Medical Princess - Chapter 749 Who is behind the scenes

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"Fortunately, it is not contagious. I saw the face of the third sister, and I really thought it was contagious. Only then did I see the steward and a few ringlets scared back, and even the doctor came forward carefully. Yes, only the eldest sister hugs the three sisters tightly, and she will feed the soup medicine herself, but she really cares! "

Shao Wan laughed, with a trace of palpitations.

She was the youngest of the few sisters. Such a palpitant look was quite pleasing, less glamorous, and more childish, as if she was really scared.

Shao Caihuan was first attracted by her appearance, but then she turned her head sternly, looked at Shao Yanru angrily, and gritted her teeth and said, "Sister, I don't know when the sister is so kind!

She inexplicably had red spots all over, painful and itchy, and she didn't even know if it would be infected, especially the Taiyi was very careful before the diagnosis and treatment. How could Shao Yanru suddenly treat herself so well and did not avoid What you may infect, serve yourself so actively.

Outsiders may think that Shao Yanru is indeed such a person, dignified, decent, and loving her sisters, regardless of whether she will hurt herself, but also her sister.

Shao Caihuan is a member of the Xingguo Mansion. The third room has always been suppressed by the second room. Shao Yanru is a powerful existence among the sisters of the Xingguo Mansion. No one dares to mess with her. She also knows that the elder sister is very cruel and kind. Will come before people, people in front, behind.

If Shao Caihuan could be contagious, Shao Yanru wouldn't rely on it, let alone crying while holding Shao Caihuan, or even try to test it in person.

How could Shao Yanru do such a thing, unless she knew it was non-toxic, but how would she know, and how could she know if she was not involved?

It is normal for other people to avoid it. Only Shao Yanru is abnormal. She must harm herself. As for why, Shao Caihuan immediately thought of the reason. Now the backyard of Xingguo Government House is held by her mother. Shao Yanru is not convinced, so she will not be convinced. Get it out.

Feeling very angry, and his fingers trembling slightly, Shao Caihuan had long forgotten her mother's instructions. According to Shao Yanru's face, it was a fierce slap. She might be disfigured and she could not bear it for a while. At this time, I finally found the render vent.

"Shao Yanru, you slut, you ... you dare to hurt me so much! See if I don't rip your face, and see how you go out to hook up!"

Shao Yanru was vacillating between King Xu and Zhou. Shao Caihuan also learned from Mrs. San ’s mouth, which is related to the whole Xinggongfu station team. Naturally, Sanfang also participated in the discussion. In fact, it was not Shao Yanru's problem alone. But where can Shao Caihuan take care of this at the moment, he raised his hand and grabbed Shao Yanru's bun and pulled it hard.

Shao Yanru did not expect that Shao Caihuan would suddenly become mad, but for a moment, she did not watch out, and her scalp was hurt.

When the book and chess were not good, Shao Caihuan hurriedly came to pull Shao Caihuan's hand, but Shao Caihuan determined that he was victimized, and Shao Yanru also had a share. Where would he let go, and desperately wanted to stretch out the other hand to scratch Shao Yanru's face, unfortunately That hand was tightly held by Shuqi, and she was not allowed to touch Shao Yanru.

Shao Yanru took advantage of the time of the book and chess to pull Shao Caihuan, fiercely hit the back of Shao Caihuan's other hand, Shao Caihuan was hurt, his hand was soft, Shao Yanru left the edge of the bed, slumped on the ground Ground.

"What's the matter?" The voice inside was too loud, and the steward walked in. As soon as he came in, he saw Shao Caihuan who was struggling on the bed and wanted to pounce on Shao Yanru's body. Then look at Shao Yanru's messy hair. There was another on Bai Nen's face. He slaps himself on the ground covered with water, his clothes are dirty, and he immediately becomes furious.

"Well, it was she who killed me, it was she who harmed me, begging for me!" Shao Caihuan calmed down a little, and cried loudly at the steward.

His eyes stared angrily at Shao Yanru. If it wasn't for the book and chess pulling her hard, she would have flung to the ground and grabbed Shao Yanru's face.

Anyway, she can't draft anymore now, and no one needs to choose again!

Shao Yanru didn't expect such a change. The original purpose was to dispel Shao Caihuan's suspicion. I didn't expect that not only did not eliminate, but let Shao Caihuan make himself like this, but now it is not really arguing with Shao Caihuan. Shao Caihuan: "Three sisters ... you ... you are doing so much, why is it like this all of a sudden ... it's hard to succeed, you can't succeed ..."

Shao Yanru said that she shrank back timidly here. The meaning in this sentence was unknown and it was already very clear. This means that Shao Caihuan couldn't bear such a blow, and the magical maggot went crazy.

The steward looked at Shao Yanru, and then looked at Shao Caihuan, who was madly about to pounce. This Shao Caihuan really looked like a crazy woman with her spotty red envelope on her face. The beauty on her face had been swollen. , How to look like it is really crazy.

