Master Xi Wants To Make Official Announcements Every Day - Chapter 1346 Goodbye Jiang Chunian

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   Chapter 1346 Goodbye Jiang Chunian

   His arms were twisted weirdly, and the skin exposed outside his clothes was covered with welts.

  Rao is Bai Li who has lived for tens of thousands of years. After seeing such a terrifying photo, he couldn't help but let out a foul language.

   "Fuck! Is this still human! How old is this child?!"

   "Seven years old." Ruan Qi said expressionlessly.

  Bai Li was stunned for a moment, and couldn't help but say, "How do you know he is seven years old?"

  Ruan Qi didn't speak, just raised his finger and pointed to the text marked on the photo.

  'January 12, Wang Tiantian, 7'.

  Bai Li looked at this line of text and understood everything in an instant.

   "So this 7 represents age?! The child in the photo is called Wang Tiantian?!"

   Ruan Qi nodded, "It should be like this."

  Bai Li immediately took a breath.

   He looked at the marked text below dozens of photos and videos in the USB flash drive, 7 years old, 9 years old, 5 years old, 10 years old... All kinds of ages, but none of them were over 13 years old!

  Bai Li's heart set off a storm.

   He looked at the numbers and murmured, shaking his lips, "...that bunch of beasts!"

   is indeed a beast.

  How can anyone with a little humanity do such a thing?

   The little girl who always loved to smile had a frosty face. She stared at Wang Tiantian's photo, and after a while, she clicked on a video.

   A shrill and terrifying scream came from the computer in an instant.

   Ruan Qi's face turned pale, she endured the psychological discomfort to watch the video, and then clicked on the next photo.

   But what Ruan Qi and Bai Li didn't expect was that a man appeared in this photo.

  The man is very thin, and he wears a suit that looks very high-end. He sat sideways on the sofa, bent over, his right hand seemed to be pinching someone's neck.

  Because this photo was taken secretly by Qiu Weiren, the light is a little dim, and the picture quality is not very clear. But even so, the distorted smile on the man's face and the small red mole on his earlobe could still be clearly seen.

   Ruan Qi's brain instantly 'hum-' and exploded.

  The early years of Jiang!

   This man is Jiang Chunian!

   The man in her dream has the same red mole on his earlobe!

   Ruan Qi's face turned pale, she clenched the mouse tightly, but couldn't control the trembling of her body.

   "Girl! Seven girls!"

   Bai Li's anxious call seemed to be coming from far away.

   Ruan Qi didn't really hear it, she even felt that the whole world had disappeared, and only Jiang Chunian's distorted smile and skeleton-like face were left in front of her.

   "...You are the most perfect artwork..." He seemed to think of Jiang Chunian's devilish voice.

   "...are you still running away? These people died because of you..."

   "...the most beautiful dolls should be obediently in the most exquisite window. If you don't want them to die, you must listen to me..."

   At this moment, Ruan Qi seemed to be back ten years ago.

   She could smell the blood in the dark room, and even feel the sticky and disgusting breathing of Jiang Chunian in her ear.

  Ruan Qi's face became whiter and paler, his eyes that were originally full of gods gradually became empty, and big drops of tears fell from the sockets.

  Bai Li was about to die in the system.

   He has no physical body and can't get out, so he can only shout Ruan Qi's name over and over again. But Ruan Qi seemed to have lost her soul, so she didn't react at all.

   "Aiya, what should I do!" Bai Li hurriedly turned around.

   He looked at the little girl outside, thought about it, and yelled at the virtual screen: "Seven girls! Wake up! Your parents and Xi Jiu are here to see you!!"

   (end of this chapter)

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