Lord of Pets - Chapter 1067 : Not active in cooking, thinking problems

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In the corner of the barren hill, Shiro Wushang confirmed that the surroundings were temporarily safe, and began to check the status.

The top priority is naturally the little rabbit.

This little guy made the tribute of the rabbit statue and turned it into a fat spherical rabbit.

Wanting to get into his clothes and sleep on his chest as usual, it is impossible to achieve in a short time.

"Giggle..." The little rabbits were very sad with tears in their eyes.

Keep your mouth shut, spread your legs, the famous sayings and aphorisms that I don't know where to learn, suddenly became its mantra.

By the way, when I have nothing to do, I will circle around Bai Wushang, as if this will speed up the digestion of energy and restore the body shape to normal earlier.

"Come on." Bai Wushang didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but it was not easy to dissuade him.

The little guy is currently in a state of gain such as "overload absorption", "energy filling", and "soul runaway". The small body hides life energy comparable to ancient volcanoes. It is difficult to imagine how to accommodate it without exploding to death. .

Eighty-nine are inseparable, thanks to the divine rabbit.

No matter how you look at the statue, it has a lot to do with the Sun Priest Rabbit.

If the tribute is really provided for him, the little rabbit may be a temporary container, which acts as a transitional buffer.

"Master! I will definitely lose weight! Definitely!"

On the vast land, the white and round little chubby rabbit held his paws and made an oath.

Big Insect laughed belly next to him, the golden sickle hooked into the ground, and the crackling arc was like an accompaniment, mocking the silver-eyed demon king openly.

"Looking for a beating!" The little rabbit became fatter and fatter, and his life realm increased by one level, and the speed was faster than before.

But the big worm was faster, and ran away with a bang.

This little rabbit was so angry, his ears twitched and he kept grinding his little front teeth.

"Xiao Ci, just wait!"

"When I finish digesting the excess energy, I'll be the first to beat you!"

As if unaware, the big golden mantis twisted its buttocks enchantingly, and said with a playful smile:

"Sister Rabbit, don't look down on me!"

"Unless you go further, it will only become more and more difficult to suppress me!"

"The two of you can stop the meeting."

Bai Wushang grabbed the rabbit with one hand and stepped on Big Buggy's carapace with one foot, "If the **** of angels knew that we were fighting here, he would probably think we were here for a sightseeing tour."

"Gurgling..." The little rabbit nodded sharply, raised its claws at Big Buggy, and warned it for the last time.

After all, the big worm was cowardly, and he honestly calmed down and closed it when he saw it.

"A Zhou, Cang Jiang, it's time to cook."

Bai Wushang summoned the four-armed black celestial dragon ape and the fierce prison unicorn lion, and took out a piece of flesh that was as red as blood jade.

The big dragon monkey and the big lion, the eyes were instantly fiery, and they were firmly attached to the meat, and the larks dripped all over the ground.

"Sure enough, dry rice is the instinct of all living things."

"If you are very elegant, casual, humble and courteous, then it must be because...the rice is not tasty enough! The stomach is not hungry enough!"

Bai Wushang smiled and shook his head, signaling the two big men to divide it up.

"Roar!" In an instant, the barren hills staged a fight between apes and lions.

One of the two good brothers turned to the left and the other to the right, trying their best to pull pieces of meat.

They're not robbing, it's true because this piece of meat is very tough, just like old cowhide, no matter how much you talk about it, it won't rot.

"My dear, what kind of divine beast meat is this, is it good enough for self-defense?"

Bai Wushang was secretly startled.

Witnessing Cang Jiang and A Zhou tearing apart for a long time and chewing repeatedly in their mouths, more than a dozen teeth were broken.

Really, it took a lot of effort to swallow the meat of the beast.

The next second, they squeaked, and a thick mist of light rose from their bodies, as if they were about to ascend to the palace tower in the sky, and they would become immortals and return.

"King! It is indeed a good thing!"

Cang Jiang was overjoyed and rushed over to lick Bai Wushang wildly.

Because of the huge tongue, the owner got wet in a single glance and turned him into a chicken.

However, the excitement of the big lion did not disappear.

He was so irritable that he wished he could scream up to the sky and find a young female unicorn to fight hard.

A Zhou is not too bad. The fluctuation of blood energy climbed to the limit of the body in a few breaths, and when he spit it out in one breath, there was a vigorous and full of life energy, which escaped into the air.

"Boss, I have a hunch."

"It's just half a piece of meat. When we fully absorb and refine it, the later stage of the King's Body is just around the corner!"

A Zhou's voice was full of anger, and every message of the soul was filled with joy and joy.

I am not active in cooking, and I have problems with my thoughts.

The meat of the gods and beasts of the ancestor body level, and it may be the essence of the cut, is this qualified to enjoy on weekdays? !

This time, it was the light of the little rabbit.

When a rabbit eats well, all the beasts enjoy happiness.

"In this way, what needs to be paid attention to is the treasure of the soul, which is used to speed up Duo'er's growth..." Bai Wushang thought to himself.

When he was promoted to the late stage of the hero, he triggered three simultaneous advancements at the same time.

Little rabbit, Xiaoci, Xing.

Now, Zhou and Cang Jiang can accumulate life energy through the meat of divine beasts.

For Sen Soul, in this ancient heaven, it should be like a duck to water.

This piece of wasteland that you step on just looks desolate, and the natural energy hidden underground has endless momentum, and you can absorb it.

Only the night is left.

It is necessary to pay attention to the spiritual and spiritual materials of heaven and earth, and to improve her combat power as soon as possible.

Bai Wushang pondered, and after making a preliminary plan, he set foot on the journey again. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

As a newcomer, there are a lot of things to do.

The highest priority is definitely "investigation".

Bai Wushang wanted to know the composition of this world.

Where there are deadly dangers, and where there are rare treasures that are worth fighting for their lives.


Passing through a tropical rain forest, a large beetle suddenly flew out.

It has half black armor and half green armor, carrying the power of darkness and the power of nature at the same time.

"It's a relic holy beast again?" Bai Wushang was surprised.

The previous python was called a relic holy beast, so forget it.

The second head I met at this time has a completely different shape, but the race name is the same.

Does this mean...they are in the same vein?

Bai Wushang's eyes were burning, but the contract side asked Xiaoci to retreat, don't try to provoke him.

The bloodline quality of the big beetle is legendary level 1 star, and the life level is approaching the late stage of the supreme body, and theoretically it is even more powerful than the big python.

But there is also a problem. Compared with other flesh-and-blood holy beasts in the Transcendent Lord World, these two relic holy beasts are not strong in aura, and they do not have the sense of oppressive danger.

In other words, their state doesn't seem right.

"Xiao Ci, I saw that snowy mountain, try to go in that direction."

Bai Wushang didn't rush to a conclusion, and wanted to find more samples to confirm his guess.

The big worm nodded in agreement, the electric wings were like light, and after a few sprints, the big beetle was left behind, and even the shadow could not be seen clearly.

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