"Come ..." the manager chuckled coldly, waiting to be called to close Shao Caihuan's mouth, a young lady who could not be drafted, and was not the main branch of the Xingguo Government. It would not be a big deal if she was safe. Yes, let the Physician take a look and then send it out of the house. If this is the case, just plug your mouth and throw it out of the palace.

"Three sister, if you do this again, I really think you are crazy. You do n’t need to check the next thing. The third sister will be thrown out of the palace door." Shao Wanru raised her eyes and looked calmly. Shao Caihuan.

When the two sisters fought, she didn't step forward, but just looked at them quietly. There was a glimmer of darkness in her eyes. Shao Yanru was bound to know. Even this was her plan, but did Shao Caihuan know nothing? ?

Shui Yan glanced over the bed that seemed cluttered by noise, and a familiar thing was exposed under the headrest. Although it was only a corner, Shao Wanru recognized it as a sign of peace.

Ping An Fu is all hanging on the body, how can it only be placed on the bedside, but since it is placed on the bedside, it also means that Shao Caihuan is not very understanding, only a half-knowledge, I think it will be fine as long as it is not worn.

It was carefully obtained, and it took a lot of peace symbols, just placed under the pillow, it really makes people do not believe what Shao Caihuan said to himself before.

Two peace charms were prescribed medicine together. For the confidentiality of the matter, naturally Shao Caihuan couldn't make it clear. Of course he had it, and Shao Caihuan also had it.

When Wang Ya came over, he must find himself, and then took the opportunity to put the incense in his own incense burner.

Helpless, I haven't come back yet. Wang Tsaoxin should have been to Shao Yanru's house. Shao Yanru was afraid of getting in trouble and asked her to go to Shao Caihuan. Then when she came over, she invited herself to her house and tried in Shao Caihuan's house. This matter will not be blamed on Shao Yanru.

From this, it can be judged that Wang Taoxin did not know that the real planner behind was Shao Yanru, so that when she could not enter her house, she entered Shao Caihuan's house and placed perfumed tablets in it, not necessarily. In your own incense burner.

They are intertwined, and everyone knows more or less, but they are not comprehensive, so that the whole thing has nothing to do with the last mastermind. Of course, if it wasn't for Shao Yanru, Fang would be too eager to show her and Shao Caihuan's sisterhood. , Will not be noticed by Shao Caihuan.

If it was Shao Caihuan in the past, even if he found that Shao Yanru had moved hands and feet, he did not dare to face Shao Yanru what to do, but today Shao Caihuan is out of control. At this time, any little suspicion can be infinitely expanded. Shao Just like waiting for this opportunity.

Take the first few steps, grab Shao Caihuan's hand from the book chess, and warn her: "Three sister, if you want to avenge yourself and ask for an argument, you must calm down. This is the palace, not the government of Xingguo!"

She fell coldly on Shao Caihuan's face, her eyes seemed to have the meaning of ice and snow, and those bright water eyes saw her own figure. Shao Caihuan couldn't help hitting an excitement and immediately woke up.

I looked at the embarrassing steward, and then looked at Shao Yanru, who was holding up the chess and slowly rising up.

Convergence of madness on his face, tears in his eyes, "Oh, I ... my elder sister may have a collusion with the person who harmed me, so I can't control it ..."

After speaking and tears came down in sorrow, she wouldn't scream madly, and wouldn't rush to rush, and bowed her head to see the red spots on her face, which made people feel extremely pathetic.

Regardless of whether this face is destroyed or not, it is impossible to draft. Thinking of the beautiful face I saw before, the steward can only sigh helplessly. The original Miss Shao San's appearance is considered to be superior. Chances are, but now it is impossible!

"Is it related to your elder sister, or do you have to wait and talk before you take the medicine yourself, then get up and talk outside after you have finished the medicine!" Guan Shih looked at her.

After speaking, turn around and go out.

This form is extremely rude, but a show girl who is impossible to be selected, the steward does not really need to pay much attention to it, and is still helping to ask clearly, also in the face of Xingguo government.

Seeing the slowness of the steward, Shao Caihuan's face changed greatly, and he patted his hand fiercely on the edge of the bed, and then turned his eyes to Shao Yanru who got up. All the bad breath came out of Shao Yanru, gritted his teeth and said, "My goodness Sister, you are so good, in order to put yourself in the position of queen princess, you really do everything you can. "

Shao Yanru has never been so aggrieved, but she also knew that Shao Caihuan could not make sense at this time. She looked coldly at Shao Wanru's face and looked at her a few times. She always felt that Shao Wanru's words were not too accidental, was she? Knowing something doesn't work? If so, you need to be more careful!

Shao Caihuan's response was so great, but it was also something she didn't expect. In some words, she had to think of spreading a message ...

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