What a pity?" Ye Fan became a little puzzled and frowned.

How can this woman speak incomprehensible.

What is this thinking? 》

Are you sick?

"It's a pity that you got married so early, I want to try it with you!" Kana said half-jokingly.

Her character is not as squeamish as that of ordinary girls. She basically says what she has to say. Of course, some of them are joking, so as not to be embarrassed.

Ye Fan was a little shocked when he heard this!

good guy!

Is this woman serious?

However, listening to this half-joking tone, I thought it was just to amuse myself. After all, this woman likes to see people slumped.

"You're not my type." Ye Fan said.

Kana shrugged helplessly.

This man is still a straight man of steel.

This is true.

Don't worry about hurting other people's hearts.

Forget it, she was too lazy to continue talking. ,

"I'm tired, rest for a while, you will remember to call me later, we will take turns working night!" Kana said, and closed her eyes.

After she had eaten and drank enough, she felt a little sleepy.

After all, just now, after going through such a battle, I was already exhausted.

Just now, it was all tough.

After eating and drinking enough, as soon as you relax, you will feel sleepy in an instant.

In a few minutes, Ye Fan felt the even breathing sound of this Kana.

good guy!

This woman really fell asleep like this.

The quality of sleep is also great!

It was only two minutes before he fell asleep immediately.

Ye Fan found that he really admired this woman.

The speed of this sleep is really...

Forget it, Ye Fan didn't bother to care about this woman.

He slowly raised his hand, and then a picture appeared in the palm of his hand that had nothing at all!

It's a family portrait!

Ye Fan stroked this photo, his eyes filled with longing.

Looking at the children in the photo, he felt that his heart was satisfied.

Also, that beautiful woman, that is, Bai Susu, his wife.

Seeing her smiling so happily, as if right in front of his eyes, at this moment, Ye Fan really misses them.

There are also some old parents, who are equally happy.

This photo is full of happiness!

Ye Fan took this photo with him, and when he missed them, he would take it out and take a look to ease the feeling of missing.

I don't know if the children and their family members have rested at this time.

Ye Fan looked at the photo gently, stroked the face on the photo with his hand, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly.

Wait for me, I'll be back soon!

As long as this is over, he will definitely rush back soon!


He misses his family and, of course, everyone!

Looking at it, Ye Fan was reluctant to put the photo away.

This is his most precious thing right now.

Ye Fan sat on the stone and pulled the fire in front of him. Of course, the rest of the barbecue was also roasted on the fire.

He took out his **** and demon sword again and wiped it with a towel.

He really likes this sword.

After all, at the juncture of crisis, this sword still helped him. .

Besides, when he was a long time, it can be said that when he was young, he had a dream of immortal warriors.

Of course. , Basically, many boys have a fairy tale dream when they are young!

Can have an invincible sword, and then, can help justice, flying with the sword!

Ye Fan did it.

On the contrary, it does not seem to be as excited as expected.

Everything seems so bland.

In the middle of the night, Ye Fan also fell asleep.

Of course, before he fell asleep, he also told Taotie in the bond space, let it be around, and if something happened, he would wake up.

When the first ray of sunlight shone on Ye Fan's face, Ye Fan suddenly woke up.

In this wild sleep, he slept very lightly!

A little bit of trouble can wake him up!

Of course, this is not because there is no sense of security in the wild, and his cells and spirit are vigilant.

As soon as Ye Fan woke up, he set the fire on fire, and the barbecue from yesterday continued to heat up.

Eat this in the morning!

Of course, Ye Fan went to bed last night, after taking Kana to sleep, he specially cut some good meat from the wolf's body, thinking about going back and getting Ye Guangyao something to eat.

Anyway, he has a system space, and there are no problems with the things inside, because the time inside is still.

That is to say, fresh meat is put in, it can not rot, it is always fresh, and it will not deteriorate over time!

This thing is kind of like a high-end refrigerator.

More than a hundred times better than the refrigerator.

"It's so fragrant, so fragrant!" Kanan, who was sleeping, rubbed her nose and woke up at once.

Seeing that Ye Fan was roasting meat, his eyes suddenly lit up!

Of course, I felt a little embarrassed in my heart.

You can eat delicious grilled meat just by opening a glance, a little...

"By the way, why didn't you call me last night, did you keep watch all night!" Kana reacted at once, about the night watch last night.

Why didn't this guy wake him up?

Is this for one night?

This time, Kana felt even more sorry in her heart.

"I called, but you sleep like a dead pig, you can't wake up!" Ye Fan said flatly without looking at Kana.

To be honest, he didn't wake up because he watched Kana sleep so sweetly.

Besides, anyway, there are still gluttons.

it's nothing.

"How is that possible, that, sorry, maybe I was too tired yesterday, you really stayed all night, otherwise, you will make up for sleep later." Kana said a little embarrassedly.

\'No, I also fell asleep in the middle of the night last night, no need to make up~www.novelbuddy.com~ You can eat it! \' Ye Fan said, he picked up a piece of barbecue and ate it.

And Kana immediately went to wash up with water, and then sat together to eat barbecue.

"Your water attribute is really good!" Ye Fan nodded and said.

This water source is very important.

If you have water, you can hold on a little more!

\'thanks! \'Kana is very happy!

After all, Ye Fan rarely praised her.

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